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It may be funny to you, but if you can remember all the weird stuff going on, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Episode 7
April 16

The mobile game show unit is in place... Wink has his microphone... It's time to invade America at will.

First up, we have Elisabeth, a 26-year-old nanny originally from Seattle. "ET" hates long walks on the beach, can cry on demand, and wants to be a stay-at-home mom. She thinks she's assisting on a photo shoot, but it's Elisabeth on whom the focus is being put.

We start with balloons and a spokesmodel who's apparently a diva. The product being modeled... will have to wait. Meanwhile, we meet model Phyllis... She swears she won't be much trouble. Then she orders some special water... and some lunch from craft services. Just a pat of mustard. And after that, she goes to wipe on the drop cloth. The inventor bats her away... and then she bats away. "Do you think she wants her spoon back?" Investors are on their way, so Elisabeth is going to have to model... a bondage belt with two butt things attached. He calls it the "Sit & Fit". Now it's a bondage thing with an unsuspecting game show contestant attached.

First up, we're going to spot Elisabeth $500 for her time, more than the $300 she was promised...

GAME 1: Invest This (for $500)

Match the investor with the name. She... misses. Phil & Deidrich trade cards.

GAME 2: Drinky Winky (for $1250)

Make the exact drink that Phyllis ordered. It was ice... two splashes of sparkling water, one splash of cranberry juice, and three limes... BINGO!

GAME 3: The Squat & Pop (for $1000)

Wear the Sit & Fit and pop the balloons that were on set. She... misses the red. But Elisabeth does leave with $1750!

Next up, let's meet TWO players, Jeff & Scott. Jeff is a 32-year-old photog from Fargo who's afraid of snakes, dreams of meeting Willy Wonka, and likes to do the Crip Walk, whatever the hell that is. Scott is a 26-year-old financial analyst from Bloomfield, MI who laughs when complemented, can worm, and is afraid of hippos. We're putting them in the kitchen, but Wink is about to grill them in a moment.

Rico likes gastro-chemical cooking. He wants to bring about a huge explosion of flavors. After the safety talk and the gas masks, we go into the cooking. We learn that 23 green means "do not consume". 19 red... Gas masks. Black 11... explosion imminent. We also learn the difference between solid sugar and liquid sauces... We also learn about megacell counts... simple & complex spices... This sounds like a recipe for disaster. And... it is. And one of the students takes off her mask in time to ask that very important question...

After Jeff & Scott take off their masks, we take $1000 out of GSN's prize budget and hand it to them. Remember, this is a head-to-head round, meaning that the winner will keep all the money. The loser... just gets the $500.

GAME 1: Speed Round (for $150)

1) TRUE or FALSE: Including yourselves, there were five students in Chef Rico's class.

2) Which vegetable did Chef Rico say have the highest megacell count?
SCOTT: Carrots ($150)

3) You had two ramekins. One contained sugar; what was in the other?
JEFF: Honey ($150)

4) TRUE or FALSE: When placed in the iced tea, the sugar and the honey both dissolved.
JEFF: FALSE ($300)

5) Name one of the three codes Chef Rico used.
SCOTT: Code 23 Black... (23 Green, 19 Red, 11 Black)

Jeff has $800, Scott has $650. He got another $500 somewhere, so he's up to $1150.

GAME 2: Who's Chef Rico (for $1000)

Which one is the REAL Chef Rico? Both choose C... Both are... RIGHT! Scott leaves with the money with $2150, while Jeff takes $500.

Time to load up the truck for the next unsuspecting victim..... It could be you, so... try to look surprised.

To see bonus footage from this episode, or to play the game online, go to gsntv.com/instantrecall