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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Book 2: Chapter 5:60 - Righteous Rubies/Holy Rollers/Red Roots
April 18

-What Chapter in Psalms has the longest verses?
-Many Israelites on average live to be what old age?
-God made Adam's rib to create whom?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win.....


Last week, The Sisters of Mary took it like a man, or should we say, woman and leapfrogged onto the finals. But another semifinal will be set in a few weeks. To do that, we must have 3 of 9 new teams. The first 3 consist of these:

Team City Takers
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Charity: City Takers, exists to transform the urban and hip-hop culture with The Gospel of Jesus Christ through outreach and discipleship
Team Members: Ronnie Rolon (freight handler); Scott Free (director of outreach); and Tim Igidi (security). These Christian rappers spread the word of God to the hip-hop community through City Takers, the organization founded by Scott Free, formerly a mainstream hip-hop artist. Ronnie and Tim (who leads the TABC team) grew up in rough circumstances but found salvation through the Bible.
Cowboy Crusaders
Hometown: Springtown, Weatherford, and Grandbury, TX
Charity: Western Harvest Ministries, teaching life skills to disadvantaged youth through rodeo sports
Team Members: (John) Kelly Clark (rodeo instructor); Scott Mendes (former World Champion bull rider); Jeff Copenhaver (roping instructor). After leaving the sport of cattle-roping, Jeff founded the first “cowboy church,” bringing the gospel to cowboys and rodeo athletes. He, Scott, and Jeff are playing for Scott’s Western Harvest Ministries, which uses rodeo sports instruction to reach disadvantaged and at-risk youth.
Women of Faith
Hometown: Grapevine, TX, Franklin, TN, and Frisco, TX
Charity: A21 Campaign, which seeks to abolish slavery in the 21st century
Team Members: Kari Jobe (singer); Lisa Harper (author); Sheila Walsh (author/speaker). Kari, “the Carrie Underwood of worship music,” Sheila, an author and inspirational speaker originally from rural Scotland, and Lisa, a Christian writer who specializes in reaching women outside the typical church bubble, have a passion for helping women all over the world. They are playing for A21, an anti-trafficking organization.
If you notice, 1 team actually has a 3 christian celebrities, but it does not matter. Everyone's playing for charity, so everyone is a star here (C-Note: well put). The war is about to start, so....


Before we begin, the network would like to have a moment of silence affected by those in the Boston Marathon.



Thanks, and with the crickets out of the way, we start off with....

To do that, we send in Trevor Bayne, the youngest winner of the Daytona 500. See if you can spot these bumper stumpers for 10 points. Stick this first one in....
MY OTHER CAR IS A CHARIOT OF FIRE- Ezekiel, Elijah, Eli or Evel Knievel?
Kari takes the wheel with Elijah and gets 10 for that answer. Next sticker:
I WAS HERE- Noah, Josiah, Jonah or Pinocchio?
Although Kari rang in, Shelia takes the alley-oop with Jonah and dunks it in with 10. Last sticker:
Kari sweeps it all with Balaam and after that round, the Women are way out in front with 30. Not to worry, this biblical brainbender can change all that:
Which event in the life of Jesus would you most want to have been present at- The Nativity, The Crucifixion or The Resurrection?
Since Easter was 2 weeks ago, they went with the Resurrection and everyone got it right. 25 for everyone! Moving on to:
Here's why:  At the same time, all of the teams have 1:30 to pick up an answer choice out of four for every statement by using a straw & put it on their pedestal; only the teammate who gets there first successfully w/ the right response will be credited w/ that point.
The choices you'll be dealing with are:
John, Paul, Job & Ringo

They have a minute and a half. Ready...set....BLOW,er GO!
1. Had a brother named James.
The Takers score with John. 1-0-0. Next....
2. Replaced Peter as drummer boy
Pete Best that is, and Kari takes the tie with Ringo.
3. Studied under Gamaliel
Paul is the one that give the Takers a 2 point score.
4. His first name's Richard.
Richard Starkey does belong to Ringo Starr and the Cowboys get on the board.
In one bad day, lost his camels & his sheep were burned
The takers put the fire out with Job. Both them and the Women get dos.
6. A lad born to Zebedee
The Women take the lead with John.
7. Hung out at the Cavern Club.
The women score a possible nail in the coffin with Ringo.
Said the line "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart.
It was Job, but the clock expired. The Women increase their lead to 105. Okay Bronies, we move to....
You have to pick either the Bible Ends or Magic Friends. First off, The Takers have this....
They chose Magic Friends, but Bible Ends left them in the rain too long. The Crusaders get.....
They chose BIble Ends and got nothing but a washout. Magic Friends is the one. The women have....
Also the one that made TMNT films in the 90's, they went with Magic Friends and poof! 50 on the board. We move on to....
What did Kirk mix up this time? The Takers start with....
"Being sons of Abraham, Doesn't bring you guarantees; Brand new sons of Abraham Could be made by God from these"
They said from the least of these, but glass houses should never be thrown at....stones. Stones was the one. The Crusaders have this....
"Philistines stole the Ark of the Lord, And in their temple's where it got stored; The graven image fell on its face, Who was the god that fell in disgrace?"
They go with Dagon and go with the right answer. The women end with....
"God laid down a big sheet full of non-kosher food, Like ham that's barbequed or lobster that's been stewed; God laid down a big sheet full of non-kosher food, To get Peter to meet what dude?"
They have the right answer of Corneilus. As in the rooster from the Corn Flakes box. To end all 4 rounds, we check teh scores. The Takers stay put at 25, Crusaders at 75 and the WOmen with a hammering of 205. Time for this little wake up call known as.....
The women want to know, since they're going first, teh books that have this name of Michael, as in Michael Jackson.
Daniel, Jude, Psalms, Luke, Revelation or Genesis?
They go with Revelation and Daniel, but Genesis got them zapped, but just a little static eletricity didn't hurt. Jude was the one. The Takers might get in if tehy know teh 3 things David took to meet the giant known as Goliath:
helmet, ram's horn, staff, bag, sling or sword?
They get staff, sling and bag and they bag it in for the HAT TRICK! The Crusaders need a 3-count fall if they know 3 things Solomon won't be asking to god:
peace, wealth, death of enemies, unity, long life or power?
They go with wealth...cha-ching!.....long life is next.......yes and for power........BLACKOUT! Death of enemies was the one and the Takers wrangle the Crusaders back to the country with $2500. Time for a bullrope match between these 2. It all has this subject:
Prepare for this hoedown as they enter the rooms with the notable absence of Laura Hall and the Hallway Dwellers.
The Takers go first and they get.......zero? ZERO???!!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Who picked this team? Were they watching deers in a city park? Alright then, if the Women want to win, all they need is one........and it's a WALK-OFF HOME RUN! The Women took the Takers to Sunday School. They snatch up $20K while teh Takers head back to WCW Country with 5 large.
Well, I guess that's about it. 3 more teams and hopefully, a better bible study showdown. Until then....

For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.