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Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's world of high fashion, where style is substance, and only the best make the cut.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host: Tommy Hilfiger
Creator: Darren Maddern, Craig Piligian
EP: Craig Piligian, Peter Connolly
Packager: Cut Productions, Pilgrim Films & TV, Lions Gate TV
Airs: Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET on CBS

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"American Made" - July 6

After Tommy was cut from the Style Forum, 12 designers are left. Back at the Soho Loft, Shauna says she liked Tommy, and she said it was fair because he was selfish and sabotaged the team...he was most responsible for the team's failure.

Liz and Deanna fight. Deanna claims Liz took full credit for the design when Deanna was part of it. Liz said Deanna goes for the jugular. Liz said that when very opinionated women get together, there will be fireworks. Princess calls Deanna abrasive. Shauna calls Liz egomaniacal and she can't stand her. Liz hears her and they fight too. Deanna calls Liz weak, and ass and needs to go now! WOW!

The next day, the teams meet at snowy and cold Teterboro Airport in Teterboro, New Jersey. Two private jets are waiting as the teams meet Tommy. Tommy explains that he has traveled the United States for inspiration. The design assignment is as follows:

CHALLENGE: Both teams will travel to different destinations. One will go to Fort Worth, TX to soak up the American West. One team will travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico to soak up the Native American Culture. The teams have to create two outfits: one male, one female. The teams will have $1500 in budget. The catch is: 1/2 of the team will be on the road and 1/2 will be in NY to retrieve the information and apply it to the design. The teams will return in time to finish the design. They will travel by Jet Aviation private jet. And in 48 hours two members will model the outfits in the Style Forum.

The outfits have to be relevant, fashionable and rooted in Americana.

Deanna and Princess are the team choosers this week as the teams reshuffle. Deanna picks first as she was part of the winning team last week. So the teams are:

DEANNA (whose team is going to Texas): Shauna (who was picked by Deanna because she likes her. She is as smart and strong as me.) Wes, Chris C. Jessica, and Jeff (who she picked between Jeff and Julie because Jeff was easier to sacrifice)

PRINCESS (whose team is going to New Mexico): Felix (she works well with him. He is intense, but OK.) James, Rob W. Liz, and Julie who was picked last. Julie said she had the "high school bruised ego all over again."

The away team for each team was:

Texas: Deanna, Wes and Jessica
NM: Julie, Liz and Felix

Chris C gave the Texas team $600 and told them not to spend it all. Princess said the less hands out in the field, the more I can do. Deanna said by Princess staying, she didn't have confidence in her team. I can do research in the field.

The Texas team lands and we see them at the Fort Worth Stockyards and a rehearsal of the Forth Worth Cowgirl Chicks. They got an idea of what is Texas...a good pair of jeans, boots and a belt. The New Mexico Team lands at Cutter Aviation at the Albuquerque Airport. They are met by a Native American guide, who takes them to Forbidden Mountain where they see the Native American in their native garb. The Texas Team goes to the Nest Fork Ranch and rope cows. They got into the way of life. Back at Forbidden Mountain, they watch a sacred Native American Ritual. Felix said it was touching. Elizabeth said it was a peaceful beautiful experience.

Back in New York City, and Elizabeth relays information on colors. Princess didn't like authenticity. Rob didn't want it to be just cultural. They laughed at her as Princess was firing a fake gun at the phone, meaning Liz. Liz said the phone call was a shot back to reality. James said the information was boring. The New Mexico go to the fabric store and buy the accessories in NM. James and Princess wanted to go urban, but Felix said that there is a bigger market than just urban. The Texas team does the same in Texas.

In NY with 18 hours remaining, Texas Team calls home. Deanna spoke to Shauna, because Chris C is all over the place. Jeff was furious that he wasn't talked to.

Jeff needed to make himself heard. He was waiting for the opportunity to do so. One of the seamstresses turned Jeff on to a denim expert. This assignment plays right into his negotiation skills. Shauna wasn't thrilled, but said OK to it. Jeff and Chris met with the denim expert, a man named Walter. He is used to designing with it, as he helped Sean Combs (a/k/a Puff Daddy, P. Diddy) bring his 1st collection to the streets. They show him the designs, and agree to do it with him. They are nervous.

7 Hours to go. The New Mexico team arrives back at Teterboro Airport. Elizabeth hopes the information and design will balance out. Princess wanted to put a modern twist, but was told to go authentic. Team arrives back at the cutting room and Felix said that the two separate "mini-teams" have to be brought back together. James isn't feeling the shirt and is hoping for the best.

5 hours to go. Jeff meets with Walter and loves the pants. Chris and Jeff pay Walter $500. Chris said without Jeff, they would have never had Walter.

4 hours to go. Texas Team has 2 completed pieces, and they come back and have only $50 left. What are they going to pay the seamstresses? Shauna and Jeff argue about paying the labor and handling the budget. Liz and Princess of The New Mexico Team argue about the use of denim. James isn't sure about the intergrity of vision and the path that has been taken. Julie paints the bottom of moccasins and designs a purse. Shauna is worried that Jeff's money shenanigans will hurt them. Deanna blames Chris and Jeff equally for leaving the team with $50. They make the seamstresses a food basket according to Deanna, "because my team is a bunch of freaking morons." Jeff tells the seamstresses that they would have been nothing without them.

2 hours to go. The denim jacket for Deanna's team never got finished. Shauna said even though we could have cranked it out, Jeff took the jacket back to Walter the denim expert. All the team told him that they have to be back by 11:00AM. Jeff tells Walter about the deadline and he will be back by 10:30 to pick up the jacket. 10:40 comes and Jeff gets a call to leave now with the jacket as is. Chris gets on the phone and tells Jeff to leave now. Jeff is trying to explain and Chris is angry..."leave now! Jeff calls Walter...17 Minutes to go...Jeff is waiting. He mutters, "My life is on the line."

We see both teams in last minute preparation. 13 minutes to go. Jeff is waiting and panicking. Shauna said, "I knew this would happen." Back to Jeff saying, "God...God...Cursing." 9 Minutes to go...Panicking...

And with 7 minutes to go...he gets the jacket and gets into the cab.

4 minutes to go..."I am screwed. I see the team getting rid of me. Jeff is still in the cab. And the seconds tick away's 11:00AM. The jacket is out. The Texas Team said, "we are screwed." Shauna called him "selfish and infuriating. Jeff was unfair trying to be the hero and blows everything. Chris respects Jeff that he went out of his way. The team doesn't see the big picture.

It's snowing as the team enters the style forum. Tommy enters. They brought out the team models. Jessica/Wes for the Texas team and Elizabeth and Felix for the NM Team. IMHO, the Texas team has this. The NM team looks awful.

He tells Felix that no man would wear the poncho. The Texas team calls it unwearable. Tommy calls the Texas Team and says the clothes have purpose. He likes the shirt that was handmade. Princess said anyone could but a hat or leather jacket. The models go back to their respective teams.

Tommy loves the jeans on the Texas team. Jeff said he arranged the specialist. Shauna, in an attempt to nail Jeff to the wall, explains about the $500 budgeting of the jeans and not budgeting right for the seamstresses. And she also nailed Jeff on the lack of the jacket on Jessica's outfit. Tommy said timing is everything, and that missing a deadline could make or break a season. Shauna is smiling at this point. Jeff explains himself. Tommy tells that although he respects Shauna's attempt to budget the money, Jeff did the right thing in a time crunch to get everything done and the stuff made. He said "Nice Job, Jeff." He mouths, "Thank you, God."

Tommy explains that the New Mexico's outfit were not relevant and too costumey. The Texas Team wins. And Tommy said Jeff was the key to winning. Shauna is burning now.

He turns to the New Mexico team and said that the clothing was not fashionable or relevant. Princess said she wanted to do it with an urban flair, but after the phone call she changed her ideas. He asked Julie what she did, and she said she kept notes and designed a purse and painted shoes. Tommy said that wasn't much. Rob said there was a breakdown in communication. And Princess didn't want to listen to Liz. Princess and Liz argued about control of the team. Tommy said it was immature and called Princess (again!) Liz and Julie to the Pit.

Tommy told Julie that she was very passive, and you can't be passive in this business. You did very little and didn't contribute. Julie said she could be passive and a leader. She presented her purses to 40 stores all across the country. He told Princess that you have been in the pit a lot. She is too outspoken, and she wasn't listening to Liz. Princess was asked, "why should I keep you?" she said she is honest and trustworthy. Liz was told there was communication issues. Liz said her communication skills were "exemplary". Julie was asked the same question. She said she was honest, hardworking and has leadership skills. Tommy said this was a very difficult decision. He said that Julie didn't show the overall scope of leadership and design skills that he needs...and with that, Julie is out of style and takes the runway. She said, "This didn't play out the way I had predicted. I had everything to the team."

And Tommy told Princess she was very lucky. All of her team failed. Communication is paramount. He ends with, "Please doesn't disappoint me again...."

Next week, the teams open clothing stores with their own merchandise.

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