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After months of looking for female model material, the reality cameras turn their sights to the Y-factor, as Bravo stages a search for the next big thing in the world of male models.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Carmen Electra
EP: Denise Cramsey, Robert Horowitz, Stuart Krasnow
Packager: TWI
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo

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"A Secret Revealed (Or: 'Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Hot Tub - and There She Is... Naked!')" - October 19

On the first episode, we've had male models running in their undies jumping out of an airplane - and no one had a problem with it. At the end of the episode, we had female women wearing nothing hanging out in a spa - and THAT'S a problem. Of course, what we neglected to mention was that spa is in the men's hotel room. Oops.

After a replay of last week's events, we find out that while 14 of the guys are awaiting a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model Marissa Miller, two of the guys are naked in the bathroom, plea-bargaining with the producers for a robe. Those two people are... trouble maker Kevin P. and Tate, the guy who has an on-again, off-again relationship with his girlfriend. Make that HAD a relationship after the airing of this episode.

Now in any other show, those two would be eliminated immediately. However, they were both allowed to get out of the bathroom and participate in the shoot. There's no way that one of them isn't the mole - and my money is on Kevin P being the spy.

3:00 am - The models get their make-up done while awaiting Marissa. She shows up and saunters over to them wearing a very skimpy shorts outfit. She walks over to them and says she wants to know what she is working with. She goes asks Kevin and wondering why he has no shirt. His response - he wanted to impress her. The actual reason - Matthew stole Kevin's shirt in the ensuing chaos and is actually wearing it. We're already starting with the dirty pool, eh?

Rob talks about how any guy, gay or straight, would enjoy Marissa's company. Wha? Looks like Ron's got a playmate... meanwhile, Rob and Jon, are going after Tate, wondering if his relationship's going to last after that outburst. My money is on no - and the fact that he has a kid named Keaton with this woman is the reason why they are still together.

For the Marissa challenge, that have to get a pose with Marissa - and make it sexy. Jon starts it off - and they all said that he is setting the pace in a great way. While the shoot is going on, Tate is going after Brett for not giving him a warning, which Brett finds absurd because 1. It was an AMBUSH shoot, and 2. they are competitors. Tate isn't exactly the brightest Brussels sprout in the garden, is he?

Speaking of Brett, he is up nest, as the photographers say that he had no problem putting his head on Marissa's boobs. Brett counters by saying that he was breast-fed as a kid. Heh. The photographers didn't like either Tate or Matt, and would be shocked if Tate made the next cut - which of course that he will make it, somehow.

Paula decides to take the natural way by letting Marissa rest in his lap. Jason did the same thing - but acted more tentative on it. Blake tries to get into it by convincing himself that it's his sister, not Marissa on her lap. The anxiety shows, as he is told that he is too stiff. They like what Casey did, as well as Seth, who was terrified because his contacts were still on the bedroom dresser.

Rob's shoot went well as he goes in the pool. He notices that Marissa is the perfect model, as she just shuts up and does her job, while the other guys are complaining. One of those complainers is Maurice, who has to strip in his undies in the pool to get the shot done.

The shoot finishes up - but the controversy is still there as Brett calls a meeting based on Kevin and Tate's actions. Rob agrees with it, saying that their actions could jeopardize the show and Jon adds that one good lawsuit shuts the show down. The guys all meet in Rob's room, where Brett conveys the guys thoughts to Kevin and Tate. Maurice adds that whatever you do, do it in front of the camera while Rob says that if any of them wins, and the girls sue, then no one gets first place. Tate says that it's no one's business, but Blake says that because it's the show, it's everyone's business. Tate ignores him and Blake's storms out and leaves.

Kevin does the half-hearted apology (which no one buys) and Tate says it is what it is. Casey thinks that the meeting was a waste of time, and that they would do hat they want. Jon says that they think with their penis, and room 1112 (nicknamed Eleven-Tweasey), is closed... for now...

It cold be re-opened for business after they get mail that says that the first cut is here. Paulo says that John is the guy to beat, while Maurice says that Paulo is the guy to beat. John says that he doesn't know who's leaving, but both Rob and Ron want Kevin P gone - as they think he's caused nothing but problems. Kevin adds that he thinks that everyone hates him, so the elimination should be fun.

The guys enter an art-gallery-like setting. On each easel is the guy's best portrait with Marissa. There will be a panel of three people to judge everyone's picture, and the 4 people who they don't like will be leaving the show. The judges are Bruce Hulse, Marissa Miller and Tom Gerald - the VP of Armani Exchange.

Bruce says that the qualifications, including physicality, are intelligence, personality, and the ability to work with other people. Jason - Marissa can't see his eyes and Bruce hates the photo. John S. - too stiff, they don't like the photo. Maurice - strong look, sexy photo. Blake - better looking in person than in the photo (Bruce adds that it looks like he's looking at a monster). Blake adds that he doesn't like the photo, which is trouble. Rob - Bruce says he doesn't see him as a model in person, but he loves the photo. Matt - A little teen-idolish, but he's confidence and he likes the photo. Brett - The height and body structure is going to be a problem to work with. Kevin S. - Marissa and Bruce love his photo, as a cross between Keith Richards and John Kerry (?).

Seth - Marissa loves the attitude and Bruce likes the photo. Jon - Bruce calls him 'Tarzan Incarnate', adding that he looks prettier than Marissa. Whoa. Jon is very stoked - as he should be. Casey - the picture lacks soul. Hunter - maybe a little short, but he photographs taller and the shot is charismatic. Ron - The hair needs to be toned down, but Bruce likes the photo. Paulo - He's good, but too serious and Tom doesn't like the photo, which Paulo agrees, adding that it looks like there is light missing and he shouldn't be against a dark background. Maybe he should be trying out for director instead of model.

Finally, it's the two troublemakers. Tate - they only have him with shorts on, which displease Tom, as he tells Tate that the assignment was to wear the AIX clothing. Bruce likes the photo, so he may be safe. Another reason why he may be safe? The mole is... Kevin P. Points for me! Points for Marissa too, as she says that she knew it, adding that she had that feeling that Kevin had done this modeling work before. Kevin came in third in the International Modeling Contest and he's there to find the next male supermodel. Kevin says that he felt like an undercover cop who got in too far and got hooked on drugs in terms of the women. So the bad boy is the mole, eh? Well if you can't create drama naturally, then generate it artificially, I guess.

Kevin says that he thinks that Tate will get his head back into the game. He says that the guys are serious, but he doesn't like Hunter, Matt or Brett, who is too tall. Could it also be because Brett called him out? He did like Rob, but I am not too certain of his unbiasedness.

Based on that, here are the early rankings -
Great - Maurice, Kevin S., Seth, Jon
Eh - Rob, Matt, Hunter, Ron, Paulo
Trouble - Jason, John S., Blake, Brett, Casey, Tate
Mole - Kevin P.

Carmen says that it's hard to eliminate people, as she knows what it's like to deal with rejection. She tells them to not take it personally and to not ever give up. With that, she eliminates people by saying 'That was your final shot'. The people that will be taking that final shot is....John S. (Bruce says he doesn't have that movie star quality), Brett (who wonders what the judges were thinking and was wondering if it was height - Bruce says that, and the fact that he wasn't buddy-buddy with the mole), Casey (who said that other people who more high-fashion than he did), and Blake (who had an awful shot - and who also blasted Kevin P.).

The surviving guys share huggy time, but Seth and Ron are both annoyed that Tate and Kevin P. are still there. Jason P. was shocked that he is still there - and he is the only person who was still there. Paolo sees that the people who got cut had the same bulk as he did - and that sense him warning bells. All of the guys are moving to the penthouse suite, where they guys are divvying up rooms. Other guys are looking at the camera and are noticing that it follows them around the room based on movement, noting that if they do have sex with women, it will get taped. With that, the episode ends.

My take? Well, as of right now, Kevin and Bruce's opinions agree, but I am concerned if Kevin is getting too much input. Two of his biggest haters are off the show, while his best buddy, who no one likes since he is as smart as a box of rocks, is still there. Does is create drama? Sure - but it also adds a layer of insincerity that could cause a problem as the show moves on.

Next week - Manhunt turns into Womanhunt as Bravo takes a page out of She's A Lady. Look - Drag. Funny. Ha Ha. Bleagh.

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