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Thirteen teams will have to conquer challenges both mental and physical in order to win $150,000 and three new cars. Who will accomplish the impossible?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dave Salmoni
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Lisa Hennessy
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Morocco
Web abc.com/expedition
Airs 9p ET Thurs, ABC

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Leap of Faith: Stage 6
July 28

The Fab 3 finally got a leg up on the competition as they take their first victory in the Expedition, bumping the Gypsies to second place. But anything can happen as we arrive in the second half of our summer-long adventure.

Today begins our next stage, and it is one day long. It begins with using a handline to cross the Abid River, then traveling on foot to Cascade d'Ouzoud. Search for a local rug stall, where you will find your first checkpoint.

The Gypsies headstart will apply... to the Fab 3. Remember... Be strong, work together, and never give up.

John is going to push on his injured ankle, while the back of the pack finally gets going. And with Dave's signal... the Expedition... IS BACK ON!

To expose the location of the next checkpoint, search the rug vendor's stall to find one of the eight rugs with five large noticeable holes.

Once they do that, they must find the correct sign, place the rug on it, and then it will reveal the location of the next checkpoint.

The Football Players are the first to grab a carpet and find a sign that makes sense... "Go... to... the... water... fall."

So that's where we're headed. The waterfall... and the next checkpoint.

No Limits is the next team to head out to the waterfall. Meanwhile, the Fab 3 are watching the rest of the pack pass them by. The Fishermen... same deal. Until they finally find a rug. So the Fab 3 throw decorum to the winds and run through all of the rugs.

... but will the Fishermen figure out what to do with the rug before the Fab 3? Nope.

The Footballers are the first at...

Jump off this cliff into the water OR wade across the river and take the slow way down.

The jump is the faster route, but for those afraid of heights, it may not be an option. The rappel is slower, but safer. Once in the water, teams will have to follow the river downstream to the next checkpoint.

The Footballers jump. Erik's biggest fear... hitting a rock. His teammates are going to help him through it. Listen to what he says and you will live. BOTH jump at the same time... and live to tell the tale. Everyone will take the plunge, while the Fishermen and Fab 3 struggle to keep up.

Now it's a mad dash to the next checkpoint. The Footballers are the first...

Teams must now zipline over the dangerous rocks of the Abid River, where you will get your next set of instructions.

The Footballers find it really hard to lose the Gypsies, who are stuck to them like white on rice. Both teams reach a set of paddles. They'll have to choose a set, memorize the symbol on the lock, swim to a cave, look for a matching symbol to get their key, then unlock the paddles.

The Gypsies start to catch and surpass on the swim to the cave. The Gypsies are the first to arrive at the cave, where they're looking for a matching snake symbols. There are FOUR different snakes. Which one is the correct one? Each team has the same issue with a different animal.

... but the Gypsies don't have that issue for long, as do the Footballers. Now they'll have to use their GPS to navigate the rapids to reach the Goat Cave checkpoint.

Meanwhile, the Cops make a tactical error and forget to study their scorpion thoroughly. The middle of the pack takes advantage to pass, and the Fab 3 and Fishermen make up some much needed time. Should note right now that the Fab 3 were able to find the right key on luck alone.

Long kayak ride, or doggy-paddle in Akbar and Erik's case...

The Fishermen are hoping that experience on the water will translate into a catch-up, while Christina gets stuck in a tree, allowing the Country Boys and the Cops to pass them.

The Gypsies are back in front and get this...

Look westnorthwest directly out of this cave to spot the finish right behind the Abid Kasbah on the hill.

After finding the finish, teams must go back down the mountain, paddle another mile, and then climb 300 feet to the finish.

It's a race between the Fab 3 and the Gypsies for the list.

The Gypsies are the first to hit dry land... and hit...


The Gypsies return to the front and take the place in first. Second goes to... the Fab 3, followed by No Limits and Football Players.

Country Boys take the five-spot. Only three teams remain, the Cops, the Cali Girls, and the Fishermen. They're all together, so there's a hustle.

It's Cali vs. the Cops to the finish, with the Fishermen a good minute behind...

... and the first to the finish... well, it's hard to say, because both Cali and the Cops are bottlenecked at the edge of the river. So it's come down to a race to the top of the hill.

Coming in sixth... Cops. In seventh, the California Girls.

... and that leaves the Fishermen, who could never catch up from the river stage, leaving them to rest before the extraction chopper takes them out of the camp.

The Expedition continues with seven teams next time.

1) GYPSIES (+1)
2) FAB 3 (-1)
3) NO LIMITS (+2)
6) THE COPS (-2)

To see this episode in its entirety, go to hulu.com/expedition-impossible or visit the show page at abc.com/expeditionimpossible.