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Thirteen teams will have to conquer challenges both mental and physical in order to win $150,000 and three new cars. Who will accomplish the impossible?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dave Salmoni
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Lisa Hennessy
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Morocco
Web abc.com/expedition
Airs 9p ET Thurs, ABC

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A Blind Man's Nightmare: Stage 5
July 21

We ran the gamut of temperatures from the sweltering heat to the blistering cold and back, as the Country Boys and Team Kansas raced to avoid elimination. Ultimately the kids from Mississippi got the best of the kids from Kansas, leaving nine teams in the Expedition through the kingdom of Morocco.

Another two-day stage awaits our teams. The Gypsies headstart will apply as the teams will race to an artist tent. Find the artist, and you'll find your map. As an incentive, the first team to reach the overnight camp will get a chance to talk to their loved ones back home.

Remember... Be strong, work together, and never give up.

And with Dave's signal... the Expedition... IS BACK ON!

To find the next checkpoint, find the map outside the artist's tent and use a henna pen to copy on the skin of a teammate.

Eric volunteers his back. The rest of the team wants his front. Hairy as it is. Time to blaze a trail in skin. Meanwhile, Fathead of the firemen volunteers his back. Everyone arrives and gets their maps tattooed. Having done so, they must now head back to the Atlas Mountains to the mouth of the Petrified Canyon, where they will have to face a daunting 200-foot wet rappel.

The Gypsies and No Limits are the first to head to the mountains. Rounding out the lead are the Football Players and the NY Firemen. The middle teams are jockeying for position. AJ... still sick. Country Boys and California Girls look to gain ground after falling to the back.

After the rappel, which Erik flies in a walk, the teams must hike the canyon for the checkpoint. Meanwhile, the middle teams are nervous about the rappel. The Football Players are determined to catch up to the leading Gypsies, wanting that call from home, and No Limits drop to fifth on the kind of terrain that Erik has trouble with. Blind Man's Bluff... literally.

Gypsies. Firsties. Checkpoint.

Welcome to Petrified Canyon, where locals make a living finding ancient fossils. Comb the riverbed among the sea of rocks to find a fish fossil. Then carry it to a local market, where you will trade it in for a fish dinner.

The rocks look exactly the same. So the Gypsies are.. the FIRST ONES TO FIND THE FOSSILS. Football Players are not far behind. Cops... still looking as the Firemen show up. But not for long.

At the market, we trade a fish for a fish. But eat on the run, because half a mile up river is the overnight camp. First team to check in receives some love from home.

And the first team... The Gypsies. They get to head over to the Ford Explorer, the official vehicle of "Expedition Impossible"... for money... and get a call from home. BUT rather than take it themselves, they give it to another team. Which one? We'll find out later.

Meanwhile, we're still fossil hunting with the other teams. Fathead is a dumb head throwing his fossil into the river after seeing No Limits do the same. Needless to say, the fishmonger has a problem with this. Forced to retrace their steps, both teams suffer a heavy blow. The rest of the teams leave them behind while the CA Girls are still in last place.

NY Firemen and No Limits finally arrive.... BUT the Gypsies have given them their award! They get a video from home. And then a phone call. IT means a lot, I mean "hug it out" a lot.

California Girls are the last team to arrive... and if they find themselves in this position again, they're going home.

After a night of fun and fellowship, it's back to game mode as the players set out for the next checkpoint, the instructions of which are locked by a traditional Moroccan puzzle lock.

Gypsies headstart in play.... and are the first to get instructions to the gorge five miles to the southeast. How you get there is completely up to you. The California Girls get out in third, and stop to help the Firemen for a little bit.

At the end of the day, the hint didn't help AT ALL. The Firemen fall 30 minutes behind the rest of the pack.

The Gypsies find themselves in an unfamiliar position... LOST. It's a costly mistake, but their loss is Fab 3's gain.

You've come to a dead end. The instructions to the finish are in a gorge below. The only way down is to rappel, but your rappel rope is locked. Using your fingers, extract the key from a mountain register and unlock your rope to rappel to the bottom. Then follow the riverbed to the Finish Line.

Teamwork... makes the dream work. Once they start rappelling, the Gypsies arrive, shocking in SECOND place. Now it's a sprint to the finish. Meanwhile, a stubborn teammate in Christina is holding the California Girls back. She can't run with a heavy pack... and the rest of the teams are passing them.

For the first time in the Expedition, it's a RACE. The Fab 3 are looking to hold onto first place, while the Gypsies are not far behind. Everyone says "watch your ankles"... John... DOESN'T.


The first team to the finish... THE FAB 3! The Gypsies have fallen... to second. And with a bum ankle. They just pushed too hard.

Still on the course, middle teams give it all they got. Football Players come in third, followed by the Cops, No Limits, the Fishermen, and the Country Boys in the seven spot.

Two allies remain on the course... only one will see Stage 6. It's a footrace to the finish... and the winners... the Cali Girls! They beat a boys team. They love the Firemen, and it's sad to say goodbye.

... but alas, that's what has to happen as the Firemen head back to New York City. They are disappointed in not making it to the end, but they are proud to represent themselves in the way that they did. It's sad to see the great men of the FDNY head out, but the extraction chopper might have just taken the Cali Girls' last chance of winning away.

The Expedition continues with eight teams next time.

1) FAB 3 (+7)
2) GYPSIES (-1)
4) THE COPS (+1)
5) NO LIMITS (-3)
6) FISHERMEN (even)

To see this episode in its entirety, go to hulu.com/expedition-impossible or visit the show page at abc.com/expeditionimpossible.