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Thirteen teams will have to conquer challenges both mental and physical in order to win $150,000 and three new cars. Who will accomplish the impossible?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dave Salmoni
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Lisa Hennessy
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Morocco
Web abc.com/expedition
Airs 9p ET Thurs, ABC

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I Don't Know How To Ride This Thing!: Stage 3
July 7

Last time on Expedition Impossible, 12 teams led a horse to water, but Mom's Army wound up in the drink as they couldn't light their own way out of a Moroccan-style lamp. The Expedition continues with 11...

Today begins your most grueling stage yet, so grueling that you will be required to check in overnight at a camp midway. But first, you will have to collect camel feed, walk it back a mile and a half to base camp, trade feed for your camels, and then mount them to the checkpoints. Because the Gypsies finished first in the last stage, they will get a five-minute headstart.

And with Dave's signal... the Expedition... IS BACK ON!

Following them: No Limits, Country Boys, and Football Players. Following them... Kansas, Fab 3, and Fishermen. Following THEM... the rest of the pack. You don't have to be first, but you can't be last.

Grandpa's Warriors start in the very back of the pack, as the Gypsies get their first clue...

Mount your camels and ride them south to your next Checkpoint, the Olive Mill.

We're looking at almost four miles on the camels. They're very fast camels. The first out of the gate are the Gypsies and the Football Players. It becomes too much for No Limits, who walks their seeing-eye camel to the next Checkpoint. And true to form, they are not the only team with issues. And Lindsey of Team Kansas gets a forced ride when one of their camels decides to buck her belongings - and her body - off. They fall to the back of the pack while the lead teams find...

You must build a raft out of olive oil barrels. Load six barrels onto your camels and head to the lakeshore, where you will paddle out to your next checkpoint, the Island Kasbah.

The Football Players are a bit shaky about how to load barrels onto a camels, but the Gypsies and the Country Boys have no problem fording the river. Several of the challenges have been very visual, and Erik knows that he's lacking in that department. Meanwhile, the lead teams have a good place, albeit a rather slow one.

Next-to-last to the river: Team Kansas, who is missing math class and prom for this competition. They're getting into the river as the lead teams are getting out... while Grandpa's Warriors have yet to even find the river thanks to unruly camels. And barrels.

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams arrive at...

Paddle hard to reach Shamil Cove located on the shore east of the pink tower. Then leave your rafts and trek one mile to a mandatory overnight camp.

The Country Boys are ahead and get back out in the water for their trip.

Back in the water, the California Girls are going in circles. Grandpa's Warriors finally get their raft out into the river, five minutes behind the CA Girls, quickly gaining ground. Meanwhile, Team Kansas is all but throwing in the towel at the prospect of having to paddle another mile across.

The Gypsies are the first back in dry land, followed by the Country Boys. They decide to check-in together, followed by the Football Players and No Limits. In the middle: Fab 3. The last teams to check in: all-girl teams Team Kansas and California Girls. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is getting her wounds tended to.

At the camp the next day, the wind begins to pick up. This will be a factor in the road ahead, where one team's Expedition will end. Each team has been given a map to the Castle Beach Checkpoint. Gypsies and Country Boys are the first to set out, followed by No Limints and Football Players, then Fishermen, Cops & Fab 3. The rest of the teams shove off.

The teams have a hard time seeing where they are going, so they will have to rely on the GPS. But the Gypsies are the first to.

The location of your next Checkpoint is locked inside a box at the base of an ancient timber pole. The combination is written in code on your scroll.

The scroll must be wrapped around the pillar to reveal the code. There's only one correct way to wrap your scroll and only one correct code. The code... hard to come by by the lead teams, allowing the middle teams to catch up. It's anyone's race now...

The code... 5-3-6-3. That gives us instructions to race to the footbridge and their final Checkpoint. The Country Boys are first out, followed by the Gypsies. In fact, Fishermen are the only ones who did not figure out the challenge.

Meanwhile the teams find...

The Finish is located deep inside the great Black Canyon. To get there, take the longer easy route along the river OR the short harder route over the mountain to get to the Canyon Entrance.

The front teams decide to run the river, as do the middle teams. Team Kansas decide to take the mountainous pass to gain some ground. The Cops will follow suit. Neither team will be able to see the river teams, making it impossible to know which place they are in.

The Cops quickly leave Kansas behind. Meanwhile, the Fishermen finally get their challenge 20 minutes after the penultimate team do.

At the front, the race for first is on. In the middle, teams struggle to keep up. At the back, Team Kansas battles the mountain alone. On the river, Grandpa's Warriors are slowing down.


The Gypsies are the first team to find the Finish Line and check in, giving them the win in Stage 3, followed by No Limits and Country Boys.

Then come the Football Players, the Fab 3, NY Firemen, California Girls, and the Cops.

That leaves the Fishermen, Kansas, and Grandpa's Warriors still on the course. Fishermen gain ground on Grandpa's Warriors. Team Kansas hikes alone on the steeper mountain. It's a battle all the way.

Now it's a race to the finish.. but who'll arrive in last? Team Kansas... don't. They take down the 9-spot. Fishermen don't quit... and as a result, they take 10th and complete the comeback.

That leaves Grandpa's Warriors. They are the last team to arrive, and the extraction helicopter awaits. They pushed as hard as any team could, but one key mistake, letting the Fishermen go first, sends them back to the States.

Today, it was sand. Tomorrow, it'll be snow. The Expedition continues with 10 teams next time.

1) GYPSIES (even)
2) NO LIMITS (+1)
5) FAB 3 (-3)
6) NY FIREMEN (+4)
8) THE COPS (+3)
10) FISHERMEN (-4)

To see this episode in its entirety, go to hulu.com/expedition-impossible or visit the show page at abc.com/expeditionimpossible.