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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Book 2: Chapter 1:1 - Preachin' Divas/Anointed Ink/Sisters of Mary
March 21

-How many churches are there in the book of Revelation?
-"This too shall pass" is located where?
-What animal was involved in Peter's denying?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win.....


The hit show GSN took to the top is back again. New batch of questions, new batch of teams, same fericious attitude. What about the choir, you ask? Well, no more same clothing, it's "come dressed as you are," and leading it is Grammy-award winner Kirk Franklin. And with Jeff Foxworthy still in tow, we got 3 more teams to kick off season 2 and they are:

Preachin' Divas
Hometown: Oakland, Concord, and Berkeley, CA
Charity: A.D. Willis Memorial Center - a family life center construction project for their East Oakland community
Team Members: Michele Brown (writer); LaShawn Taylor (underwriting assistant); Jacquelyn Melton-Jenkins (graphic designer). These self-proclaimed divas love to preach and teach the word of God —and to serve their East Oakland community through their church, Lily of the Valley Christian Center. One of the outreach ministries of the church is Project Lily Love, a service that provides resources and referrals to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Their passion is fueled by LaShawn's story. Her former husband was discovered to have been living with AIDS for more than 10 years, undiagnosed. Miraculously, LaShawn and her child were both found HIV negative.
Anointed Ink
Hometown: Porter, Batson, and Katy, TX
Charity: Inner Cry Ministries, which helps rehabilitate former gang members by covering gang tattoos with uplifting substitutes
Team Members: Scott Hill (tattoo artist); Leigh Ballinger (evangelist); Chris Peacock (clothing line owner). Each team member ministers outside the “church box”—Scott via his Anointed Ink tattoo parlor, Chris via his “Redemption” clothing line and MMA involvement, and Leigh via his evangelization throughout the US, Canada and Australia.
Sisters of Mary
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Charity: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Any winnings will be used to provide for the futures of the Sisters in the Order, and to ensure that they are provided for as they advance into retirement
Team Members: Sister Peter Joseph (novice); Sister Maria Suso (Professed Sister); Sister Evangeline (novice). These three young nuns love a challenge—from soccer to Scrabble. They’re very committed to religious life, and want to provide support for the Sisters in their order, especially the older Sisters, who have been sources of inspiration to them.

It's about to go down. Judson's Legacy has their title banner hung. Who's the next to be champions?
First round is....
Forget Duck Dynasty or 19 Kids & Counting. It's these shows they made up. 10 points up for grans in this one.
1. "How I Met Your Mother Mary": Joseph is beside himself when 12-yr.-old Jesus is missing. Where did his parents find him- in the temple, in the market, in the desert or in line at the Apple Store?
In the temple sayeth the Ink and a Pendant of Life, er, 10 points go to them. Next listing....
2. "Project Runaway": After the prodigal son runs home, he's rewarded w/ a stylish outfit, much to the chagrin of his competitive brother. Also known as "the lost son", the prodigal son was given what from his father to wear- robe & ring, crown & mantle, shirt & boots or cloak & dagger?
The Ink get Robe & ring and they ring up 2 in a row. Last listing....
3. "Divineliest Catch": A slow fishing day miraculously picks up when Jesus arrives & the crew becomes overwhelmed w/ their abundant catch. How did they handle it- they pray for less fish, they let the fish go, they call for a backup boat or they call for a sushi chef?
The Sisters call for a backup boat and sail to 10 points. Ink out in front by 20, but we have a new feature called the "Biblical Brainbender." These 3 teams will ponder this question over the break and then the results will be revealed. Here's the question:
According to 100 YouVersion app users, what percentage said they would rather fast for 40 days than eat manna for 40 yrs.- 65%, 41% or 8%?
The Divas and the Ink lock in with 65, while the Sisters get 41. The actual answer is.....65 percent. Credit 25 points to both of them. Moving on to....
As if the Bible Challenge takes a cue from "Think Fast," we have a stunt involving the Bible, of course. Here's how it goes:
Under a red cloth are five drinking glasses representing five Biblical people. Each trio has a min. to ID up to three of those people from facts out of their obituaries. To lock in an answer, they have to use a spoon to flip a fork into the corresponding glass. The team w/ the most right answers the fastest adds 50 pts.
Got it? Good. The Ink go frist and here are the 5 they have to deal with:
60 on the clock. Let's begin with.....
1. He was the Bible's first sea captain & lived 350 yrs. after his historic cruise.
They pick the master of the Ark, Noah and after a few tries....it's CORRECT!!!
2. Before he died, he brought the house down w/ his bare hands.
They chose Samson, but the buzzer soundeth. It would've been correct. 1 for 3 in this frame. The sisters are next and the answers they have to deal with are:
Goliath, Haman, Absalom, Uzzah & Eli

A minute on the clock.....and....GO!
1. He got rocked, literally.
Remember David & Goliath? They get the latter and it's.....Correct!
2. He had a bad hanging-by-his-hair day.
They chose Absalom even though the spoon whould've been in the glass, but it's the rules of the game, and nonetheless, it's the right one.
FQ: He died falling off his chair, but he wasn't laughing.
They get the book of Eli and they bookmark it with 10 ticks left. Way to go!
The Divas are last to get forks and we have 5 answers to deal with:
Enoch, Methuselah, Abel, Aaron & Korah

They got a minute and it begins....NOW!
1. In the Bible, he was the first guy to die.
Abel is teh choice....and it's the right one!
2. He lived a total of 365 yrs., then poof! God "took him away".
Enoch knocks them to a correct answer. Last one....
FQ: The Earth opened up & swallowed this man.
It was Korah, time ran out and the Sisters pick up the 5-0.
So far the Sisters are in teh lead with 60, but we move on to 2-player action and we begin with....
Let's hit the biblical flick house and see which flicks coughed up 9 1/2 bucks. Divas are up. FIrst flick is....
FINDING ______
 a fish looks for his son who left to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
They pick Solomon, but it's a no. Nehemiah is what they wanted. The Sisters are next and this flick is.....
LIFE OF ______
the governor of Judea gets stuck on a boat w/ a tiger.
Pilate is their guess and it's correct! The Ink are last and they have this....
YOU'VE GOT _______
Meg Ryan falls in love w/ the son of Hagar.
They go with Ismael and they score! Let's keep it going with
Social Media had never been this good. The Divas go first and this.....
Lashawn & Jackie: "_________ liked The Bitter Bethlehem Widowed Mother-In-Law Support Group."
They go with Ruth.  Close, but no. It's Naomi. The Ink have this....
Demetrius posted "Hey fellow fans. GODDESSES RULE! She IS the Ephesian Idol. Private message me if you want a silver replica of her shrine!" on whose fan page?
Going with Aprodite, it's mighty....wrong. Artemis is the answer. The SIsters wrap it up with this:
God posted "I've got four words for you: Mene mene tekel parain. (It'll make more sense after you lose your kingdom.)" on whose page?
Belhazzar. Correct. After 4 periods, the SIsters have 160, 95 for the Ink and the Divas stuck at a quarter. Anything can still happen as we hit....
Whoever's last takes the bus ride home. The SIsters go first. They want to know the 3 body parts found in the famous "Eye for an Eye" justice system found in Exodus 21: hand for hand, tongue for tongue, burn for burn, bite for bite, wound for wound or bone for bone?
They get Hand and tongue, but wound.....isn't it. Thankfully, it ws a self-inflicted wound, because the 3rd was Burn. They have 360, It's time for the Preachin' DIvas to get burned or burn a comeback if they know the 3 langauges inscribed on the sign above Jesus' cross at the crucifixtion: Arabic, Aramaic, Persian, Latin, Greek or Egyptian?
Aramic, Latin & Greek are the 3 tehy got and it's a.....HAT TRICK! Comeback of the year! Maybe the Ink want to stop the parade if they want to know teh 3 instruments found in Psalm 150: Timbrel, trumpet, zither, calliope, cymbals or harmonica?
They chose Timbrel, trumpet and cymbals and they.....CRASH into the finale. The Ink and the Sisters advance, but the Divas won't be having something to preach about because they're leaving with $2500. On to the Bible Study SHowdown and the subject they have to work with is....
Off they go into the study rooms while the choir sings with the notable absence of Matt Uelman and teh El Diablos. TIme to blast this thing. The Ink go first and they get.....3. I'm guessing the sisters may get 4 to win it all in a minute's worth............................And they do with 18 ticks to go. The SIsters rack up $20K and "nun"-sense while the Ink may have ran dry, but not before they write a check to charity in the name of $5000. That'll write the first chapter of this program to a close. Next week, a new chapter begins. History will be written. I'm Pierre Kelly saying:


For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.