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Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's world of high fashion, where style is substance, and only the best make the cut.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host: Tommy Hilfiger
Creator: Darren Maddern, Craig Piligian
EP: Craig Piligian, Peter Connolly
Packager: Cut Productions, Pilgrim Films & TV, Lions Gate TV
Airs: Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Truckin'" - August 5

We starts the 2nd half of the show with 8 designers left as they head to the loft. Rob is upset that Chris C. singled him out at the last style forum. Rob thinks that even though he sent Jessica home, he thought it was him. "I am starting to see personalities here." Princess says to Shauna that Rob & Chris are going to knock each other out. Chris C. says that he has "a lot of love for him" but Rob has the weakest designs. He doesn't have it." Princess tells Rob that he has no friends and Chris sold him out in the Pit. Rob tells her he knows how to play the game now.

Later on, Chris is upset that Liz took credit for the globe design in the tail of the plane of the last assignment. Liz defends herself, but Chris (in a voiceover) says she is difficult to work with and stole his ideas. Everyone is watching as the argument escalates. Chris says she has done this to people before...and in this business it is just not cool. He calls her insecure, and she says that it's bull****. Liz--"The stakes are getting higher, because there will be one winner at the end of the day. Princess says no one is feeling her in the house. No one likes her because she has a snotty attitude and steals everyone's ideas. Liz again--"I am a nice person but don't push my buttons. I am going to say what I need to say and I am not afraid of Chris...bring it on!"

The next day, the teams meet at the Tommy Hilfiger Distribution Center in Cranbury, New Jersey. He tells the story about how he bought jeans off the street in NYC and sold them in his home of Elmira, NY out of a truck. That's how he started his business, where he now ships over 5-10 Million units a month out of this warehouse. Wes whistles at the large amount. He shows them around the center and says those humble beginnings taught him about how business would be like. Which leads to this week's design assignment:

CHALLENGE: The teams will have 500 units of Tommy Hilfiger clothing to sell out of the back of a truck. There is one catch. The units have to be reconstructed, altered or embellished in one way or another. Whichever team sells the most, wins. And all the proceeds go to charity.

Time to pick teams. The team pickers are Rob and Felix. Felix goes 1st
and here we go:

FELIX: Elizabeth (Felix: some people question why I work with her, but I
have a smooth working relationship, and I don't want to go outside of
it.) Shauna and Wes.

ROB: He picks Princess 1st(It's not about feelings, it's about
business.) [Recapper's note: Chris was burning after that pick], he picks
Chris C 2nd and Deanna Last. Felix is the Yellow Team and Rob's is the blue team. They have 2 days and 4 hours to sell each day. Tommy leaves...and they run through the warehouse like an episode of "Shop Till You Drop". They load their respective trucks and leave to the loft.

The Yellow Team brainstorms as to how to reconstruct the clothes. Wes is upset that Liz is trying to question his ideas when he owns a store in New Orleans that does this. Liz will repeat what you say 10 times to the point where she things she thought of the idea. Shauna has also had it with Liz. Chris C asks Shauna if their team has any good ideas. Shauna makes a whiny noise and says "She won't let control go. My patience is getting short." And everyone gets in on the making fun of Liz. However, Liz has had enough and says something. Liz and Princess explode at each other. Princess called her a bitch and a snob. Liz comments on her "poetry" and grammar. Wes said everything had built up and it hit the fan tonight. Rob didn't appreciate the mutiny against Liz. Princess was tired of defending her. Liz said she didn't need defending. Deanna, under her breath, said "She sure does." Liz gets the opinion of everyone and everyone tells the truth (minus Rob) that she is difficult to work with. Felix comes down in the middle of this. Liz says "She isn't here to make friends." She calls Princess "trash" to Felix in an elevator. Rob didn't like the way they treated Liz at all.

At the Soho cutting room, the Blue team is hard at work. Chris says we have to bang out as much as we can. We have the clothes and we will be chillin.

The Yellow Team is cutting. Shauna talks about how the team is distributing the work. We was worried about how it was going to go down with Liz knowing Shauna and him arent too crazy about her. They are worried about time. Felix comes in with the idea of using a yoga mat and creating a TH stamp (with the same logo as the plane tail from last
episode). The team loves it. Wes says Felix has a good use of resources.
Felix said it was a numbers game.

32 Hours to go--4:00AM. The blue team is overwhelmed.

It's now day 1--2:30PM. Both teams have a selling window of 3:00-7:00PM. Both teams load their trucks. But Felix loses the key to the truck. There was no spare. The team looks everywhere. Wes says that Felix's one problem is that he never sleeps and when you do that, your brain doesn't function. Felix calls the rental agency to get the 2nd keys. Liz says the key could be on the street and the camera (in a beautiful shot) focuses on the key on the snow right in front of their noses.

The Blue team sets up shop in Union Square and sells. Liz and Felix go to the rental agency and attempt to get the 2nd key. Wes/Shauna make more garments..."Thank God it wasn't me!" Liz and Felix go to CC Rental. The rental agency won't give them the key because they didn't give them the license plate number. Felix, who is upset, calls from the cab to complain. In a stubborn move, Felix doesn't give them the information because "he gave it to them already" and the guy was uncooperative. "I am a grown ass man, I need to be treated with respect." They have both cell phones, so they can't call back to the cutting room. The receptionist guy will not give him the keys, so they have to go back to the loft to get the license plate number to get a key they really don't need. Wow. Felix is like, "I am done. I quit. I am going home."

Day 1-5:30PM 1.5 Hours to Sell. We see another shot of the lonely key in the snow. Shauna and Wes are still in the cutting room. "We lost..." Felix is not talking to anyone and Liz asks Wes to go back to the rental agency with him in the cab. They commisserate about Felix. Liz feels bad, but Wes wanted him to just be a man and take responsibility for it.

The Blue team is there with 15 minutes to sell. Princess was happy that everyone who came in bought stuff. There was a team hug at the end of Day 1.

It's now 3:15AM and Felix is in the cutting room alone. He is making stuff while team is sleeping. "It's a release. He feels better and back on track. I feel more a burden now with the loss of the key. And for the third time... we see the key in the snow.

Day 2--7:45AM--the selling period is 8:00AM-12:00PM. Wes has the idea of selling every item for $5. He is going for quantity over quality. And they go over to Brooklyn.

In the Soho loft...the Blue Team gets up a little later because the other team lost the key. Deanna says "You never make a sale before 11AM."

The Yellow Team was in Brooklyn and selling stuff out of the truck for $5. Wes..."People looking at us like we were nuts." Blue Team went to Chelsea at 9:00AM. The team saw no one was around and was looking for another location. They turned to Rob because it was his city. Rob says, "The lower east side, because it was eclectic and artsy. Chris wasn't feeling the location in the Lower East Side.

2 Hours to Sell--The Yellow Team was running out of Wes/Shauna go back to the cutting room.

1 Hour to Sell--The Blue Team is selling out of the truck when Tommy and Russell Simmons, CEO of Phat Farm Clothing come by. Deanna nearly lost her mind when she saw Russell. They then visit the Yellow Team's truck in Brooklyn. Tommy wasn't happy about the $5 price tag. Felix was happy that he liked the design. Tommy to the team about the prices, "We'll discuss this later." Russell and Tommy talk off camera. "You have to tell them to charge more. There is a big difference between $5 and $50. Tommy says, "That's simple business acumen."

We see last minute selling between both the blue and yellow teams...and the assignment is over. Time for the style forum. Rob only gets nervous during the Style Forum. Liz--"I will come out of this with my integrity and Mr. H sees through all of the people hating me. The teams enter and so does Tommy...who brings Russell Simmons in. He says the blue team had a lot of creativity and protected the brand integrity. The yellow team was something different. Wes takes credit for the $5/item. Simmons says, "I would have fired you." The Blue Team's location of the East Village was the worst location possible. The Yellow Team was not competitive business wise. But it wins on sales...and the Yellow team made $1726.00--and the Blue Team makes $1280.00...The Yellow Team wins and celebrates. Russell leaves and tells Tommy..."I don't envy you."

Not so fast, Yellow Team. "You may think you have won...but you tore all integrity out of the brand...and I will remember that one."

He chastises the Blue Team for having the prices too high from the truck. And he calls Deanna and Princess into the pit for making them that high. He brings Rob in for the bad location, after Deanna chastises him for the bad location choices. Tommy blames the whole team for the he makes Chris go in too. He asks everyone who should go. Rob said Deanna should go. Chris C (after a long pause and a 2nd question by Tommy says Rob). He asks Princess. She says, "not me." He takes her out of the pit. He asks again, but if she says the same thing she goes back. She does, and he brings her back. She stomps her foot, says a whiny, "Mr. H...." and asks a third time and she blurts out Rob. Deanna says Rob as well. He brings Chris out of the pit and says this is very difficult. Rob tries to defend himself, but both Princess and Deanna pile on Rob for his lack of location. Tommy says there are three important things with business..."Location, Location, Location." Rob is out of style and takes the runway. He shakes Tommy's hand and hugs the entire team. Tears flow. He ends with "I am Rob Walker from Brooklyn. I did well, and left with my integrity. I feel like I won."

Tommy ends with..."This was a tough one. But the game is truly about to change."

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