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Thirteen teams will have to conquer challenges both mental and physical in order to win $150,000 and three new cars. Who will accomplish the impossible?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dave Salmoni
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Lisa Hennessy
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Morocco
Web abc.com/expedition
Airs 9p ET Thurs, ABC

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Rock the Kasbah: Stage 7
August 4

Halfway through the Expedition, and it's been the Fab 3's stage to keep their lead - and their hopes of winning the game - alive. But don't count out the Gypsies, who were able to pass them and a few other teams on the Abid River to take the stage back. Unfortunately, one of those teams - the Fishermen - arrived in last and were evacuated. The Expedition continues with seven.

We start at the Golden Kasbah of Beni Mellal on Elimination Day. Head to the overlook and open your map to find six symbols. Only one of them can be spotted via binoculars. Once you find it, head out in your Ford Explorers and head to the destinations.

The Gypsies headstart will apply for three minutes. Remember... Be strong, work together, and never give up. Following them... Fab 3, No Limits, and Football Players. The rest of the teams head out at the end.

Meanwhile, the teams find the souk, the closest AND the one with the symbol on it. It takes a while to find the right spot on the lookout to find the right building, but the Gypsies are the first. So it's a long drive down to the town below.

Once they find the souk, they'll have to look for the first checkpoint of this stage.

The Cops are the last to head out thanks to Rob not thinking that the symbol on the souk meant anything.

The Gypsies are the first to the souk and... a bunch of people.

Head to the airport and use this ticket to go on a flight you'll never forget!

It's a one-way ticket to an unknown destination. The Gypsies are already on their way, but the Cops have yet to arrive.

At the Explorers, Ike of No Limits snaps his ankle while trying to get into the car. And it's the same ankle he broke while he was fighting for us in Afghanistan.

The Gypsies are the first at the airport...

You've already spotted something from the ground, now it's time to spot something from the air. Pick one teammate to skydive and spot the symbol that will lead you to the whereabouts of your next destination.

The first two teams will be on the first flight. The next two on the next flight, and the last three on the final flight. They will fly around the airport looking for the next checkpoint, a river cross.

The Gypsies rochambeau for the right to skydive. It comes down to ... Eric. Meanwhile, Jeff's attention turns from Ike's bum ankle to... "(^_^), I'm going to jump from a perfectly good airplane." Meanwhile the Cali Girls Heather-and-Eve their way to the back of the pack when they forget their tickets. You have to give the operator the tickets in order to get on the plane. Good one, ladies. Seriously.

Another hindrance... you have to weigh less than 200. I'm out by about 15 pounds. Aww.

Taylor and Jeff are on flight 1. They take the leap... and now they have to look for the symbol... And it looks like we're heading for the River Cross. Meanwhile, Ike's ankle is starting to swell. The medics are going to have a look. They need an x-ray to make sure that it's not broken. Unfortunately this might mean the end of the line for the team. That's the word from Dr. Jessica of the EI Medical Team. Ike's like... BUMP THAT, I wanna keep going!

The lead teams take a hard landing the easy way and then head back to the hangar, followed by the middle teams. The back teams... are just getting in the air.

Meanwhile, Ike is debating with his team about his life versus the race. All they want to do is finish the day out.

The Gypsies are the first to...

Find the river, swim across, and search the opposite bank to your next checkpoint.

Fiberglass and water don't mix, but Ike is ready to go.

On the other side of the river is...

The location of the finish line is hidden in code on the wooden river activity sign. Only when you decipher the code will you know EXACTLY where you must go to the finish.

They can choose to stay and solve the code or trek two miles round trip to a clue that will help them solve the code. The solution is an acronym using the first letter of each activity. So Kayaking, Archery, Swimming, Boating, Airplane, and Hiking translates to... KASBAH!

The Gypsies... figure that out quickly. Can they trek and climb THAT quickly?

No Limits arrive at the sign... without the map. The rest of the teams start swimming.

Fab 3 decide to take the small hike for the big close. No Limits and Cali Girls solve in that time. The clue that the Fab 3 get... the A in archery.

The rest of the teams are arriving at the board as the Fab 3 are coming back. When they do arrive... no scrolls left... and no idea what the clue says.

The Gypsies take a moment to enjoy themselves on the way to the Finish. And on the way to the Finish, they stop for tea. Why? Who knows. They promise to take a couple of minutes, but on this show, a couple of minutes could be the difference.

Meanwhile, the Fab 3 still... have no idea. they figure it out 20 minutes after the Country Boys.


The Gypsies have no problem taking the lead, while No Limits continues to amaze and astound. They take the two-spot, followed by the Cali Girls and the Football Players.

Cops take fifth, leaving two left on the course. Will the Fab 3 overcome their deficit?

The answer... Yes, as the Fab 3 take a shortcut to the Base Camp. They'll have to dig deep in order to finish... And so will the Country Boys...

... but the Fab 3 are first, leaving the Country Boys in last. That was too close, but the boys are headed back home. It was hard, but they enjoyed the experience. Meanwhile, the extraction chopper awaits. To true southern gentlemen...

We're down to the half-dozen, and the Expedition continues beaten down... but never broken...

1) GYPSIES (even)
2) NO LIMITS (+1)
5) THE COPS (+1)
6) FAB 3 (-4)

To see this episode in its entirety, go to hulu.com/expedition-impossible or visit the show page at abc.com/expeditionimpossible.