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It may be funny to you, but if you can remember all the weird stuff going on, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Wink Martindale
Featuring Brandon Breault
Jefandi Cato
Carin Chea
Robin DeMarco
Kateri DeMartino
Shannon Freyer
Reggie Gaskins
Amy Highfill
David Imani
Derek James
Dan Lawler
Michael McCusker
Nicole Nueman
Summer Still
Wendy Wilkins
Lesley Wolf
Model Angela Daun
Creator Adam Tyler
Ron Deutsch
Gary Dawson
EP David Franzke
Adam Tyler
Ron Deutsch
Gary Dawson
Packager Title Card Productions for GSN Originals
Origins Los Angeles
Web www.gsntv.com/instantrecall
Airs 8p Thurs, GSN
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Episode 4
March 26

The mobile game show unit is in place... Wink has his microphone... It's time to invade America at will.

First up, let's meet Jaci, a 38-year-old business analyst from Paradise, IN whose favorite food is tomato, who knows kung fu, allegedly, and, like, cringes, like, when people say... "like". She thinks that she just took a job at a busy nursery, but all of the people that she's about to meet there are "planted" by Wink and his crew.

Michael calls his fern Fernando, his ficus Fran, and his roses George. We also meet Dan the foreman and his president tree. It only blooms once a year, in February, from a Grecian urn. Reggie tells Jaci that red or yellow on the leaves means restless plant syndrome. Shannon, aka Chip, helps her mist trees and feeds them actual food (including a four-day old burger) to get the predators out of the way. Meanwhile, Valley Eyeworks delivers Michael's contacts... then delivers pain on the president tree. Then the foreman delivers some jerky, while Reggie stops hyperventilating long enough to ask... "Do you like game shows?"

First up, we're going to spot Jaci $500 for her time.

GAME 1: Valley Eyeworks (for $500)

There are five logos. All you have to do is pick the correct one. She goes with D... CORRECT!

GAME 2: Speed Round (for $150 a question)

- What month does the president tree bloom?
JACI: February ($150)

- What was the delivery woman delivering?
JACI: Contact lenses ($300)

- Name one color that indicates "restless branch syndrome".
JACI: Red ($450)

- What was the foreman eating?
JACI: pass (beef jerky)

- What was Shannon's nickname?
JACI: Chip ($600)

... and that gives Jaci a total of $2100!

Next up, we go tanning with Kimberly, a 26-year-old cocktail server from Philly who loves ice cream, can put her feet behind her head, and would most likely visit... Hogwarts. She thinks that she's going to a free tanning session, but she's about to get burned by Wink's hidden cameras and actors.

First up, an assessment. When it comes to tanning, with 1 being Kristen Stewart and 10 being Terrell Owens, Kim wants a 6 or 7. That's nearly a Jennifer Lopez. She meets someone who had a tan already, an exotic dancer with a tattoo and a few dance moves, another person who has obvious tanning issues... who's the owner's mother, a product salesman selling dead skin cells, and someone with an obvious sunburn. The product with the dead skin cells is an apparent coolant...

And speaking of cool, here's Wink with $500!

GAME 1: Orange You Gonna Remember (for $500)

There are five logos for the tanning cream. All you have to do is pick the correct one. She goes with C... CORRECT!

GAME 2: Instant Reward (for a Canon Powershot Digital Camera)

All you have to do is remember Donovan's "Duke" tattoo. Draw the tattoo, win the camera. She draws... a smiley sun. Obviously... not it.

GAME 3: Dance, Dance, Dance (for $1500)

All you have to do is dance the boxer, the tornado, and the cowboy for us. Two out of three ain't bad for $1000, giving Kim $2000!

So while Kim goes tanning for real, we hope you'll remember to come back next week for more "Instant Recall".

To see bonus footage from this episode, or to play the game online, go to gsntv.com/instantrecall