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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Andi van Willigan
Maitre d' James Lukanik
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Tues, Fox

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16 Chefs Compete
September 22

Last summer, we say Gordon Ramsay in unfamiliar territory... Assisted by two of the culinary world's greatest talents, he was a pillar of support for home cooks everywhere as they competed for a shot at cookery glory in "MasterChef".

Tonight, he's back in his element, taking the already gifted cooks and chefs of America and putting them through fire. It's time to reopen Hell's Kitchen!

And here to serve up their signature dishes... the 16 chefs, selected from well over 10,000, who are competing for a position as head chef of LA Market in the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles.

Antonia Boregman; 40; Line Cook; Chicago, IL
Boris Poleschuk; 38; Catering Chef; Manalapan, NJ
Lewis "Curtis" Curtis; 26 Executive Chef; Beebe, AR
Emily Kutchins (and her massive breasts); 29; Executive Chef, Senior Home; Chicago, IL
Gail Novenario; 28; Executive Chef; Wantagh, NY
Jillian Flathers; 28; Sous Chef; Pagosa Springs, CO
Lisa LaFranca; 48; Corporate Food Director; Brooklyn, NY
Louis Repucci; 28; Children's Camp Chef; Diamond Bar, CA
Melissa Doney; 31; Executive Sous Chef; Albany, NY
Nona Sivley; 29; Sous Chef; Fort Worth, TX
Raj Brandston; 49; Personal Chef; Queens, NY
Rob McCue; 36; Law Firm Chef; Massapequa, NY
Russell Kook II; 29; Sous Chef; Madison, WI
Sabrina Brimhall; 22; Prep Chef; Moreno Valley, CA
Trev McGrath; 30; Line Cook/Bartender; Chicago, IL
Vinny Accardi Jr.; 29; Line Cook; Queens, NY

Hope you brought your A-game... Because Chef Ramsay has brought BETTER.

First, though... someone has to unlock the joint. Enter... James, the new maitre D at Hell's Kitchen, who's been directed to truck the chefs to the site of the winning chef's ultimate victory, the JW Marriott. Needless to say, it's very beautiful. And so is the starting salary: a quarter-mill. The wrong industry, I'm in it.

But you only get to see so much. Because it's time to get back to work. "Bloody hell, here we go again." Tell me about it.

CHALLENGE #1: Signature Dishes

As per Hell's Kitchen dogma, the men will compete against the women.

They have 45 minutes to cook something amazing.

Emily: Duck breasts with crepe & walnut compote
Russell: Calamari steak with salsa verde
WINNER: BOTH! (Tied at 1)

Nona: Fried chicken with asparagus
Vinny: Herb-Oil Poached Halibut
WINNER: VINNY (Men lead, 2-1)

And before the next round, Sabrina already gets on Ramsay's nerves. He mistakes tire for disinterest.

Antonia: Mardi Gras Gumbo... which makes Ramsay VIOLENTLY ILL!
Curtis: Lemon Pepper Chicken
WINNER: No one.

Jillian: Herb & Vegetable Stuffed Chicken
Rob: Rack of Lamb

Gail: Potatoes
Trev: "An embarrassment"
Lisa: "Why's it so dry"
Louis: Lobster
Melissa: Who knows.
Boris: WIN. (Men lead, 3-2)

Raj: "A seafood & vegetable pancake"
Sabrina: Piccata fish with grilled endive

To break the tie, Chef Ramsay picks the worst dish EVER served in the opener... Antonia's liquid (^_^). The ladies have to clean, while the men get pampered with champagne, massages, caviar, and just relaxation all over. Because in Hell's Kitchen, you do not want to lose.

Meanwhile, Raj gets drunk... and engaged in a little drunken boxing.

The next day, it's prep for the grand reopening. Each chef gets their own set of knives.

Meanwhile, in the middle of filming her talking head, Antonia crashes onto the floor after complaining of a massive headache. Antonia is rushed to the hospital, but the show must go on. Ramsay gives James the once-over on his job, keeping things moving, keeping the dining room hopping. Any questions, ask him. And for the first... James... OPEN HELL'S KITCHEN!


One chef from each team will be taking orders for an amuse-bouche pizza. Raj has a bit of an issue in the wait position, but now that the pizzas are served, we start with apps. Jillian's first pasta impressed. Trev's first salad... not so much. No apps have left the blue kitchen. The Reds have served half of their apps, but not everyone has received their pizzas. Because, as Boris said... "It's raw!" Ramsay doesn't like being laughed at. Duh.

Lisa's slow on apps. Her scallops... suck. Trev's salad... also sucks. Ninety minutes in... and the first table of apps is gone. Sabrina cooked all of her entrees out of order... and shows them to Ramsay. Why? Who knows. Raj teams up with Boris. It's like "watching two idiots work a Rubik's Cube."

After two hours, no entrees have left EITHER kitchen. And the diners are fed up, walking out. Ramsay ultimately loses all hope, patience, and cool, SHUTTING BOTH KITCHENS DOWN in what will go down in history as the WORST opening service in Hell's Kitchen EVER.

Both teams will nominate two for elimination.

The men ultimate choose Raj and Trev. With the women, it's a little more complicated. Lisa can't handle the pressure on the line, while Lisa and Nona fight it out to avoid the second spot.


Before the elimination, Ramsay informs the crew that Antonia will NOT be returning to Hell's Kitchen on the back of her evacuation last night. But someone will go home.

Louis from the Blues nominates Raj (delusional performance) and Trev (poor apps). Gail nominates Lisa (poor performance on fish) and Sabrina (lack of teamwork).

Trev thinks he can do this. Raj hopes he can make up for his performance. Lisa knows she can do better than this. Sabrina owns her mistake... and calls Lisa "spent".

Ramsay sends Sabrina and Trev back to the line. But the game is over for... LISA.

"The only thing positive I can say about Lisa's performance tonight, she didn't kill anyone."

But the fireworks have only started in Hell's Kitchen. Tomorrow is a new day... but it's the same old drama. We must pause 10 seconds for station identification... This is "Hell's Kitchen" on Fox.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.