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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' James Lukanik
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Tues, Fox

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9 Chefs Compete
October 13

Last time in Hell's Kitchen, Melissa was sent to the Blues, while Trev was sent to the Reds. Both chefs didn't help their teams ANY as some players stepped up their game... and others faltered. The end result, a disaster that limped across the finish line. On the back of ruining an entire batch of scallops, Melissa was sent packing, leaving nine chefs.

But the biggest challenges are yet to come tonight.

First, Sabrina confronts the brigades about what people think are "her attitude." Nona begs to differ, saying that it's time for Sabrina to go home. Same can be said for Boris, who is on his last string.

CHALLENGE #7: Hell's Kitchen Roulette (imagination)

We're bringing out the roulette for ingredients.

RED: Rutabaga, cauliflower, bok choy, fennel, salmon
BLUE: Kale, yam, miso, striped sea bass, asparagus

You have 30 minutes... GO!

RED: Grilled Salmon in Cauliflower Puree with Baby Bok Choy, Roasted Fennel & Rutabaga Chips
BLUE: Pan-Seared Striped Bass with Braised Kale, Fried Yams & Asparagus in Miso Broth

Winners... the Reds! They're going to Las Vegas for the night, while the Blues are going to prep the place for Family Night. That includes... washing, peeling, cutting and prepping well over 1000 potatoes for fries.

There's one with shades and a harmonica singing "Why Should I Be a Fry?" So while they're peeling... and peeling... and peeling, the Blues are living it up in a penthouse suite in front of their very own cee-ment pond. And a visit from Penn & Teller, with gifts. They've all won two more nights in Vegas, which they can enjoy after the... uh, Race?

That night, the Blues are all business. They have to kill it in the next service, even despite Boris's continuing ineptitude. He needs to make a comeback tonight. Meanwhile, the Reds return from Vegas in hopes of continuing their winning streak. ... despite Sabrina's continued ineptitude.

Okay, time to prep for Hell's Kitchen, family-style. And to add continued stress, Ramsay's family will be amongst tonight's revelers, all of which are outside in a carnival marked... Hell's Playground. HA.

Okay, enough humor. OPEN HELL'S KITCHEN... family night!


In addition to tonight's fine-dining menus, we're also going to feature a children's menu, and each table will receive a welcome platter of French fries.

Both kitchens have no problems with the fries, but here comes the orders. Vinny's doubling up on the risotto, so he has to cut back on this. Jillian doubles up on the tries to get the risotto right.

Next... Ramsay table! Better get this right. Vinny tries to send up the risotto he mucked up earlier. .... WRONG. The party of five are now enjoying their apps, albeit a little late.

Entrees next, and Sabrina's not confident enough in her own dishes until Ramsay says he's pleased with them. Every table like that one. Boris cooks his meat perfectly AND he sweats like a pig AND he's going to cut the meat on a bloody board. One out of three ain't bad. Sabrina's on fire tonight. Nona... isn't. Trev has to light a flame underneath his team. Blues are scrambling to get entrees to Ramsay's family. Rob is sinking the table.

Sabrina has Trev on her about timing. Sabrina's chicken turns out to be raw. She has to refire. The customers tonight are not very good at waiting. Rob's holding up the Ramsay table, and Jack's waiting for mac'n'cheese. I'd be angry, too. Two hours into service, and Rob finally delivers on the mac.

More entrees are going out as both teams rush to the finish line. And they arrive there in stylish fashion. Switch it off and clear it down.

Unfortunately, there will be an elimination tonight. Both teams are going to come together and nominate. Sabrina throws Trev under the bus, making her nomination easy. Nona struggled, and the rest of the team agrees with that.

Boris doesn't think he should go up again tonight. But he has to go home, says the team. Rob was sinking the ship tonight, but he thinks that Russell should be up in his place.


Nona nominates Sabrina (lack of communication & teamwork) and herself (being in the weeds all night). Russell nominates Boris (not pulling his weight) and Rob (buried all night). Ramsay takes one suggestion from each team: Nona and Rob.

Nona says that she's a team player. She never gives up. She fights through it. Rob also a fighter. He had zero support on his station. Russell says that that's not true.

Ramsay tells Rob to take off his jacket... because it's filthy. Here's a clean one. NO ELIMINATION TONIGHT for a good service.

"Tonight, I finally got a respectable service, so I gave them a little respect and didn't send anyone home. But tomorrow they're in for the most intense dinner service in the history of Hell's Kitchen."

And as Ramsay says... It's gonna be a bitch. Dinner Service #100 right after we pause 10 seconds for station identification. This is "Hell's Kitchen" on the Fox Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds later)

Welcome back from credits, everyone! It's time for the 100th Episode of Hell's Kitchen... and the intensity is going to be at maximum. But more on that later.

CHALLENGE #8: Beef, Pork, Lamb & Chicken (profitability)

Next morning, Ramsay meets the chefs at the Bristol Farms market to have them shop for a beef, pork, lamb, and chicken dish, all under a $60 budget.

One thing we learn from this challenge... Sabrina wants to do lamb & lentils. Points to Rob for the Press Your Luck reference... are you LISTENING, FREMANTLE?!

Meanwhile, Sabrina's bag of lentils put the Reds over budget.

Now the chefs will have 45 minutes to create high-end dishes. The dishes will be priced, and the team with the highest total will win the challenge. Judging: Mark Peel of Campanile, food critic Sophie Gayot, Yelp reviewer Libby Rego, and Justin Wyborn from Nobu West Hollywood.

Nona: Pan-Seared Rib-eye ($32)
Rob: New York Strip with Mushrooms ($26)

Boris: Pork Tenderloin Stir-Fry ($26)
Gail/Jillian: Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Peach ($28)

Russell: Chicken Cacciatore with Potato ($26)
Trev: Lemon Roasted Chicken Breast ($22)

Vinny: Lamb Chop with Red Potato ($23)
Sabrina: Lamb & Lentils ($28)

Blues get $101. Reds.... $110! Reds are going on a sailboat, dinner at the Maya Hotel on the waterfront. Blues are going to clean and fumigate the place. Because tonight will be a black-tie affair.

"I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me, because I'm sailing on a boat." Trev tries to make his case with the Red Team... and the Blues... laugh at the fast guy in a hazmat suit.

The next day, we're going to work early, as Russell is fuming from the loss and is determined to whip the Blues into shape. Trev, on the other hand... is tired for being taken for granted.

With little over an hour for service, Ramsay meets the teams outside for his 100th pep-talk. He welcomes back for this landmark service... chef's tables. At the tables... former HK champs Chef Rock Harper from Ben's Next Door in Washington, DC, Chef Christina Machamer from Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood, Chef Danny Veltri from... well, nowhere now, and Chef Holli Ugalde from Gordon Ramsay at the Savoy in London.

Remember, you could be in that club. If that doesn't give you the fire to succeed tonight, I don't know what will. OPEN HELL'S KITCHEN FOR THE 100TH SERVICE!


Boris begins dying quickly. Russell has to keep his eye on him. Nona on apps is driving the kitchen in the Red side. Nona decides to recycle the risotto from the last table, and we all know what happened to the last dude that tired. Fresh risotto gets the stamp of approval, as the former champs take a walk down memory lane thanks to the big cake in the middle.

And with Rob's help, Boris' apps are leaving the kitchen. That sets us up for entrees on both sides. Trev starts to sink the red side. Gnocchi's starting to sink him. One hour into service, and a blue lobster's coming back into the kitchen. More dishes from the same table come back. On the reds, two people help Trev on the garnish. Vinny's lobsters are going back to the kitchen. The Chefs Tables are getting served as well. Rob brings the kitchen to a half on standstill.

And Trev still has an issue with the garnish. Ramsay sends him for a breather, while the rest of the team fire back. Rob holds the team back, nine tickets to one, on the back of his forgotten chicken. And it doesn't get any better on that side. Their night is OVER.

And Trev comes back into the kitchen in time to finish the night for the Reds on a high. The Blues will nominate together.

While the Blues are commiserating, licking their wounds, and counting their losses, Trev has it out with the rest of his team, Sabrina mostly.

Most of the blue votes go to Rob for sendbacks and Boris for being... well, Boris.


Rob calls up Boris (flames out) and ties on Rob and Vinny. Ramsay calls all three.

Boris manages to get everything out. Rob blows smoke up his own ass. Vinny can cook, but he missed his lobster.

Leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight... BORIS. He has a big heart, but he didn't display a lot of passion.

But this night of surprises is not over yet. "Trev... Get your ass up here."


Hell's Kitchen will reopen after the World Series. Enjoy the baseball.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.