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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

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Book 2: Chapter 3:11 - Righteous Rubies/Holy Rollers/Red Roots
April 4

-Who was Pontius Pilate?
-What animal was in the denial of Peter?
-Why was the stone rolled back from the tomb?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win.....


If it's Maundy Thursday, then we're closing in on Easter. The American Bible Challenge is here to get dressed and get brainy. Our 3 teams this week are::

Righteous Rubies
Hometown: Ontario and Corona, CA.
Charity: The Ruby Project, dedicated to helping physically, sexually, and emotionally abused teenage girls
Team Members: Peace Amadi (psychology professor); Ndidi Amadi (teacher); Ogechi Nwankwo (RN). These fun-loving, high-energy, Nigerian-American “sisters” are passionate about The Ruby Project, which was founded by Peace and her good friend Leslie Nwoke. The Ruby Project grew out of both of their personal experiences being teased and bullied in school and their heart for empowering women and girls who’ve experienced all kinds of abuse. The Ruby Project provides retreats for young women suffering the effects of abuse and trauma and addresses issues pertinent to them through their YouTube channel (rubycommunity). Check them out also on Twitter (@RubyInsiders) and Facebook (rubyinsiders)!
Holy Rollers
Hometown: Simi Valley and Moorpark, CA
Charity: Live Ride Christian Church’s Annual Angel Tree Toy Drive, which delivers Christmas presents to children whose parents are in prison
Team Members: Billy Brown (pool man); Brian Matthews (truck driver); Dana Palminteri (cosmetologist). These three bikers, with their Bible-verse leather jackets and inspiring tats, spread the Good Word on their Harleys as part of a very unconventional ministry that reaches those who might not otherwise be exposed to God's saving grace.
Red Roots
Hometown: Moss Point, MS
Charity: Home of Grace, an addiction recovery program founded by their pastor—and the first place the Red Roots performed
Team Members: Natalie, Nika, and Nicole Taylor (sisters and band members). These 21-year-old triplets formed the Christian-pop-country band “Red Roots,” named in honor of their red hair and their renewal in the blood of Christ. These sweet Southern girls are also passionate, tough competitors!

And as an extra added bonus, whoever wins this one will go to the semifinals. That means we won't have to wait for 3 more teams to come in to the playoffs. So with that....


First off...
10 points up for grabs as we read these cards:
"Congratulations! Not just for your beautiful wedding...but for getting all that extra wine for FREE! (It's a catering miracle!)": This would most likely have been sent to a wedding in what town- Cana, Bethlehem, Jerusalem or Ripple, NJ?
Cana is what the rollers said and they get 10. Next card:
"We would have gotten you a traditional birthday cake...but we only had 968 candles. (So close!) Happy birthday, anyway!": Who from Genesis would've most likely gotten this- Noah, Adam, Methuselah or Larry King?
The Rubies get Methuselah and....it's correct! Last card:
"With sympathy on the ironic and very public death of your scheming husband...but at least they followed all your suggestions!": The wife of what person who unwittingly suggested his execution method might've received this card- Xerxes, Mordecai, Haman or Wile E. Coyote?
The roots have Haman and we're all tied at 10. This is the way we start things off with a bang. Now the 25-point question before the adverts run:
What percentage thought the seven days of creation were literal 24-hr. days- 78%, 54% or 12%
They all went with 78 percent. The answer: 54. No quarters for everyone!
Maybe luck will change as we play....
You know how it goes, flip a spoon by using a fork in the glass for it to count. Got it? Let's go. The rubies go first and the 5 are:
Hezekiah, Uriah, Ibzan, Lazarus & Stephen

60 on the timer....and it starts now.
1. He died in John 11...but he got better.
They get Lazarus and...that's the right one.
2. He was a king who learned that prayer can add 15 yrs. to your life.
Hezekiah adds a right one to their guess. Last one....
FQ: He was a soldier who didn't get the memo to retreat.
They get Uriah and....they got it with 11 ticks left. The Rollers are up and we have for your consideration:
Elijah, Ahab, John the Baptist, Balaam & Herod

1 minute and....GO!
1. He literally lost his head.
John is the choice and it's good, but time is a wasting, they have to hurry with this....
2. After he died, he went to the dogs.
Ahab is what the answer was, but the buzzer soundeth. The Roots will try better and the 5 is.....
Jezebel, Sapphira, Rachel, Sarah & Miriam
They have 60 seconds, and we begin with....
1. She cheated the offspring, but NOT death.
Sapphira earns a right answer and moving on to....
2. She survived a bout w/ leprosy but later died anyway.
Miriam earns them a knockout punch to this....
FQ: She was buried on the way to the little town of Bethlehem.
Rachel sinks teh GW-shot with 5 ticks left, but with 2 teams tied, we decide to award them anyway, so the Rubies and the roots are all squared at 60 while the rollers are stuck at 10. Moving on to....
You have to tell us if it refers to Lord of the Rings or a Biblical Charcter. Understood? Good, and it's 2-player action, so 50 points for each as the Rollers start with...


It's a Bro of Job and it's....CORRECT! The Rubies have this.....


A buddy of Bilbo is what the answer was and it's correct, too. The Roots have this to wrap it up....


Buddy of Bilbo is the one and that is....RIGHT! Everyone's correct in that round, but we move on to....
We get a video of a kid saying something about a shepherd and we watch sheep graze while the teams graze on this. The Rollers will go first....
What minor prophet's identified as a shepherd in the first line of his book- Haggai, Amos or Zephaniah?
They were supposed to go with Amos, but they went with Zephaniah. If they went with Amos, that would've been correct. The Rubies have this:
According to 1 Peter, when the Chief Shepherd appears, what will the overseers of the church receive- the staff of life, the sword of the spirit or the crown of glory?
They wear the crown of glory and....wear it well. That's right. The roots end with this....
Which book uses the word "shepherd" or "shepherds" most often- Psalms, Zechariah or John?
They go with Psalms, but Zechariah was teh one. So after 4, The rubies are at 160, The roots at 110 and the Rollers at 60. Maybe this'll change their batteries, it's....
The Rubies are up and they want to know 3 stories that lasted no more than 40 days: Joseph in prison, Moses on Mt. Sinai, Joshua explores Canaan, Nehemiah builds the wall, Goliath stands vs. army or Gideon & the fleece?
They get teh mountain, the fleece and the Canaan exploration.....HAT TRICK!
The Rollers are next, they want to know the excuses from the Great Banquet in the book of Luke: bought a field, need some sleep, father died, trying out new oxen, just got married or have to build tower?
They get the field, but for the death of a father and tower building.....both a no. Trying out new oxen and marrying were the ones.
The roots go dead last, and here's the question:
In Genesis 22:6, which three of these items did Abraham & Isaac carry up the mountain to prepare for the sacrifice- wood, fire, knife, sack of food, rope or cup?
They get Wood & Knife, but the sack of food....they got sacked for a loss on the play. Fire is the last one and the roots and the rubies are ready to fire it up for the finale while the rollers roll out the door with $2500. Bible Study Showdown time and this is what they'll get....
So in the study roms they enter while Kirk & The gang with the notable absence of Stewart Copeland and the Sypro Dragons perform.
The clock struck midnight and it's time to let the hounds out. The roots go first, they get....7. So the Rubies need 8 to take it all.......and they do with 13 on the clock. $20K to them while the roots go back to teh countryside with $5000.
Today's episode was brought to you by the letter R, for Rollers, Rubies and Roots, but we got more Reading, Revelation and Romans next week as we enter the first semifinal show. Until then....

For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.