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It may be funny to you, but if you can remember all the weird stuff going on, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Wink Martindale
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Jefandi Cato
Carin Chea
Robin DeMarco
Kateri DeMartino
Shannon Freyer
Reggie Gaskins
Amy Highfill
David Imani
Derek James
Summer James
Dan Lawler
Michael McCusker
Nicole Neuman
Amber Stauser
Wendy Wilkins
Lesley Wolf
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Episode 5
April 2

The mobile game show unit is in place... Wink has his microphone... It's time to invade America at will.

First up, let's meet Tiffany, a 36-year-old branding specialist from Detroit who admits to having a bad temper, being persuasive, and slapping butts in the bar. She thinks that she's getting a free pedicure, but it may cost her her privacy, as the salon is Winked out for cameras and mic.

Reggie arrives wanting to sell stuff for his daughters, Monique & Unique. I betcha he's a legitimate businessman, too. Meanwhile, Nicole is boosting Tiffany with some chicken soup, Pat is analyzing her feet... thoroughly..., and Nicole's ex comes to apologize, saying he's not like Tiger Woods and dumping milk on his head. Heh. And the lady with the neck brace? Mini-bar in her jacket.

And now, a completely random question... "Do you like game shows?"

First up, we're going to spot Tiffany $500 for her time... and get her to put on some shoes.

GAME 1: Scrub Up (for $500)

There are five brushes. All you have to do is pick the correct one. She goes with E... CORRECT!

GAME 2: Instant Reward (for a Tiffany key pendant)

There were three problems with Tiffany's feet. Can she match the number with the affliction?

7 DEGREE: arch curvature
PHASE 2: dehydration
LEVEL 3: fungal

She ... can't. She should've switched the last two.

GAME 3: Speed Round (for $150 a question)

- What did Derek pour over his head?
TIFFANY: Milk ($150)

- What is Nicole's sister's name?
TIFFANY: Lisa (Tina)

- How much money did Karen the manager ask to borrow?
TIFFANY: $1 ($300)

- What was Karen the manager drinking?
TIFFANY: juice (coffee)

- What did Derek yell before pouring milk over his head?
TIFFANY: "I'd told you I'd get it right" ("Sic semper tyrannus")

... and that gives Tiffany a total of $1300!

Next up, we meet Maggie, a 28-year-old admissions administrator, a Leo, who can lift one eyebrow at a time like she's saying "Saywhaaaaa?", and the last movie she cried at... "27 Dresses". She thinks she's training with a dancer, but the soon-to-be newlywed is actually training for the game show to come.

Derek's our trainer today, and he's into meditation, so the manager is just going to get her through faking it. He thinks that punctuality is a matter of constricted blood vessels. He unconstricts them by doing pelvic thrusts. He thinks headaches can be solved with a can-can, carbs can be curbed with freestyle dance, and that his friend Amber can actually teach... the Charleston... the milkshake... the typewriter... the Roger-Rabbit.. the running man... and the Wink.

Maggie, here's $500...

GAME 1: Speed Round (for $150 a question)

- What did Amy tell you to do before you worked out?
MAGGIE: Meditate ($150)

- How many index cards were you given?
MAGGIE: Three ($300)

- How many photos were on the wall?
MAGGIE: Two ($450)

- What day did Derek's previous client say she'd meet him?
MAGGIE: Tuesday ($600)

- How long should you do "soul-opening freestyle dance"?
MAGGIE: 30 minutes (10 minutes)

GAME 2: Dancing with the Winkster (for $1000)

Can you remember three of Amber's dance moves? We get the milkshake... the running man... and the typewriter... and Maggie gets $2100!

Time to load up the truck for the next unsuspecting victim..... It could be you, so... try to look surprised.

To see bonus footage from this episode, or to play the game online, go to gsntv.com/instantrecall