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It may be funny to you, but if you can remember all the weird stuff going on, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Wink Martindale
Featuring Brandon Breault
Jefandi Cato
Carin Chea
Robin DeMarco
Kateri DeMartino
Shannon Freyer
Reggie Gaskins
Amy Highfill
David Imani
Derek James
Dan Lawler
Michael McCusker
Nicole Nueman
Summer Still
Wendy Wilkins
Lesley Wolf
Model Angela Daun
Creator Adam Tyler
Ron Deutsch
Gary Dawson
EP David Franzke
Adam Tyler
Ron Deutsch
Gary Dawson
Packager Title Card Productions for GSN Originals
Origins Los Angeles
Web www.gsntv.com/instantrecall
Airs 8p Thurs, GSN
Available Streaming Online

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Episode 3
March 1

The mobile game show unit is in place... Wink has his microphone... Let's get it on and poppin.

First up, let's meet Jeneen, a 38-year-old surgical technician from Belmar, NJ whose favorite color is purple, favorite band from the 70s is the Bee Gees, and favorite dance is the stanky leg. She thinks that her sister is taking her speed dating, but every one of the bachelor is on Wink's take.

Hollywood Derek wants a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Michael loves shopping... and shoes... and West Hollywood. He's a little fabulous. Dan from Greenville, SC wears the fu manchu to infinity... and tries too hard. Reggie thinks that he's a pimp. How pimp is living with your grandma? Brandon doesn't drink... unless his mom says it's okay. And Wink... he's just a guy with a microphone and $500 to give Jeneen off the bat.

GAME 1: Speed Round (for $150 a question)

- What drink did Derek order?
JENEEN: vodka martini ($150)

- What was Michael's favorite TV show?
JENEEN: Vampire Diaries ($300)

- What did Brandon say he did for a living?
JENEEN: lawyer ($450)

- How many rings was Reggie wearing?
JENEEN: ten (seven)

- What was Brandon's mom's name?
JENEEN: Creepy Lady (Wendy)

GAME 2: Check, Please (for $500)

Wink changed two items on the waitress. Which two? Necklace and hair? Nope. It was necklace and apron?

GAME 3: Great Shakes (for $500)

Identify Michael, Brandon, and Derek by handshake alone. She's... wrong. She mixes up Brandon and Derek. But Jeneen leaves with $950.

Next up, let's meet Daniel, a 22-year-old student who loves Thai food, dreams of being a pro surfer, prefers paper to plastic, and has a lot of mental strength. That'll be put to the test... right after his patience. He thinks that his girlfriend is getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress, but he's about to be fit to be tied.

Our story starts at Ego for Men AND Women. That's important. The clerk seems to like catering to Daniel's needs... right down to the strange lady who needs to be zipped up. And the other strange lady who is dressed like a 60-year-old woman... And the strange guy who is dressing like a lady... Apparently it's a Scottish wedding. Braveheart much?

Speaking of Braveheart... here's our warrior Wink with $500 for him.

GAME 1: Signs (for $500)

Which one of these signs was next to a bell? Was it IF I'M NOT HERE, PLEASE RING BELL? YES!

GAME 2: Derek's Dress (for $1000)

Identify Derek by his legs only. He goes with C... and he's right! Instant Recall got Daniel in the beginning... but Daniel got them back in the end for $2000!

A little bit of cash... $3000. The surprise of a lifetime... Priceless. Come back next week for more fun.

To see bonus footage from this episode, or to play the game online, go to gsntv.com/instantrecall