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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as 12 of the medium's best meet up with 12 celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Hosts Tom Bergeron & Brooke Burke
Judges Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Announcer Alan Dedicoat
Creator Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
EP Conrad Green
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/dancing
Airs 8p ET Mon & 9p ET Tues, ABC

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Week 8: Instant Tea Time
May 9

And then there were 5. The competition only gets better. After a round of dancing, the Instant Dance round comes in play. What is it? You'll find out later. Let's get to dancing.

Chelsea & Mark will dance in the first half by waltzing to "My Love" by Sia. They're actually pretending they're lying on the beach and through the graphics, teh floor is now the tides. Mark wakes Chelsea up and later does a back foot drag. On to the judges. Len said she put too much emphasis on the story, Bruno said she found the perfect setting for Chelsea to shine and Carrie Ann said....nothing. But there's something.....

Round 1 Score: 29

Next is Hines & Kym doing a foxtrot to "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole. Hines has a ring, but he'll show that later. They went to the bench for a bit of a dance there and afterwards, he showed her the ring by the end. Here come the judges. Carrie Ann said He's such a guy's guy, Len said his dancing has great appeal and Bruno said yes 3 times. 1 time for the scoreboard....

Round 1 Score: 28

Next up, Romeo & Chelsie doing a tango to "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears. It may be hard to dance with lasers, but we have some light shed. Thank god for that. evenly so, they danced with a laser circle. Turn on the lights and let's go to the judges. Carrie Ann said she loved the intensity, Len said well done and Bruno said he danced like a real man out there. How real is the scoreboard?

Round 1 Score: 27

We got Ralph & Karina dancing a Viennese waltz to "Maybe I, Maybe You" by The Scorpions. Look at how Karina did when she somewhat dominated the routine with white smoke accompanying both. Let's go over to the judges. Carrie Ann said they did an amazing job, Len said it lacked polished, and Bruno called them Vampire Lovers. Here's what the score looks like:

Round 1 Score: 25

And Kirstie & Maks will do an Argentine Tango to wrap up the first half. Kirstie took all control of herself and dominated the whole dance. Here's what the judges said. Carrie Ann said it was the real drama all unfolding, Len said it was hot and Bruno said her body is shrinking but her talent is huge. How huge is her score?

Round 1 Score: 28

So far after round 1, Chelsea is all alone at the top, but the "Instant Dance" round is yet to come. In it, they do a routine never done before. SO let's rocket!!!


Chelsea & Mark will dance an instant salsa to "Get Busy" by Sean Paul. Both did arm pretzels and Chelsea shimmed under Mark backwards while he did a flip up. even more pretzel work came it was fast. Now, let's speed up with the judges. Carrie Ann said she was rushing too many times, Len said the salsa was hot and Bruno said she managed to put many steps there. Let's step to the scoreboard:

Round 2 Score: 26 Overall Score: 55

Hines & Kym do an instant jive to "Chantilly Lace" by The Big Bopper. Kym did a back and forth move and Hines tossed his hat off. With all that dancing, we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said he totally relaxed into the moment, Len said they've done a fantastic job and Bruno said it was like watching Mr. Happy feet. Now watch this...

Round 2 Score: 26 Overall Score: 54

Third up, Romeo & Chelsie doing an instant salsa to "Tequila" by The Champs. Romeo started by going through Chelsie and Romeo went through and twisted her around. Way to rock it, fellas! To the judges again. Carrie Ann said it was like watching it in a club, Len loved it and Bruno said they're both gorgeous and sexy. Let's combine both scores, shalleth we?

Round 2 Score: 25 Overall Score: 52

We go next door to Ralph & Karina doing an instant cha-cha to "Stuck In The Middle WIth You" by Stealers Wheel. Karina was dancing, but asked him to. He doesn't to no avail. But he accepts it seconds later. After this routine, we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said the hip action wasn't quite there, Len said he admire his presence and Bruno said he couldn't do any hip action. Let's go to the scores:

Round 2 Score: 21 Overall Score: 46

And to end the night, Kirstie & Maks do an instant salsa to "Cobra Style" by Teddybears w/ Mad Cobra. 2 Highlights you might see are Kirstie shimmying through Maks and sitting on the judges table by the end. Now, get off it and hear the judges. Carrie Ann said she was totally in sync, Len said her hips was moving and oily and Bruno called her a smooth flirtatious vixen. Here's the scores:

Round 2 Score: 28 Overall Score: 54

And after all the dancing, we get the final scores: Cheslea with 55, 54s go to Kirstie and Hines, Romeo with 52 and Ralph with 46. Tomorrow, we'll have one couple gone in an instant. See you later.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/dancing.