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March 21


If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Book 2: Chapter 2:27 - Christian Wrestling Federation/Detroit Believers/Rockin' Rabbis
March 28

-Who was Pontius Pilate?
-What animal was in the denial of Peter?
-Why was the stone rolled back from the tomb?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win.....


If it's Maundy Thursday, then we're closing in on Easter. The American Bible Challenge is here to get dressed and get brainy. Our 3 teams this week are::

Christian Wrestling Federation
Hometown: Royse City, Rockwall, and Lubbock, TX
Charity: Christian Wrestling Federation, which promotes a wholesome version of professional wrestling
Team Members: Phillip Barron, Rob Vaughn, and Mike Watt (all pro wrestlers). Phil is the leader of this group of Christian wrestlers, all of whom have loved pro wrestling—but not its increasingly sexualized image—their whole lives. They believe strongly in the ministry of CWF, which is facing dire financial straits. They’re playing to save the Christian Wrestling Federation
Detroit Believers
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Charity: Dominican Literacy Center, which works to reduce Detroit’s 47% adult illiteracy rate
Team Members: David Stephen (law student); Crystal Willis (law school graduate); and Eleisha Teasley (prospective medical student). These smart, achieving graduate students—who became friends while attending college in Atlanta—want to advance a positive image of Detroit, and provide living proof that their home city produces successful, capable people.
Rockin' Rabbis
Hometown: Newburgh, Nyack, and Roslyn Heights, NY
Charity: UJA Federation of New York’s Hurricane Sandy Fund
Team Members: Philip Weintraub (rabbi); Jeffrey Abraham (rabbi); Eve Eichenholtz (student rabbi). These three aren’t your average rabbis: They love the Bible, game shows—and Jeff Foxworthy! After Philip’s In-laws’ home and neighborhood were nearly destroyed in Hurricane Sandy as well as Jeffrey and Eve's respective communities, they have all been passionate about efforts to help those in need following this historic natural disaster.

This ain't no Easter canata, but it's a game show directed at Jeff Foxworthy. So suit up and....


First off:...
Some more biblical tweets for the new season. 10 points to give to you. Shall we begin?
1. "@___________: I got caught for murdering my brother. I guess with only a handful of people in the world, someone was bound to notice. #ForeheadSlap"- Cain, Abel, Seth or Ishmael?
The rabbis slap that buzzer to answer with Cain and they get a dime. Next tweet:
2. "@____________: Had fun 2day hangin' w/my BFF David. Please don't RT this. Dad wd totally kill me. #DadMad"- Absalom, Abner, Josiah or Jonathan?
No need to be mad, the rabbis take 2 in a row with Jonathan. Last tweet:
3. "@____________: Jesus said I have to be born again. How? I don't even fit in a womb anymore. #BadWithMetaphors"- Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus, Nicodemus or Pilate?
The believers get Nicodemus and they end the round with 10, while the rabbis lead in 20 and CWF not on the board yet, but this Biblical Brainbender could change it....
25-PT. BQ: What percentage believed heaven's streets are literally paved w/ gold- 72%, 51% or 28%?

CWF gets 72, the rabbis get 51 and the believers agree with that. The actual answer is......72 percent, CWF gets on the board. Next round is.....
Here is how this thing works. Three choices are given per fact & to lock in an answer here, they have to bounce an orange ping-pong ball into the corresponding bucket.
Here to kick the bucket first is the believers and the 3 they have to deal with are:
John the Baptist, Uriah the Hittite & Kermit the Frog
 Let's get to tossing with this first fact...
1. Croaked on the battlefield while fighting the Ammonites
They get Uriah and it's....correct! Next....
2. Celebrated the birth of Christ w/ John Denver


They get Kermit and there is 34 ticks left. Last one:
FQ: Made King David green w/ envy.
Uriah was the answer, but they ran out of tosses. Maybe the Rabbis could do better. The 3 they have to deal with are:
Matthew, Mark & Luke Skywalker

60 on the timer.....GO!
1. Deserted his companions in Pamphylia
Went with Matthew, but Mark was the right one. Next:
2. Had a lightsaber
It was Luke alright and it's correct. One more:
FQ: At the Last Supper
It was Matthew, but the ammo ran out. The CWF have a full set. The 3 are....
 Rebekah, Rahab & Reba (McEntire)
All it takes is one minute and it begins....NOW!
1. Colluded w/ spies in Jericho
Rahab is the choice and it's....correct! 2nd....
2. Two of her nieces married her son
That would be Rebekah and it's the right one. For the sweep....
FQ: Married a steer wrestler
It's Reba of the CW fame and it's a HAT TRICK! They bring the total to 75 and everybody else stays put from the round 1 score. Next up.....
Jeff went to his hometown and quizzed people about the Bible. Back in LA, we have 3 queries and the believers go first. We start with:
Though it seems like he should've had lots of sons, what king has only one son, Rehoboam, mentioned by name?
Solomon is the answer. It's correct! The Rabbis are next and they stare at this....
Whose son Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz was born soon after the father prophesied about Immanuel?
They went with Ezekiel, but the wrong answer isn't connected to the points. The right one: Isaiah. CWF gets last and this:
While living in Midian, who named his song Gershom, saying "I have become a foreigner in a foreign land"?
Nimrod is the answer. Wrong, you nimrods! It's Moses. The Believers go up to 60 and we go to.....
After the choir do their thing, Kirk will ask questions. It'll still be worth 50 points. The Believers have this....
"Jesus walked upon the water, Peter followed but didn't float; Peter sank into the water, Where was everyone in the boat?"- what was the name of the body of water Jesus & Peter walked on?
They put their hands in the hand of the Sea of Gailiee and hands them 50 points. The Rabbis are next and we have this.....
"He laid out a wool fleece to test an angel out, Find what it's all about, 'cause he was filled w/ doubt; He laid out a wool fleece to test an angel out, Who was the super-cautious judge?"
Anyone in Motel 6 who reads a BIble knows it's Gideon and it's correct.  The CWF have the last remix....
"Elijah on the mountain, Made the prophets of Baal look foolish; God's fire fell from heaven, Upon what mountain's top?"
Sinai and it's wrong. Mt. Caramel left them with a bad taste in their mouth. After 4 rounds, the CWF have 75, the Rabbis have 70 and the believers in the lead with 110. Anything could still happen as we hit....
The believers go first. What items on a shopping list would be in the feeding of the 5000 people. five loaves, two fish, seven basketfuls of leftovers, 7 loaves, 12 basketfuls of leftovers or unknown number of fish?
They get the 5 loaves, 12 baskets and 2 fish like they knew it. HAT TRICK! CWF will go to the bank if they know the 3 currencies in the Bible: Mina, Penny, Lira, Dinar, Gerah or Rupee?
They get Mina, but as for Lira & Dinar.....it's not right. They should've watched more CNBC instead of WWE. Gerah & Penny are the 2 they should've picked. Maybe the Rabbis would get in if they know this: Which three of these describe love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8- it always hopes, it's holy, it's blind, it's not proud, it's beautiful or it rejoices w/ the truth?
They lock in with not proud, rejoices in the truth and always hopes......and it's CORRECT! CWF got them pinned with $2500 to walk out on. The Bible Study showdown has this for our main event:
So we'll begin after the choir sings with the notable absence of Michael Land and the Monkey Islanders.
The Rabbis go first, they get......10. The believers think it's a hard sell getting 10 to tie and 11 to win. In a minute, they get............8. 2 shy of tying it. The Rabbis rock to victory while the motor city will drive out with $5000. You'll won't believe what you'll see next week and it's not going to be Kirk Gibson and the '88 Dodgers, but it'll be 3 more teams. Until then, Pierre Kelly saying....

For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.