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It may be funny to you, but if you can remember all the weird stuff going on, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Wink Martindale
Featuring Brandon Breault
Jefandi Cato
Carin Chea
Robin DeMarco
Kateri DeMartino
Shannon Freyer
Reggie Gaskins
Amy Highfill
David Imani
Derek James
Dan Lawler
Michael McCusker
Nicole Nueman
Summer Still
Wendy Wilkins
Lesley Wolf
Model Angela Daun
Creator Adam Tyler
Ron Deutsch
Gary Dawson
EP David Franzke
Adam Tyler
Ron Deutsch
Gary Dawson
Packager Milestone Entertainment for GSN Originals
Origins Los Angeles
Web www.gsntv.com/instantrecall
Airs 8:30p Thurs, NBC
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Episode 1
March 4

Wink Martindale... a hero. A legend in the game show realm. After 19 games and forty-some years, he's back with his first primetime gamer... and GSN's got him.

It's really simple. Marks are put in hilarious situations that'll test their patience, then in comes Wink with his mobile game show unit (heretofore referred to as "the MGSU") with cash and prizes at the ready if you can remember all of what happened.

The first game features two players. Marcelle is a 21-year-old executive assistant who loves sushi and Christmas trees and can do 20 push-ups. Deon is a 25-year-old account manager who loves to ice skate, hates lions, and whose favorite baby name is... Baby. They think they're attending a love seminar hosted by noted fake-author Derek Petro, writer of "How You Doin'?"

What we get from him: love is pain, ice is cool, and it's usually a good idea to charge your son's PSP if you're going to leave him in the car. Oh, and if you don't think you're cool, how in the world will anyone else. This coming from a success story by the name of Reggie.

Enter son Nate once again with a question for both Michelle and Deon. "Do you like game shows?" It's a good thing they do, because here comes Wink with his model, his long-mike, his 70s leisure suit, and his MGSU.

Before we play the game, Wink spots both players $500 for being good sports...

GAME 1: How You Doin'? (for $500)

We see five possible covers for Derek's book, "How You Doin'?" Which one is the correct one?

Marcelle: E.
Deon: A.
CORRECT.... A (Deon: $1000)

GAME 2: Who's My Daddy? (for an iPod Touch)

One of these four Zack & Cody rejects is Derek's son. Which one is it?

Marcelle: B
Deon: B
CORRECT... B! Both take the prize.

GAME 3: Ready to Wear (for $1000)

Reggie was wearing four pieces of clothing: a fedora, a shirt with a gold decal, a pair of sunglasses, and a vest. All you have to do is dress like him. Deon does for $1000, giving him $2000 and the iPod. Marcelle... misses the glasses and the vest. She leaves with $500 and the iPod.

Next up, we meet Robbie, a 27-year-old dating coach who prefers gel over mousse, loves stuffed animals, and claims to be a scratch golfer. We'll believe that last one. He is with his girlfriend at a surprise party. What he doesn't know is that the surprise is on him... in more ways than one.

For one, this isn't a surprise party of the type that you and I would be interested in... it's an intervention with family and friends. Apparently she's quite the shopaholic. Her most prized possession... a balloon popper.

Good thing that Robbie likes game shows, or else this would be even more awkward than it already is.

Wink spots Robbie $500 for putting up with a beer hat.

GAME 1: Relations (for $1000)

Five of the part... err, intervention goers are on display. Who's who? Sister-in-law... friend... husband... brother... no relation at all... BINGO!

GAME 2: Balloon Fight (for $225 a piece)

There were three colored balloons at the party. All you have to do is blow up those three and have the balloon popper pop them.

Robbie goes with red, white, and blue. Blue and Red are right for $450... White... is wrong. It was GREEN. But Robbie does leave with $1450.

That's all for now, but we hope you won't forget to catch "Instant Recall" next week!

To see bonus footage from this episode, or to play the game online, go to gsntv.com/instantrecall