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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Book 2: Chapter 4:40 - Righteous Rubies/Holy Rollers/Red Roots
April 11

-What bread is described twice in the Bible?
-Where in the book can you find a "Land flowing with milk & honey?"
-What book of the Bible actually means "Second law?"

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win.....


Welcome to the first of 2 semifinals. The Rubies, Rockin' Rabbis and Sisters of Mary have all been winners of the preliminary rounds, and in moments, the finals will await in a few weeks from now. So put in the tape or DVD, hit record and....


Rockin' Rabbis
Hometown: Newburgh, Nyack, and Roslyn Heights, NY
Charity: UJA Federation of New York’s Hurricane Sandy Fund
Team Members: Philip Weintraub (rabbi); Jeffrey Abraham (rabbi); Eve Eichenholtz (student rabbi). These three aren’t your average rabbis: They love the Bible, game shows—and Jeff Foxworthy! After Philip’s In-laws’ home and neighborhood were nearly destroyed in Hurricane Sandy as well as Jeffrey and Eve's respective communities, they have all been passionate about efforts to help those in need following this historic natural disaster.
Righteous Rubies
Hometown: Ontario and Corona, CA.
Charity: The Ruby Project, dedicated to helping physically, sexually, and emotionally abused teenage girls
Team Members: Peace Amadi (psychology professor); Ndidi Amadi (teacher); Ogechi Nwankwo (RN). These fun-loving, high-energy, Nigerian-American “sisters” are passionate about The Ruby Project, which was founded by Peace and her good friend Leslie Nwoke. The Ruby Project grew out of both of their personal experiences being teased and bullied in school and their heart for empowering women and girls who’ve experienced all kinds of abuse. The Ruby Project provides retreats for young women suffering the effects of abuse and trauma and addresses issues pertinent to them through their YouTube channel (rubycommunity). Check them out also on Twitter (@RubyInsiders) and Facebook (rubyinsiders)!
Sisters of Mary
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Charity: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Any winnings will be used to provide for the futures of the Sisters in the Order, and to ensure that they are provided for as they advance into retirement
Team Members: Sister Peter Joseph (novice); Sister Maria Suso (Professed Sister); Sister Evangeline (novice). These three young nuns love a challenge—from soccer to Scrabble. They’re very committed to religious life, and want to provide support for the Sisters in their order, especially the older Sisters, who have been sources of inspiration to them.
First off....
10 points up for grabs if they could guess these biblical figures from pictures. First one....
1. I'm a confirmed bachelor. Sorry, ladies.
The Sisters ring in with Jeremiah, but it's not it. Here's the rest....
2. I was a snake handler, but not by choice!
3. I got shipwrecked more times than Gilligan.

Rubies sinks the floater with Paul and it's GOOD! Next one....
1. I'm totally a valley girl.
2. I will work for shekels- don't judge me!

The Rubies couldn't come up with it after buzzing in, so they're buzzed. Last clue up for grabs....
3. I get more secrets than the Nazirite Enquirer.

Also the name of an evening radio host, the Sisters get it back with Delilah. Hey Now! There's one more....
1. You know what I don't like? Little kids.
2. You know what else I don't like? Other kings.

The Rubies get it with Goliath, but the Sisters make it 2 in a row with Herod. The SIsters are way out in front with 20, but this biblical brainbender over the break may change. It's for 25.
The females get 75, but the Rubies gets 42. The survey says it's.....75 percent, the chicks rock! To put it this way, the Rubies have 15 and the Sisters of Mary have 35. Our next round is....
The way it works is this....
put seven books of The Bible in the correct order and stack them alternating horizontally & vertically; only the first team to finish gets the 50.
Got that....and.....GO!
In case you're wondering what the correct order was, it's.....
CORRECT ORDER: Deuteronomy, Judges, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Job, Obadiah & Haggai
And it looks like the Righteous Rubies take that one. 55 to them while everybody else stays put. 2-player action now as we head to.....
The Rubies get this tweet:
"@________: Just saved the meal AND the Prophets! Made poisonous stew edible by adding a pinch of flour. #eatyourheartoutMarthaStewart
They tried Samuel, but it left a bad taste in their mouth. Should've tried Elisha, because that was teh right answer. The Sisters of Mary have this....
"@________: Messiah's coming and I'm calling it. I'll be a shoo-in for most quoted Prophet! #TakeThatHaggai"
They take Isaiah and take 50 to their total. The Rubies end with this....
"@________: Paul wrote a 'chillax' letter to the master I escaped from. Looks like I'm going back to work! Yay? #StillFreeEitherWay"
John the Slave they say? Nope. It's Oneisumus. The Sisters keep rolling and we have....

Take a look at these court cases as the Rubies begin with this.....
 (The Case of the Bruising Benjamite):
Plantiff: A servant working for a Benjamite winemaker

Defendant: The winemaker
Case: Servant claims his tooth was knocked out by the winemaker in a fit of rage; the servant's suing for damages.

According to Exodus 21:27, how should the case be resolved- the servant's set free, the servant pokes out the master's eye or there's no penalty?

They say no penalty, but we say no. It's setting free. The Sisters have this.....
(The Case of the Bloodthirsty Bovine):
P: A slave owner

D: The owner of the bull next door
C: The bull got loose & killed his neighbor's slave; the neighbor's seeking Biblical justice.

According to Exodus 21:28-32, which is always a consequence when someone gets killed by a bull- the bull's owner goes to jail, the bull's stoned to death or the bull's killed & eaten?

They get stoned to death and it's....CORRECT. The Rubies end with this.....
(The Case of the Bumped-Off Burglar):
P: A thief's brother
D: A woman who was burglarized
C: The woman killed the thief while he was attempting to rob her house.

According to a loophole found in Exodus 22:2-3, the woman would be found guilty of bloodshed if the thief was what- a relative, killed after sunrise or poor & stealing food?

They chose poor & stealing food, but it's actually killed after sunrise. The SIsters continue to run into the ground with 135, but everybody else stays put. This round may or may not change. It's.....
The Sisters get to go first, they want to know the three body parts of Aaron did Moses anoint.
right earlobe, tongue, right thumb, sole of right foot, forehead or right big toe?
They get the right earlobe, big toe and thumb.....and they're ALL RIGHT!
The Rubies want to know the 3 male relavtives of Naomi all dead in the first chapter of Ruth:
Eliphaz, Kilion, Jehoshaphat, Mahlon, Elimelek or Orpah?
They get Kilion and Mahlon, but Eliphaz....isn't it. Elimelek is the one. Maybe the Rubies would get in if they know the ages of the kings according to Kings 2:
five, seven, eight, 10, 12 or 18?
They get 7 & 8, but no 5. 12 is the one and hi-fives to them while the Rubies get pinned with $2500 more to their total. It's an All-girl catfight as our Bible Study Showdown has this on the menu.....
Let's hope the Rubies pull of a miracle, so into the rooms they go with the notable absence of Gary Schyman and the Bioshockers.
The rubies get...8, but the last answer was a mispronouncation, so that don't count. The Sisters may pull a hail mary.....and they do with 3/4 of the clock left. In case you were wondering, Bethesda was the one that trip up the pronounciation. The Sisters are in the finals. But we got 9 more teams to see who else will have another semifinal. So until then....

For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.