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Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's world of high fashion, where style is substance, and only the best make the cut.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host: Tommy Hilfiger
Creator: Darren Maddern, Craig Piligian
EP: Craig Piligian, Peter Connolly
Packager: Cut Productions, Pilgrim Films & TV, Lions Gate TV
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Dressed for Success" - June 30

After Chris S. got cut from the style forum, 13 designers remain. The teams head back to the Soho Loft. James is disappointed to see Chris S. go. Chris C. said that being too quiet hurts you. He mentions a list of things to Rob of what Chris S should have done. James said the competition is like splitting hairs. In a conversation with Tommy, he says everything is a crap shoot. Nothing is guaranteed.

The next day, the teams meet in Bryant Park. (Recapper's note: It's located at the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue.) Tommy explains that this is the site of New York's Fashion Week. This is where all the designs are shown for spring and fall. And one of the things that are shown are dresses. Which leads to this week's design assignment:

ASSIGNMENT: The teams will design 3 dresses. They will have $1200/team for material. They may apply some of the budget to seamstresses. But there is a catch. The model of the dress must be someone the team finds off the street. They must model the dress for Tommy at Style Forum.

Tommy says concept is only part of it. Execution is key. An evening dress must make a woman feel sexy. And of course the teams reshuffle:

Wes and Tommy were picked first last week so here are the teams:(with Wes picking first since his team won last week)

WES: Deanna, Felix (Wes comments: Tommy said he was not picking Shauna because she was sick and that Wes and Shauna had a little alliance going. It was a little disappointing. He then chose, James, Elizabeth, Julie and Jeff was picked last again. (Wes comments: You need to know who you want and who is the sacrificial lamb.)
TOMMY: (he was going to pick Felix): Princess, Shauna, Jessica, Chris C. Rob W.

Jeff after being picked last said he will work his ass off and be heard. He will be a leader. Tommy said he chose team who was the best. Some of Wes's team hasn't even sewed a piece of clothing. Wes said Tommy picked all the weird personality in a blender and we will see what comes out.

Ah, but Tommy Hilfiger has a social invitation for them. For two people on each team, he has passes for a party that is being thrown for his friends at his Soho store. He will give each member $500 to spend to get ready for the party. The team members who go cannot come back before midnight. Chris C. said a party at his store was a dream come true. Rob W. was not a dress designer, he was urban. So he would go.

And on the yellow team: Wes/Deanna go. Julie wanted to go, but Wes thought his social skills were better. Deanna said speaking to Tommy H was speaking to an icon. She wants to find out what happened in his life. She wants to know about his first successes. Tommy wishes them good luck and the teams hug and split. James was surprised Wes left. In the limo, Chris C said when the invites came out, his heart skipped a beat.

It's 9:00AM 30 hours to go. Tommy--he was more than happy that Rob and Chris left. Princess thinks they have this assignment. James thinks they are underdogs.

11:00AM 28 hours to go. Back to the cutting room. The Yellow Team was discussing ideas....Julie said that this was a learning process for Elizabeth. Julie/Liz say Tommy H. was looking for sexy dresses...James didn't like Jeff's design. Back on the Blue side, they were discussing ideas...Princess and Tommy were on and happy. Tommy said he can finesse the ideas.

Deanna, Wes, Rob and Chris C went to Bloomingdales. Wes told Chris C said no baggy jeans. Rob didn't feel comfortable in the black suit. He felt funny spending money as he gives money to his kids over himself. Wes and Chris C. talk about that and Wes said to spend the money with joy.

1:00PM 26 hours to go. Yellow Team go to B/J Fabrics. Elizabeth said she never designed a dress. Blue Team enters the same store. Princess/Tommy/Jessica (who says Shauna is resting.) Tommy says if no one steps on his toes, they will be very successful. He also says the other team has some strange expressions...he is not too worried. Princess and their team are ready to roll.

On the Yellow Team Felix and James will design one dress, Liz will do one, and Jeff and Julie will do one. On the Blue Team, Jessica goes out for the blue team and looks for a model...she can't seem to find one. we see her walking...and looking...and looking...and looking...

6:00PM with 21 hours remaining. Blue team is in the Soho Cutting Room. Tommy says Princess's dress is an easy idea and can whip it up without thinking. On the yellow team, James is waiting for the seamstress. Elizabeth says she has a solid vision of design. Tommy, in a total dick move, said he is designing the dress and ditched Princess's patterns without her knowing it. They shows Elizabeth's dress which is a classic design of hi neck and open keyhole back. Simple black dress. James and Felix's design is a design of many diff pieces. Jeff and Julie's design was a mismash. Jeff had an idea of molding lingerie into a dress. Julie said it was trashy not sexy. Jeff said Julie is not a sexy woman. Julie said Jeff was desperate to contribute.

At the Soho party, Tommy gets to know everyone. Rob was confident in his social skills. He told Tommy he was not comfortable spending money. Rob is Rob. Tommy tells them to mingle and have fun. Wes said he could snag a model for the dress, and you know what...he does. And in his words..."score!"

9:40PM--17 Hours to go. Felix says Jeff is not PC n front of women. Jeff and Elizabeth look for models. Elizabeth has no respect for Jeff. Liz says they have a job to do. They fight over the model search. Liz says Jeff is a hindrance to the process.

11:00PM 16 hours to go. Jessica still cant find the model. Tommy wonders where she is. He says that this time wasting won't look good to Tommy.

15 hours to go: Jessica finds a model named Marisol. And after some cajoling, she brings her back to the cutting room. Tommy says Jessica came through.

Yellow Team: 3:00AM 12 hours to go: Wes/Deanna come back...Wes saves the day by finding the model.

4:00AM Chris C comes back. He was disappointed that he was not considered. Tommy knows that and he is scared what Tommy would say to Hilfiger in the style forum...and Tommy laughs maniacally.

8:00AM and we see Shauna Resting. She comes down and sees that they are two hours behind with 2 dresses to go. Princess is talking to Shauna. Princess says he can't think and do 2 things at the same time. Tommy takes control...Shauna says Tommy is out of control. Tommy says, "I hate the dress." We see the blue team designs.

On the yellow team we see the dress...Wes says Jeff and Julie's dress is like a flamenco dress gone wrong...the dress is totally Julie meets Jeff...tacky & weird.

Tommy Hilfiger enters the studio. He meets with both teams. He explains that there is a process called "the edit". You have to cut down sometimes as many as 20-30 pieces and go down to one. He does it all the time. Both teams have to edit the three dresses down to one dress for the model to wear in the style forum. James's team choose's Liz's black dress. Wes says he likes Liz's dress, but she annoys me. The other team chooses Princess's dress. Shauna was hands off in the decision. The yellow team toast's victory. James says they can win. Liz is proud of herself.

Felix says the other team has to fail because Tommy is too Flamboyant. He will overshoot. James is most nervous. He knows what they are up against. Tommy was excited to show his dress because it was his forte. The teams enter the style forum and Tommy H. enters.

He first discusses the party. Unlike other invitations where other people didn't behave, Chris/Rob/Wes/Deanna handled themselves very very well. Tommy H learned a lot about them last night. I am ready to judge the talent...

Elizabeth said the design process was crazy. She was proud of it and the team was happy. Princess was happy too.

It's time for the dresses. The Yellow's team dress was a classic dress, as I explained earlier. The Blue's team's dress was a pink layered pleated dress. At the end, Princess hands her a pleated stole.

Tommy compliments both teams for finding a model. He says the yellow dress drapes on the model well, but a pin was sticking out of the dress. That was unacceptable. The Blue dress's concept was not executed. The winning dress was the Yellow Team's dress...and Elizabeth told Tommy she was so honored. She was crying.

He goes over to the blue team. He said the fit in the back of the dress was poor, and their hem was uneven. Tommy said the runway dress was the "executed dress". He said "I bit off more than I can chew." Princess and Tommy went back and forth. Princess claimed the dress was NOT the original pattern. Tommy said he did follow the patterns. Princess was hands off. Tommy said she should have been in more control of her vision. Tommy said he never left the room, and no one told him that he was making a mistake. No one was there to consult. Jessica said that was an excuse. Jessica defended her contribution by finding the model. Jessica, Princess and Tommy were called into the pit.

He told Princess that a design is your vision. You have to keep your eye on it so that it is followed through. He told Tommy he was disappointed that he imposed his own ideas. You have to respect other people's visions. Shauna said Tommy wasn't a good team player. Jessica tried to speak up for herself, but she was stopped by Tommy who said he asked the question of Shauna. Shauna said Jessica was involved with the look of the model as well. He told Jessica he was disappointed that she wasn't creative enough. Princess dropped the ball on her vision of the design. Tommy complained that he didn't have enough time, but the other team completed the assignment and won. He didn't like excuses. He told Tommy that he was out of style and to take the runway. And with that, Tommy is gone. He said that the biggest mistake he made was "sharing my talent. I should have kept my talent to myself. It was a travesty."

Tommy H. ends with this positive note. "Cream rises to the top. I am seeing some cream."

Next week, the teams travel to get some American Inspiration.

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