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Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's world of high fashion, where style is substance, and only the best make the cut.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host: Tommy Hilfiger
Creator: Darren Maddern, Craig Piligian
EP: Craig Piligian, Peter Connolly
Packager: Cut Productions, Pilgrim Films & TV, Lions Gate TV
Airs: Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"Team Underdog" (or...James, Will You Please Shut Up!) - July 13

With Julie gone, there are 11 aspiring designers playing for $250,000 and the opportunity to design for Tommy Hilfiger.

Back at the Loft, Jeff "feels the love" of the house right now, and talks to Chris C. They recap how Shauna tried to take him down. He "feels like a million bucks. He fought off a lot of adversity and Tommy gave me props in front of the other contestants. He is going to play off the good feeling, using that negativity to stay strong enough and win this thing."

The next morning teams are getting ready and meet Tommy at his flagship store in Soho. He tells his story about when he was 18 years old and he took jeans from NYC and sold them for $150 a pair. He eventually opened one store and then a lot of stores. He then took up sketching. And becoming a designer started with a small shop. Which leads to this week's design challenge:

CHALLENGE: Both teams will have the opportunity to open a small store with a budget of $3,000. They have to fill the store with inventory and they can shop from any Goodwill store in NYC. Any money made will go back to Goodwill. The doors will close at 1AM. The winner of the challenge will not be decided by Tommy, but the team that makes the most money wins. The stores are next door to each other and the stores must "create a clear vision."

The teams are very excited. Wes comments that he runs a clothing store back home and does reconstructive vintage. When he hears this challenge... he was happy.

Shauna picks first. She picks the orange key. And Felix has the purple key. So the teams are:

SHAUNA: (Orange Team): Before she picked she was nervous Felix was going to pick the same people she was going to pick. She knows who has skills and how doesn't. She picked Wes, Deanna (and at that point Wes was happy Shauna picked both of them because they work well together) Jeff(she picked him not only because "he is a crazy lunatic, but he is the team's sacrificial lamb." Rob W. was picked last overall. Shauna comments that she is "fine with him on the team, but you are limited with him on the

FELIX: (Purple Team): He picked Elizabeth (because she brings class and responsibilty to anything she does) Jessica, James(he can sew, he is well rounded) and Princess (for marketing and her big personality).

Ah, but there is a Social Invitation. One person from each team will have the opportunity to board a Privilege Private Jet with Tommy right now to go to the Sundance Film Festival and attend the premiere party of Lion's Gate Entertainment (one of the producers of "The Cut, naturally) new film, "Happy Endings" starring Tom Arnold, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Lisa Kudrow. To find out more about the film go here:

Tommy tells the teams..."No one has to go." So, is anyone going?

Shauna said yes. She said, "I was so glad to be the team picker...I was so gone!" And Felix said yes as well. He said he broke his own rule of team picker not going on the social invitation, but 5 hours on a plane with Tommy is an opportunity most people wouldn't have.) We see a scene of Felix and Shauna leaving in the limo.

James was upset Felix Left...The team is now down a person, and he was just like "Bye!"

The teams go to 319 and 321 Lafayette Street in Downtown New York City. (a bit past Canal Street) And at 2:00PM with 37 hours to go, the teams enter and see that both locations are an absolute wreck. Princess likened her store to "a crack house". Wes's reaction..."Damn!" Wes commented that with Shauna gone, Deanna took over and delegated responsibilities for her team. Jeff and Chris would do the interior and Rob, Deanna and Chris C will do the inventory. "We are so going to win! And it's going to look gorgeous!" Deanna crows.

Back to the Purple team. James is lamenting the competition is tough. "Wes owns a store, and so does Deanna, and Jeff is their good luck charm. He has been on the losing side only once so far. We are definitely "Team Underdog". James/Elizabeth argue over what to do first. James wanted to make a gallery like store. Elizabeth was worried about inventory. Elizabeth commented that James was taking on a leadership role. Jessica said "We were the losers from the start. I am scared about being the underdog."

We see the Orange Team going to Goodwill. Wes describes the art of vintage reconstruction.

We see Tommy/Shauna/Felix on the Private Jet to Sundance. Felix talks to Tommy about skateboarding and name drops film and video director Spike Jonze as his best friend. Felix "was blessed to be on the plane for 5 hours with Tommy...or cursed if he hates me."

Back in NYC, the purple team is at Goodwill. Jessica says there was "so much work to do and the hours just went by and by..." James was complaining about time. To the Orange team we go at 1:00AM with 24 hours to go. Deanna explains that Chris C called on the technicians from Teknicar (who assisted in the Fabolous Navigator assignment in Episode 2) to do copper piping and shelving. Rob says "We need a name." Jeff said "Comme has a cool ring to it."

2:00AM--23 hours to go. The Purple Team --James (again!) complains about the team being understaffed and underskilled. James discusses the team name of Garment Gallery. Elizabeth whines, "I don't care." James retorts with, "You have to care." James says Elizabeth is scattered and not as strong when she is with Felix. They agree on "Garment Gallery."

Comme Undone's team goes over to the other store. Chris C and Jeff laugh at the other team's store (which looks like crap) and their store is ready to go.

Back at the loft, we see Wes/Deanna/Rob remaking clothes. Deanna comments she knew Wes and her could rock the clothes. Rob is limited because he paints on denim and t-shirts...that's it. Deanna worked on dresses while Wes worked on blazers and shirts. Wes says there is a long night ahead with a ton of material to reconstruct.

We are with the Garment Gallery Team. Elizabeth and James do interior while Jessica and Princess do the reconstruct. James, for the zillionth time this episode, complains to Elizabeth about "Team Underdog". They both agree that if the team loses that Felix is going to the pit.

(Recapper's note: If this team, especially James, would stop bitching and moaning, maybe they would win the assignment!)

Back at Sundance....Felix and Shauna talk in the limo on the way to the party. Felix says, "I am so not retail." Shauna..."I love to shop but..." Felix says, "I left the leadership position to James. I feel he is up to the challenge. But I can't say I am not unhappy missing this challenge."

At the Soho cutting room, Jessica is feeling sick with the flu. She didn't want to tell anyone. She throws up and got sick. Princess asks Elizabeth to bring back ginger ale, because Jess is vomiting. Princess said, "Jess was sick. I felt overwhelmed." James gives Princess a pep phone call and yet again calls this "Team Underdog." James said the team was weak, Princess is overwhelmed, Felix left us, Jessica's sick and Liz became an "irritable bitch." And Liz again shows why she won't win this contest. She goes into full-on whiy bitch mode, complaining that when she was sick she didn't complain. James said "Felix screwed over by picking a weak team"

The next the "Comme Undone" store, they are cleaning up and getting ready. Jeff says, "The other team is laughably behind. We may win by default by the team not opening their doors. Chris C called in professional contractors to clean their store. Garment Gallery is cleaning up as well, but not with vacuums. They have brooms and dustpans. They noticed the professional shop vacuum and James asked to borrow the vacuum. The contractors are nice about it and say yes. Jeff explodes saying, "Son of a bitch!" He mouths off at the contractors, but they put Jeff in his place. Jeff was upset and "he has a strong fire. I said my piece and if my team didn't like the way I said it...too damn bad!" Chris C. dressed down Jeff and Jeff wouldn't have any of it. He said, "Pipe down! Either you love me or you don't!" Chris C. complained that Jeff speaks before he thinks. It will be his downfall if he acts like this.

5:15PM, 8 hours to go. Wes said it took 20 hours to get the store ready. The team busted ass all night to get job done. We see Rob Jeff and Chris getting customers. Wes/Deanna took over in sales.

Back at Garment Gallery...James (ok, this is getting real annoying now) complains the other store is open...and the team is understaffed. Boring!

At Comme Undone, we see how Deanna makes her sales. At Garment Gallery, James saw no decorating theme, and at the last minute, they decorate in a painting studio theme. Elizabeth opened the store at 9:15PM--with 4 hours to go.

Back at Comme Undone, a special person walks in the store. It's Jamie-Lynn DiScala. who plays Tony Soprano's daughter Meadow on "The Sopranos." She starts asking questions. She does that to Garment Gallery as well. Jeff/Rob/Chris takes a ton of girls to the store, but Wes complains they are "14-15 year old girls who won't buy anything with mommy's credit card." Jeff was trying to get a sale going, but Deanna said he was a bit overbearing. "The panting and clawing was a bit much." Wes called Jeff "a total wacko. He was scaring customers away."

At the Sundance Film Festival, we see the premiere party for "Happy Endings". Shauna and Felix enter. Shauna explains they met Tom Arnold, Lisa Kudrow and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Felix is seen talking to Lisa Kudrow. Felix says "Skateboarding is his wild card. It gets me in the door with a lot of people." The best conversation during the party went this way:

FELIX (to Tom Arnold): We might have a lot in common.
ARNOLD: "Bill W?" (For those who don't know, Bill W. is the man who founded Alcoholics Anonymous.)

Methinks Felix was partying a bit too hard. Shauna likes to engage people (and is seen talking to Jason Ritter). She saw Tommy looking away when talking to Felix. Tommy and Felix were having a conversation about "carne asada". And in a gross move, we see Felix lick his own knife clean in front of Tommy! Dude, where is your manners?

Back in's 10:00PM. And into Comme Undone comes another surprise guest...Simon Doonan who is the creative director of Barney's New York. Deanna had a moment with him when he visited Comme Undone. He visits Garment Gallery as well. James didn't like the critique of the store by

90 Minutes to go. Wes says...everything in the store is $10.

1 Hour to go. Jeff and Princess are hustling for last minute sales. We see more last minute hustle from both sides...and it's done...1:00AM. Both teams celebrate and James FINALLY says something nice about the team. Deanna says, "If the design of the store was bad I'll go, but you would be lying, because my store was fierce!

Everyone is prepping for Style Forum. Felix, back in Utah, says. "The elements were there, I didn't hear anything." Deanna feels 100% safe. James says, Felix is going to the pit. In Style Forum, Tommy enters and discusses the Sundance trip first. Shauna performed very well and "had a good time." He was surprised at how much he talked about himself. It was
way too much, and "you embarrassed me."

Garment Gallery...Princess said it was James's idea. Everyone got along.

To Comme Undone: He asked about the delegating of responsibility. Deanna said Jeff's "male energy was too crazy...too aggressive" and how he was trying compliment sexually 16-17 year old girls. Jeff came back with
that he didn't know their ages. Tommy said, "After what you did last week, that really disappoints me."

Tommy then brings out Jamie Lynn-DiScala and Simon Doonan who were his advisors on this assignment. Simon liked the racks of Comme Undone. The Service was engaging, but not pricing anything was "retarded." Garment Gallery had no compelling visuals, and Goodwill looks even better.

Jamie felt the colors of Comme Undone was warm and there was an energy to the store and she also hated the lack of prices. Garment Gallery's
service as sweet but it felt unorganized and no unique pieces...but she did like the ladder and the prices. They leave.

But it's who makes the most money who wins this mission. Comme Undone made $970.30 for Goodwill...and Garment Gallery made....$763.55. Comme Undone wins!

It's time for the dress down of Team Garment Gallery. It was unattractive and uninviting. It was James' idea. The whole team said Felix's leaving put a strain on the team. Tommy calls James and Felix into the pit. Felix's leaving was selfish, according to Tommy. He told James that a Gallery was for art, not for clothes. James blames Felix and defends himself. He tells Felix he failed his team by leaving, but he looks at things in the long term. And Tommy has not seen as much from James as he did from Felix. James is out of style...and in a classy move (the only one of this episode) asks to make a closing statement and thanks Tommy and the team members for the opportunity. Tommy says, "James, you are a gentleman." He leaves and his final farewell to us is a teary eyed farewell. (Personally, the writing was on the wall for this one.)

He ends on a very positive note. He says, "Both teams opened two stores in 24 hours. There is a lot of talent here. I am impressed."

Next week, the teams enter the world of rock and roll.

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