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Today is

Remember: This Is Just Practice - February 16

Jennipher and Ankur return to kind hugs and for the first time it seems that everyone is generally happy to be competing amongst one another. No team is the outcast and as a result, there is a lack of initial drama. Boo.

The ladies all run back to their rooms after receiving their tasks. Why? Because they want to know what their secret notes say. Each note asks on each Beauty to ask a geek other than their partner out on a date. After the girls get over their nerves, here are the pairings.

Sarah and Joe
Jennipher and Josh
Brittany and Ankur
Cher and Wes

Sarah and Joe are already good friends going into their date, but at the same time the romance is not there. Joe ruins the moment by blowing his nose into the silk napkin. Sarah was disgusted and that was the end of that. She did handle the situation with kindness and grace though

Jennipher and Josh are having a very nice time and Josh is open to being interrogated about his man purse (murse). He tells her that his biggest fear is having his murse stolen and having to cry out, “that man stole my purse!” Jennipher laughs and tells everyone at home that more ladies should be dating guys like Josh. Let that be a lesson to beauties everywhere.

Brittany and Ankur, surprisingly, are really enjoying each other’s company. The conversation is flowing and no awkward topics are broached. It might not have been that interesting but it obviously was not a disaster.

Finally, the under the covers lover birds, Wes and Cher are having a first date. Mind you this is a problem considering that they are well past a first date. Pauses and awkward silences abound and Wes is wondering what is wrong. Eventually Cher end s the evening abruptly by suggesting that they should both be studying and with that our geek dates come to a close.

This week the teams will have to exhibit their communication skills and the winners of the 2 challenges will be the only ones safe from the elimination room. There will be no protecting of your friend this week lovebirds!

Challenge 1: The geeks will be directing a fashion shoot. Each geek will be responsible for an evening gown and lingerie shoot. Worse yet they are responsible for the actual picture taking and wardrobe selection.

The guys are having difficulty all around.

Joe makes Brittany feel like she is in a porn shoot when he tells her to grab her ankles

Josh tells Cher that he is so excited that he should have worn a diaper

Ankur is simply all over the place asking Jennipher to run away but smile at what she is running away from.

Sarah was unable to breather in a leather corseted gown chosen by Wes. Wes’ lack of caring and emotion gave Sarah nothing to work off of.

Now the fashion judges will give us our winner. It’s a hands down vote. Joe wins unanimously. His pictures were gorgeous, even though his methods were pornographic.

Joe and Brittany are safe from elimination.

Challenge 2: The ladies will be given a make-under and will then have to get guys at a party to buy them drinks. The beauty that gets the most drinks in an hour wins.

While you might think this would be a fun challenge once the girls realize that the guys would not be reserved for them, everything went downhill. Beautiful ladies abounded and our beauties were for the first time in their lives not able to compete. Sarah in particular was shot down numerous times and was on the verge of tears.

The award however goes to Jennipher who chatted up all of the guys and managed to pull in 5 drinks in a single hour for the win. By comparison, Sarah received 1 drink and Cher got 2.

This victory for Jennipher protects her and Ankur and automatically sends, Wes & Sarah and Cher & Josh to the elimination room.

This means that the lovebirds, Wes and Cher will be split up by the end of the evening. Cher is distraught but resolves to do her best and Wes and the other geeks are doing their best to help the ladies pull out of their funk from the last challenge. More than any other challenge, the bar challenge seems to have taught the beauties more about what it can mean to not have the looks.

Welcome to the Elimination Room. The ladies will be tested on men’s pop culture and the geeks will be tested on fashion.

The ladies will begin

Sarah selects first and thinks Hayden Christensen played Luke in Star Wars. Anakin or Darth Vader would have scored her a point.

Cher knows the King of Beers is Budweiser and as a beer spokesmodel she better get that right. Cher and Josh lead 1-0

Sarah is asked to name both of Chicago MLB teams and she nails the Cubs and the White Sox 1-1 tie

Cher nails LeBron James by sight saying that if he is cute she knows his name. Cher is up 2-1

Sarah is asked what GQ stands for and she guests Men’s Fashion. Umm… yeah. Gentlemen’s quarterly would have tied it up.

Cher is asked which of X-men, Fantastic 4, and The Incredibles was not a comic book before it was a movie. She nails the Incredibles for a score of 3-1

Wes is now on the hot seat needing 3 correct answers to give him and Sarah a chance to win.

Question 1: Which daughter of Paul McCartney gained fashion fame initially designing for Chloe? Wes guesses Eva, but it is Stella and now all Josh needs is a single correct answer.

Josh is given a picture and a real name Ralph Lipschitz and is asked who this famous designer is? Asked you might have guessed it is Ralph Lauren. Josh guessed the same and just like that Josh and Cher win 4-1

With their amassed trivia knowledge, Josh and Cher seem to be the team to beat. Will anyone be able to take the juggernaut down? With the final 3 poised and ready, check in next week to find out.


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