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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as 12 of the medium's best meet up with 12 celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Hosts Tom Bergeron & Brooke Burke
Judges Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Announcer Alan Dedicoat
Creator Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
EP Conrad Green
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/dancing
Airs 8p ET Mon & 9p ET Tues, ABC

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Week 9: A Semi-Royal Wedding Reception
May 16

Thus far, 4 have remained, and with more points hanging in the balance to come, you can believe that the finals is just a week away. In order to get there, they must dance 2 routines and a winner take all cha-cha round. That'll be on later. Let's get the semi finals going.

First off, Ralph & Karina doing an Argentine Tango. Both started out with chairs and later at a street corner pole. Soon after all this dancing, we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said his feet are dancing a different dance than his upper body, Len said it lacked emotion and Bruno said something happened when he stroked his lamp post. Maybe it was an inside joke, but we got the scores to prove it,

Round 1 Score: 25

Next, Kirsite & Maks do a Viennese Waltz to "One & Only" by last week's performer, Adele. One highlight included both arms being turned around by both of them. Now we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said the technique was fantastic, Len said beautiful posture & good rotation and Bruno said she was on the crest of a wave. Let's flood the scoring line...

Round 1 Score: 27

Next up, Chelsea & Mark do an Argentine Tango to "Assassin's Tango" by John Powell. I couldn't believe why Chelsea was mid-air for these moves in the 2nd half pf the routine, but we go to the judges. Carrie Ann found that not up to par, Len said she produced a first class performance and Bruno said that was Sharon Stone out there. You know what else is out there? This...

Round 1 Score: 28

And to end the first period, Hines & Kym do an argentine tango to "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" by Cake. After a neck injury by Kym, she returned out of a big red picture frame and danced from off a table. Boy, they never gave up. On to the judges. Carrie Ann said the connection was beyond they ask for in a dance, Len said he was watching the story unfold and Bruno said every emotion was out there for the taking. Take this with you...

Round 1 Score: 30

Round 1 is over and Hines & Kym have a perfect score. Let's move on with round 2.


Ralph & Karina will kick things off with salsa to "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" by Pitbull. Ralph sat there while Karina played Kitty. Later, he pretended to toy around with it. Onward, both did arm work and Ralph put his leg over Karina. To the judges we go. Carrie Ann oddly liked it, Len said it was all too wild and Bruno said he was too rough with his pussy...cat. Never scare the hare, my friends. Moving on....

Round 2 Score: 23 Score so far: 48

Kirstie & Maks do a paso doble to "White Room" by Cream, and they're up next. Kirstie seemed to have taken control of this dance. Now we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said she is the queen of the paso doble, Len said she danced fabulous and Bruno called her the wrath of Kirstie. And the scores say....

Round 2 Score: 27 Score so far: 54

Cheslea & Mark go up next as they dance a rumba to "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation. Chelsea is wearing a sheet of....nylon and Mark took that out, Both did arm work and everything else happened. Now we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said full commitment & passion, Len said she fulfilled her potential and Bruno said it was romantic & erotic, bu perfectly pitched. ANd here's the pitch....

Round 2 Score: 30 Score so far: 58

And to end the 2nd half, Hines & Kym doing a salsa to "Hello" By The Cat Empire. Hines tossed his hat and leaped into the floor. Both did arm pretzels and I think they weren't twisted. We untwist with the judges. Carrie Ann said she cannot explain how much joy she gets watching him, Len said it was a joyous experience, and Bruno said he is just beautiful. And the scores say....

Round 2 Score: 30 Score so far: 60

Before we head into the Winner take all tourney, let's recap what went down so far. Hines way up top with 60, Chelsea with 58, Kirstie with 54 and Ralph with 48. It's now time for the winner-take-all cha cha. The judges will pick however is moving on to the finals which will happen later at that time. But for now, let's begin the experiment.


Hines & Kym will get the go first with Raplh & Karina later on. "Boogie Shoes" by KC & The Sunshine Band will be the song of Hines & Kym. Now it's time for Ralph & Karina to dance. "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett will be the song for them. It's close to see who's going.

WINNER: Hines & Kym.

Hines & Kym will advance to face the winners of either Kirstie & Maks or Chelsea & Mark. Chelsea & mark go up first. The song: "Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5. Afterwards, it's time for Kirstie & Maks to take over. The song: "Walkin' On The Sun' by Smash Mouth. After all this dancing. WE get a decision.

WINNER: Chelsea & Mark.

Hines or Chelsea? Who's gonna win? "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga is the song and here we go. Hines & Kym go up first. It seemed easy, but Chelsea & Mark came in next with a back & Forth move herself that may be a clear choice.

The champions...of the first....Winner Take all cha-cha....................................Chelsea & Mark! 15 points added to 58 making it 73. She has the lead, but was it enough to make it to the finals, and is this the last dance for Ralph? You'll find out tomorrow night, but for now...goodbye.


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