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Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's world of high fashion, where style is substance, and only the best make the cut.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host: Tommy Hilfiger
Creator: Darren Maddern, Craig Piligian
EP: Craig Piligian, Peter Connolly
Packager: Cut Productions, Pilgrim Films & TV, Lions Gate TV
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"If I Don't Win, the World Will Suffer For It (or: Not So Fabolous)" - June 16

We return to our now 15 finalists returning to the Soho lofts after the 1st style forum where Tommy Hilfiger deservedly ripped both teams a new a-hole. People were shell shocked.

Rob said "Tonight was a reality check. It's not about friendship. It's about business."

Whispers abound and it is heard that Shauna wants to go home. Jeff explains that it was intimidating and she was quitting. She stated that she expected to design clothes and she was unimpressed with the 1st assignment. Ok, Shauna--go the hell home. You are a puss. There were probably thousands of people who wanted that spot, who at this point seem a hell of a lot more talented than your sorry ass. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Chris felt excited to be here and everyone was pissed at Shauna...rightfully so.

The next morning, everyone went to the Teknicar car customization workshop. Tommy enters. I was expecting one of the teammates to bitch Shauna and tell Tommy that Shauna wanted to quit. But no one had the balls to. He tells a story about how he got lucky enough to design clothes for Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. He found this reflective fabric that he thought would look great on Mick and he was going to reflect. He didn't only reflect, he glowed like he was radioactive. Needless to say that Mick was not thrilled. You have to know your client. He goes onto explain that Lincoln-Mercury has donated 2 brand new 2005 Lincoln Navigators for the next challenge. One was green and one was white. The challenge is this:

CHALLENGE: You have to design, customize and trick out your SUV for rap star Fabolous. Your team will have $7,500, 36 hours and access to the tools, team and sleeping areas of Teknicar. You have to impress Tommy and Fabolous.

(Recapper's note: Tommy pronounces Fabolous's name "Fab-u-lous". It's Fab-o-lous, Tommy. I think Tommy was trying to be a little to hip for the room. Check out his webpage at

The teams get reshuffled this way. Since Elizabeth got picked 1st last time, and Chris C got picked 1st last time by Rob and Julie they get the honors this week. The first people who get picked this week get to pick next week and so on. Elizabeth picks first since her team won the billboard challenge. So, here are the reshuffled lineups:

ELIZABETH'S TEAM: Felix(who was happy to be picked 1st this week, instead of last like last week.), Princess, Tommy, Wes, Chris, Jessica and Vlada(who was automatically put on there since no one picked her--"no one can stop me")

CHRIS C'S TEAM: James Rob Jeff Deanna Julie and Shauna next to last.

Tommy says he was looking for 3 qualities in his fashion design winner: business acumen, creativity, and social skills. He may present opportunities to impress him in different areas. He gives both teams this social opportunity:

SPECIAL INVITATION #1: Tommy explains he has 2 invitations to the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles. (a CBS property) for tomorrow night! (It was on January 9, 2005.) You will be the red carpet correspondent for Entertainment Tonight (another part of the CBS/Viacom empire) and be assisted by Kevin Frazier. You will take the Jet Aviation private jet (w/travel cards) and fly right now to LA. A limo is waiting outside.

He explains that the team member chosen will not be graded on this design assignment, but will be graded on how you do on the red carpet. The teams have 2 minutes to decide. Chris C wanted to go, but his instinct told him to stay. James tells Shauna, "If you go, you need to improve your attitude." Time's up. Elizabeth's team chose Tommy. Tommy said he had a tux, and that sinched for him. Besides, Tommy said he had no clue who Fabolous was. Chris C picks Shauna in the most brilliant move of the night. And Tommy and Shauna leave in the waiting limo for LA. Cut back to Chris C who called Deanna and Julie the two strongest women there. Shauna feels vulnerable, and Julie says she would have brought the team down anyway. Ouch, but true.

7PM--36 hours to go. The cars roll in. Chris's team are in Blue coveralls, Elizabeth are in Orange. Blue team is discussing ideas like mad, and are not getting ideas across. While the Orange Team is communicating better, Princess feels like she should win this, cause she knows what Fab likes.

On the Jet, Shauna and Tommy are sipping champagne and she likes Tommy and she is happy. They arrive late night in LA. Back in the garage we get:

SPECIAL INVITATION #2: Tommy has reserved the VIP area of Club Marquee in New York to meet Fabolous and get to know him. With this information, you can get an idea of how the care should be. Two members of each team will be allowed to meet Fab.

For the Blue Team it will be Chris and Jeff. Chris gave up the trip so he wants to go. For the Orange Team, it's Vlada and Princess. All four of them pile into a cab at 10:30 and get to the club. Fab arrives and immediately the girls see Fab as a piece of meat and flirt immediately. Princess immediately wanted him to remember her., Princess you want your team to win your assignment. You are not there to score a quickie with a rap star. They ask what he likes and Princess says, "me in the passenger seat." Nice. Fab retorted, "On the right day." He saw her right quick. Chris noticed that the girls were flirting, but he didn't let it get to him. Him and Fab talked seriously about the car while Vlada and Princess got their NY Club girl thing going.

They got back at 12:15AM. Elizabeth asked how it went: Princess a) slipped him her number b) has plans to cook him fried chicken c) and was liked by Fab for her energy level....uh, Princess what about the car? Princess believes her "cocoas" (her eyes) will help her win the assignment. The only thing she remembers is that he likes Vienna Fingers Cookies. Ok, then. I like Vienna Fingers cookies too. But I am more of an Oreo man myself.

Blue Team has a powwow. James said Chris did a good job getting to know what Fab likes.

1AM--30 hours to go. Teams are working. But the Blue Team is in a panic--they lost the keys to the Navigator and need to do a lot of work that can't be done without the keys. This was pretty dumb.

7AM--24 hours to go. Orange Team is sleeping and Blue Team didn't sleep because they were looking for the keys everywhere. They call in a locksmith with a new set of keys. Chris says we have to get back to work. "I can't live without this dream. It's never over till it's over." The orange team get woken up by " Remember the face Amy had when she left." They go to the fabric store and they get erotic skins like Python, Crocodile and others "especially when you want Princess in the car." Ok, Princess we all know you want to bang Fab.

Back in LA, Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight meets with Tommy and Shauna for show prep. You have to know your stars, what they do and be well versed with people. Tommy freaked..."I'm not prepared!"

In New York, Jeff believed there should be a champagne bucket. He feels he is meticulous. Chris says that Jeff doesn't strive for perfection like I do. He hates sloppy work.

Time for the red carpet of the show. We see clips of different stars arriving. Tommy doesn't watch TV. He apparently doesn't know who Sheryl Crow is. The producer shakes his head. Shauna, in a face saving job, did a very credible job of interviewing. Tommy on the other hand, was "fawning and overtly gay" fanboy. And he wasn't very prepared.

Back in NY, we have 6 hours to go. On the orange team, everyone is doing work--excpet Vlada who is sitting in the back watching the TV. Wes notices and Elizabeth argues with Vlada. Vlada says she was doing stuff.
Elizabeth half-apologizes.

4 hours to go. Chris explodes that the running boards are messed up. Jeff is blamed, but claims he didn't do anything. He says if he did stuff he would take the blame. Rob says he wiped it down with alcohol. Chris says it's ruined. Jeff and Rob don't take the blame for it.

2 hours to go. Time is of the essence. Julie never felt anything this crazy. Chris is blessed to be here. 1 hour to go. Chris asks James, the only one who can sew, to redo the headrests. He does so. And by the 30 minute mark, is going crazy. And he makes it just at the last minute. TIME IS UP. Chris is ready for Fab to check out the car. Princess loves her Navigator for her team.

Later on that morning. The two teams assemble in a parking lot, and the 2 Navigators are driven up. Tommy exits the limo and explains that he brought some guests. Fabolous is there along with car customizer and New York City Rap Station Hot97 DJ Funkmaster Flex. Check out his cars and music here at They will both judge the cars. Chris C shows the greentruck first. Flex likes the side lights and Chris explains the Paisley and Tan Headrests. Felix shows the White Navigator as a lounge. Princess shows the skins and closet in the back. They also show the old time microphone as the shift knob.

Flex explains what he liked and disliked on each truck. On the Green truck, he liked the suede on the floor and blue angel lights. He hated the paisley/tan headrests. On the white truck, he liked the clothing in the back. But he hated the fur skins.

Back at the loft, the teams were getting ready for the style forum. Jeff said, "If I don't win, the world will suffer. God put me here to do this." (Ok, keep the ego in check, Jeff.) Princess says, "I am giving so much fever." Princess, your ghetto act is wearing real thin. We know you are black, honey. Onto the style forum.

Tommy starts with the People's Choice Awards. He asks Tommy which celebrities he interviewed...he couldn't remember one. Shauna remembered Sheryl Crow, who told Tommy hello. Tommy spoke to Kevin Frazier and said Shauna did a professional job. Tommy didn't know the people and spoke to them as a fan, not on their level. He told Tommy that he failed. Ouch.

He turns to the Blue Team and asked, "How could you lose the keys to the car? It seems so obvious." He turns to Jeff and said that he didn't show much creativity this week. There was a lot of confusion, and no cohesion. Your team was a mess. "

To the Orange Team: Vlada and Princess met Fab...Princess said she took a lot of mental notes to get what Fab wanted in the car. She took credit for the fur. Fab comes in. First he describes the white car from the Orange Team. He liked the closet in the back. He didn't like the Fur. Cut to Princess in shock. He felt it was over the edge and the Parental sticker wasn't good either.

To the Blue Team: He liked the angel lights and the blue pinstriping. He also liked the name down the side of the car. Tommy asked which car won...and the green car with the blue team wins!

He turns to the orange team. Princess and Vlada went to the club to get the information and didn't get it right. Princess claims she did get it right, but Tommy shoots her down. "You didn't. He asked for understated and you went gaudy." He asked Jessica who did the least, and claimed Vlada did. That led to argument.

Time for decision. Tommy failed, but he got lucky because two people failed worse. He called Vlada and Princess to the pit. He explained that the both of them were equally responsible, but Princess showed some leadership and creativity. And with that Vlada is "out of style" and takes the runway. She said, "I tried and failed. I will be a designer...but not today."

Tommy ends with this. "The assignments will get even more grueling. I know you are beat up right now. Get organized, get it together and get focused. Don't waste my time."

Next week: The teams redesign two famous New York Clubs: The Cotton Club and Studio 54.

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