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June 23

Thirteen teams will have to conquer challenges both mental and physical in order to win $150,000 and three new cars. Who will accomplish the impossible?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dave Salmoni
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Lisa Hennessy
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Morocco
Web abc.com/expedition
Airs 9p ET Thurs, ABC

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Light My Way!: Stage 2
June 30

Last time on Expedition Impossible, 13 teams of three arrived in Morocco hoping to accomplish the impossible. Unfortunately, one of them, Latin Persuasion, couldn't bring it together in time and arrived last, giving them three tickets back home. The Expedition continues with 12...

Today, you'll be traveling to the Rabat Kasbah, where you will find 36 Arabian stallions. Ride one seven miles to the Kasbah, where you will find your first checkpoint. Because the Gypsies came in first last week, they will have a huge advantage, a five-minute headstart.

And with Dave's signal... the Expedition... IS ON!

The Gypsies wanted to know which horse was the best, so they brought an Arabic phrase book to ask that. What they don't know is that all of the horses are considered equally good. They all have four legs. They find "the best" and head out.

The rest of the teams arrive in waves based upon their arrival times. Some of them have never ridden a horse before. Team Kansas leaarned the hard way that horses are going to do what they want to do, and Lindsey's ready to throw in the towel. Jeff's horse bucks him off.

Four miles into the race, and the Gypsies, the Football Players, and Team Kansas are in the lead, followed by the Country Boys. The NY Firemen, Cops, Fab 3, Fishermen, and Grandpa's Warriors are keeping pace, with the rest of the teams bringing up the rear. The Country Boys are now just mere minutes behind the Gypsies in second place.

The instructions to the next checkpoint are trapped in the bottom of a large urn in the courtyard of the Kasbah before you. You must fill the urn with water to float the instructions to the top. But first, find a bucket where the sheep lay to rest.

They'll have to search the kasbah for a bucket to fill an urn. The larger buckets have holes, while the smaller ones hold more water. When they fill the urn to capacity, they will be given their next set of instructions.

The male teams figure out correctly that the small bucket has the most volume. No Limits takes off to get water... leaving Erik. Remember, he's blind, so they have no idea. Thanks, Jeff. No Limits, Kansas, Football Players, Country Boys, and Gypsies are battling for the lead. And the first to get the next instructions... Country Boys!

Inflate your kayaks and paddle down river for an enlightening challenge in the ancient Riverside Village.

They will have to travel down the Magoon River to reach their next checkpoint. Country Boys head out, followed by the Gypsies, Football Players, and No Limits. The Country Boys are first to the Magoon River, where they'll have to inflate their kayaks and head downstream. The rest of the teams follow suit. The California Girls' lack of experience with horses have put them 45 minutes behind. The Country Boys' oversteering of the river puts their lead in jeopardy... goodbye lead. The Gypsies take the lead back. In the back, Kansas, Mom's Army, Fab 3, and NY Firemen are floundering.

Frustration is beginning to mount as kayaks and teammates are starting to get lost. Ellie of Mom's Army flips her kayak, and it's up to Ruthie & Abbie to keep her together. California Girls have pulled within them to pass.

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams arrive at...

The map that leads to the Finish Line is locked somewhere in the dwelling of the village craftsman. Place the correct Moroccan lamp over your camping light to reveal the location of the Finish Line.

The Gypsies are first to reveal the Old Bridge as the Finish Line. they'll have to trek 2 miles down river and search for it. Once there, they'll have to search for the hidden base camp, which is concealed by stone walls. They had better hurry, because the Country Boys are right behind them.

The rest of the teams are looking for the proper lamp to light the way to the finish. Kansas and California are forced to work together to find the correct lamp. They find the Old Bridge. The Firemen and Mom's Army have now fallen to the back of the pack. Eight hours into the Expedition, they're struggling...

... meanwhile the front teams are looking for the Finish Line. Who'll find it first?


The Gypsies are the first team to find the Finish Line and check in, giving them the win in Stage 2, followed by Country Boys and No Limits.

Then come the Football Players, the Fab 3, Fishermen, Kansas, Grandpa's Warriors, and California Girls.

That leaves the Cops, the NY Firemen and Mom's Army still lost on the course. The Cops return to the riverbed, wondering if they've failed to find something downstream. They're now off course.

Stop. Think. Cops walking upstream, Firemen walking downstream. Time to make a push.

Mom's Army is still in it. Time for all three to pick it up. The Firemen... find the base camp to take down the 10-spot. The Cops return to the wall... and find the entry to the Finish Line. They're still in it...

... and the same cannot be said for Mom's Army, who are honorably discharged from the Expedition. They're proud of their mom and all they've accomplished, but the helicopter is on the way to evacuate Mom's Army.

The Expedition continues with 11 teams next time.

1) GYPSIES (even)
3) NO LIMITS (+3)
5) FAB 3 (-3)
10) NY FIREMEN (-2)
11) THE COPS (-1)

To see this episode in its entirety, go to hulu.com/expedition-impossible or visit the show page at abc.com/expeditionimpossible.