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Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's world of high fashion, where style is substance, and only the best make the cut.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host: Tommy Hilfiger
Creator: Darren Maddern, Craig Piligian
EP: Craig Piligian, Peter Connolly
Packager: Cut Productions, Pilgrim Films & TV, Lions Gate TV
Airs: Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"School of Rock Design" - July 20

Warning: This recap contains a lot of adult language. Parental discretion is advised.

Back at the loft after James was eliminated, Princess talks that "James was numero uno. I thought he handled his business." She confesses to James that she misses James already.

Wes thought it was not fair for James to go that Princess was the one who should have left. Her ideas were not good.

Shauna and Jeff vent their frustrations in different conversations. Shauna vents, "How can Jeff win when he is such a (^_^)ing bastard?" Jeff, in the bedroom says, "I feel like one little Indian, and Shauna is behind me with arrows. Back to Shauna, "We pick him to lose and then we win..." Jeff: "She is making me look in front of Tommy...I am sick of it!"

The next morning, the teams meet at CBGB's, a world famous rock club.

(Recapper's note: Since this show was shot, the club's lease is about to
expire. If you want to find out more about this historic rock club click
here: And if you want to help save the club click here: SAVE CBGB <>) Tommy enters and explain that this club was the focal point for punk rock in the 1970's with bands like the Sex Pistols. When I was here, the Ramones played and they wore leather motorcycle jackets and pins. Music leads fashion trends. They guide and inspire Tommy. Which leads to this week's design challenge:

CHALLENGE: The teams are going to style 2 raw bands who have been dressed or styled before. They will have 24 hours and $2,000. The band will perform back at the club in their new outfits. They will move in with the band as well.

The bands are Unisex Salon and God or Julie. Check them out here: Unisex Salon <> and God or Julie <>

Wes and Elizabeth are the team pickers this week. Wes picks first and picks Unisex Salon. So Elizabeth gets God or Julie. So this is how the teams shape up.

UNISEX SALON: Wes, Deanna (you need someone who you are really really good friends with), Felix, Shauna, and Rob W. (Before he picked Rob Walker he stated he picked Princess last time and lost. He didn't want to do that again.)

GOD OR JULIE: Chris C. (she picked him because she never worked with him before) Jeff( by being picked 2nd he felt he was moving up in the
pecking order.) Jessica and Princess. Princess was picked last. Jessica
was shocked that the seamstress was picked last.

The teams leave. The Unisex Salon are seen leaving first. Wes says we
will win. "You could give me and Deanna and we would win. The "Power of
Three" are back (being Wes/Deanna/Shauna) together and we can overpower anybody.

God or Julie Team went to the band's loft in a taxi. Jeff says he is the best salesman on the team. Team makeup is important.

In Brooklyn, the Unisex Salon team meet the band. Shauna says she lived in Manhattan for 16 years...and she never had to come out to Brooklyn. They enter to see the band practicing. They meet them. Shauna hates this assignment because she doesn't like people who "don't bathe everyday." The team was interviewing the band. Wes felt the band was looking at us as young kids messing with their style. "We told them we were there to help." Wes was talking to the lead singer, who didnt like some of their idea. Deanna said they recognized her as the leader. She had dressed rock band before. "We have the strongest team and we are ready."

The God or Julie Team enter to see the band playing "Fight Night" on PS2. The band meets them...sort of. Jessica said some of the band didn't want to put stuff down to meet with us. "They may be difficult to work with." Elizabeth says they want to wear onstage what they wear offstage as a reflection of who they are. They discuss with the band. Chris C wanted to start a trend with the band. The band wouldn't let them leave without doing a shot of Jack Daniels! They do it! They are 4 people and 5 stylists. So they decided on a strategy. Chris C, Princess, Jessica and Eliz would each style for a diff member of the band, leaving Jeff as the odd man out. Jeff complained that within 15 minutes, the team attached themselves to different members of the band without "drawing straws." He called it unfair. He claimed he will get his voice heard and he will win. And another shot of Jack is downed...

4:00PM with 18 hours left... the God or Julie team is seen shopping. Jessica says that Jeff is the odd man out. He mutters "no one is feeling me." Chris C says Jeff is trying to fit in where he can. And in scenes of confused shopping, he says Elizabeth is "far from a leader". She is a follower.

The Unisex Salon team goes shopping. Deanna says that the band has a cookie cutter style. She is here to push them to the next level of rock and roll. Rob has no idea about rock.

6:00PM...16 hours to go. The God or Julie team...Jessica is worried about time and the product. Princess: "We need to get our shit together." Chris C said they need to get vintage jeans. They found a store with four pair of jeans. You see Liz/Princess and Jeff shopping the vintage stores. We see Jeff singing outside a store. "We need a T-Shirt/A Vintage T-Shirt." Jeff says they "have a real shot at winning. If the teams use me more, I wouldn't be surprised if I was a #1 or #2 pick the rest of the game. My usefulness is evident."

The Unisex Salon shops at Thrift Store and heads to Brooklyn. Rob brought paints...but it wasn't in their plans. Rob/Shauna/Wes...Wes said Rob was "out of his element." Shauna: "Poor thing, he thinks he is Picasso. Rob is the weakest person for the team."

The God or Julie enter the loft at 10:00PM with 12 hours to go...and see a wild party going on! Elizabeth said they needed to get started. Chris C said they needed to party a little and work as well. They needed to live their lifestyle. They had to party to earn respect. Liz said they took Tommy's theory and hung with the band.

The Unisex Salon enter the loft to a party/performance! Wes said there was cigarettes and beer...I am right at home. You see a little nuttiness and Shauna finds this disgusting. "I have been to a few frat parties...and even those weren't as disgusting as this." Wes says that Shauna is the key to the team because she sews. He told her to catch a few hours sleep and he will call her down when everything is mapped out. Wes says, "I would play to see Liz where ever she is!"

Cut to: Liz partying and drinking Jack out of the bottle. GO LIZ! Princess: "It was so funny to see her take a shot of Jack. The people in the house were sick and tired of her because she had something up her booty."

12:00AM 10 hours to go. The Unisex Salon team. Wes starts to work as the party goes on around him. We see scenes of drunken debauchery, including lots of drinking, beer spilling and a BMX Bike ridden through the loft.

1:00AM 9 hours to go. Same party. Someone's head gets shaved. Shauna: "Hearing that little teen tart saying 'I don't wanna wear that'...I might have to take a scissor to her jugular."

2:00AM at the God or Julie party...Chris C feels the team is partying pretty hard and losing focus. Jessica said the band didn't like the shiny jeans. Jeff: "I want to be productive." Liz and Princess are sewing tipsy (or drunk) Liz asks, "do you think Shauna is having this problem?"

Cut to: The Unisex Salon party where Shauna is sewing by candlelight while the band performs. Wes says, "You are doing this so fast." Shauna: "I just want to get the fuck out of here!" Shauna is stressed to sew while the party is going on.

3:00AM 7 hours to go. At the God or Julie party, the glaze is not coming off the jeans. The band hated the shiny jeans. Jeff bleaches it with Clorox. Chris is interested to see how it comes out.

At the Unisex Salon, Shauna said Rob is "painting away. I don't know what for." Wes said he isn't going for handpainted, he is going for a sleek, funky, deconstructed look. Rob said the painting wasn't part of the assignment, it was more styling. He tried to go the extra mile. The lead singer, Gina felt the hand painted symbol on a jacket was "redundant." Deanna said Rob's jacket didnt go, stuck out, and didn't make sense.

5:00AM 5 hours to go. Chris C was hand sanding the jeans. Liz whispers to Jessica, "If we lose, I don't feel completely responsible." Chris C feels that the team might gang up on him with the bad choice of jeans. He then goes off on a vulgar tirade against the team bitching at him about the shiny jeans when it was the TEAM who took him to the store to buy the jeans. "I took a risk, and if I lose...oh, well. I'll go home."

8:00AM 2 hours to go. God or Julie Team- 2 hours to go. Frantic fitting of the band members. Chris C: "You have to take risks in life and go for it... and not worry about what people think."

9:30AM 30 minutes to go. Unisex Salon has a band member missing. The God or Julie team. Jessica said Liz was aggravating where Princess was finishing stuff she started. Princess and Liz have a bit of a tiff. Princess: "It's funny that you picked me last, but I am becoming the MVP right now. Liz: "Well, then don't help me!"

9:35AM 25 minutes to go. Unisex Salon. Wes said, "One of the members of the band had a problem with wearing a pink shirt that is was too girly. If you have issues with a pink shirt being girly, you have other issues. We made him wear it." Deanna: "She's my little icon" to Gina. Wes was laughingly explaining that one of th members wasn't digging Gina's tights. Wes: "Dude, look at haven't showered in three days!" Deanna: "Just shut up, let her look hot, and when you become the back up band for her..."Don't Cry For Me, Argentina!" And when Wes/Deanna dress Gina in the tights...she feels ok. Vindication for Deanna/Wes!

To the God and Julie Team...Jessica stated everyone's pants didn't fit right. They were way too small. Princess had to "bust out her seamstress moves for this one."

Unisex Salon at 9:45AM...the 5th member is missing. Wes says, the team member has to be there now. He felt like he was going to throw in the towel and throw up. 2 Minutes to go. Bass player still missing. Wes: "We are totally screwed. Shauna: "We are (^_^)ed."

God or Julie leaves with 7 seconds to spare. Jeff is ready to go to CBGB's and make the band look good.

Back to Unisex Salon. With 1 minute to go. Wes says he heard the pitter patter and the bass player arrived. They grabbed him, stripped him and dressed him in one minute.

We are at CBGB's and Tommy walks in to hear Unisex Salon. Wes said "Bands have egos. But they needed help getting dressed." Deanna said she knew they were hot when they had their outfits on. God or Julie is next. Jeff said that they had a common, cohesive thread in the look. He can't wait for Tommy to see them.

Wes: I have won 4 in a row and with me, Deanna and Shauna we are a winning combination. Jessica said the band liked what he did and "hit it on the nose." If we lose, Liz is weak.

Style Forum time. Tommy enters and asks Deanna what she did. She talked the band into changing style when they didn't want to. Tommy: Did they listen? Deanna: Yes. To Rob: what did you do? He talks about painting and the rejection of the handpainted stuff. Tommy said he should have tried to contribute some other way instead of being a "one-trick pony."

To the God or Julie team: Liz talked about the thought process and how each member of the band was styled by one member...except Jeff. Jeff felt like the odd man out. Tommy was shocked that Princess was picked last as she was the seamstress. She was the most important member of the team.

Judgment time. Tommy felt that God or Julie looked like any other rock band. Unisex Salon looked like "Hot Rock and Roll" and liked the tie skirt. Team Unisex Salon is the winner!

Tommy said to the God or Julie team he was "let down." There was no way that design was trendsetting. He chastised Liz for picking the wrong team. And the only team member who had experience in clothing manufacture was Princess...who she picked last. Jessica was asked if Liz did anything wrong? She said yes, because I would have not picked Princess (the seamstress) last.

Jeff was supposed to be the salesman. Jeff failed in that area because he didn't get the band a good look. He was asked, "Is there any creation of yours on the band?" He then criticized Liz for "being a starter, not a finisher." And he defended his labor, his being social, his being a teammate. Tommy said, "There is being a teammate, and being an individual contributor." Jeff continued to ramble and defend himself...but he called Jeff into the pit...and he was shocked. Liz went into the pit as well.

Liz, believe or not, was defending Jeff for his ideas. Tommy said that choosing Princess last was "unbelievable. I still can't fathom that." Jeff was supposed to be the salesman and sell the band on a different look. He pointed on Deanna and that she did it...and he didn't. Jeff said the band didn't use his salesmanship, while Liz shakes her head. Jeff: "She can shake her head, but I was a salesman." Jeff was begging for his life. "Look at the sum of my parts." Tommy: "There aren't that much parts to look at. Jeff, you are out of style." His jaw dropped. And Shauna looked like the cat that ate the canary. He asks to shake Tommy's hand, and he does. "Liz, you are very lucky."

Jeff's final words. "I have never been more shocked in my life. I have been misjudged, I am heartbroken and I will make Tommy live to regret this decision.

Tommy ends with this: " I am not listening to excuses about why anyone is not contributing. If you are not involved or not contributing, you can go home."

Next week, the teams paint private jets.

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