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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Book 2: Chapter 7:16 - Hello Kidney/Men of Motor City/Wagner Warriors
May 2

-What was Daniel dreaming of in Daniel 7?
-In the Bible, what is a Lyre?
-The 10th-31st verses of Proverbs 31 refer to either the husband or wife?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win.......


We have 2 teams so far looking to make the rounds of the 2nd semifinal, and all we need is 1 more out of 3 teams to make that trip. Here they come:

Team Hello Kidney
Hometown: Gadsden, AL
Charity: National Living Donor Assistance Center, providing financial support to individuals who volunteer to be living organ donors
Team Members: Kelley Zeringue (Christian romance author); Rene Zeringue (youth minister); J.R. Zeringue (cheerleading gym owner and coach). This family is ready to share their testimony to raise awareness about living organ donation: Two years ago, Kelley donated a kidney to one of her husband's employees, and today both are healthy and happy. Now she encourages everyone to “share your spare.”
Men of Motor City
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Charity: Trinity Deliverance Church and its outreach to drug addicts, criminals, and at-risk youth
Team Members: Ron Daniels (ordained pastor & quality assurance chemist); Lavell Neal (Marriott banquet supervisor); Jimmie Davis (semi-truck driver, Ford Motor Company). These men are committed to seeing the Motor City overcome hardship and achieve greatness—and believe that transforming Detroit into a prosperous city begins by transforming the lives of the dejected.
Wagner Warriors
Hometown: Owasso and Tulsa, OK
Charity: Wagner Ministries, International
Team Members: Daniel Wagner (student); Joshua Wagner (student); Jesse Wagner (student). These brothers and best friends have been part of their family’s international ministry their whole lives. They’re also four-time Bible Quiz Bowl champions, and are determined to win on behalf of their family’s mission work, bringing food, clothing and shelter to people in the poorest places on earth.
For this week, the Wagner Warriors have a quiz bowl of a different kind, because it ain't tossups and bonuses, it's about the show's process. Can they pull out a victory or will the other 2 stand victim to defeat? All we have to do is....
First off....
All you have to do is ID the people from clues and drawings for 10 points. First.....
A: "It's no lavender soap, but I find broken pottery very soothing."

The Men wash into the lead with Jobe. First score of the game. Next....
A: "I'm the great-great grandmother of Mahalalel. He never calls, he never writes."

B: "Just like Indiana Jones, I don't like serpents."
The Men whip 2 in a row with Eve....as in the WWE diva. Last one.....
A: "My dad was the Big Kahuna, the Head Honcho, El Jefe."

B: "I would totally clean up at Trivial Pursuit."
Hello Kidney prevents the clean sweep with Solomon to end the round. Teh 25-point Biblical Brainbender has this for you and the teams to ponder.....
If you had to choose from these three names, which of these would you name your son- Mephibosheth, Zerubbabel or Nimrod?
The Men pick nimrod....and the others get the Z name.....which they got it right! Well done! Moving on to....
All they have to do is use ping-pong balls and correctly pick a name to do what the title says. Hello Kidney have these 3 choices.....
Hannah, Manna & Hannah Montana

The Name Game just got a lot more interesting. 60 on the timer, we begin with.....
1. Gave birth to Samuel
Of course, it's Hanna. Next....
2. Daughter of Robbie Ray
That would be Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus got way too....you know. Last one....
3. Tasted like wafers made of honey
Just like a Biblical Starbucks, you would buy Manna with your coffee. Hat Trick for all 3. One more for the broomstick.....
4. Known for saying "My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in your deliverance"
It's Hannah. GRAND SLAM! On to the Warriors and they have.....
Jonah, Samson & Homer Simpson

All you need is a minute. It begins with....
1. Told a woman "No razor has ever been used on my head"
They shave it in with Samson. Good score. Next....
2. As the sun blazed on his head he said "It is better for me to die than to live"
It's.....Jonah. Good work. Next....
3. Son of Abraham
They picked Jonah, but it's Homer Simpson. D'oh! Moving on......
4. In Judges 16, encountered trouble in the city of Gaza
That would be Samson....and next.....
5. In Season 6, encountered trouble in the city of Shelbyville
Of Course, it's Homer. Next is.....
6. Son of Amittai
It was Jonah, but time ran out. The Men have this.....
Apostle, Epistle & Opossum

In a minute's time, we begin with....
1. Philip
Which belongs to Apostle. 1 for 1. Next....
2. Titus
Epistle it is. 2 for 2. Next....
3. Has a prehensile tail
It was an opposum, but the clock hit zero. 2 periods in the books and Hello Kidney have 85, the Warriors down by 10 points and the men stuck with 20. Before the 3rd round, there was a pregancy in one of the teams, but I won't tell you. Otherwise, we move on to.....

You have 6 of them that have teh "AB" in them. They are:
Joab, Moab, Abinadab, Absalom, Abijah & Abishag

Get the idea? 2-player action and we start with the Men and this query....
Which "AB" was a chip off the old Lot?
They were going with A names until they settled on Abijah, but Moab was teh one. No points. The Warriors have.....
In 1 Kings 15, which "AB" was an ABsolutely horrible king?
The same answer the Men gave earlier was the right one for the Warriors and it's 50 to them. Hello Kidney end with this....
Which "AB" took revenge on ABner for killing his brother?
It's Joab. Good Joab,er, Job for them! Moving on to....

We get a kid saying something about Joseph and we have questions about the name. The Men begin again with....
Which two brothers spoke up & tried to keep their other brothers from killing Joseph?
They get Reuben & Napthali, but it was 1 of 2. Judah was the other. The Warriors have.....
According to Genesis 37:19, what nickname did the bros. call Joseph?
They get the Dreamer....not the Dusty Rhodes American Dream, just the Dreamer. Score! Hello Kidney end with this....
Joseph was sold to Potiphar. What was Potiphar's rank in Pharaoh's army?
They get General, but Captain was the one that rocked the boat. After 4 rounds, the scores go like this: The Warriors at 175, Hello Kidney at 135 and the Men stuck with 20. We now go to this waltz I'd like to call it....

The Warriors go first. They want to know the 3 leaders Jesus faced in the Pontius Pilate trial.

Josephus, Annas, Simeon, Caiaphas, Herod or Augustus?

They get Annas, Herod and Caiaphas.....boy, they got it right! The Men may get in if they know 3 items God used to express Abraham how plentiful his offspring would be:

dust, grass, sand, leaves, sheep or stars?

They lock in dust, sand & stars.......ALL RIGHT! Hello Kidney may want to stop that if they know this question:

According to Exodus 12:11, which three of these are ways the Israelites were instructed to eat the Passover meal- cloak tucked in belt, bags packed, sandals on feet, staff in head, camels fed & face washed?

They get Sandlas and staff.......to make it in. They went with bags, but cloaks was the other one. The Men go back to Red Wings city with $2500. And it's Bible Study Showdown time. Your subject....


In they go while the choir performs with the notable absence of Lindsey Stirling and the Violin Violets.

Hello Kidney goes first. They get.....4. But in about 30 ticks, which is the same time you write a question for Final Jeopardy!...........they take it! 5 was enough for the victory and $20,000. And we say goodbye to Hello Kidney who'll leave with $5000 and we sadly have to say goodbye to this show. Next week, the second semifinal. Who will claim victory?


For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.