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Today is

A Change Is Gonna Come - January 19

Amanda and Chris have chosen to switch with Brandon and Tristin!

…and boy is Tristin pissed. She chose Brandon for a reason and felt that they were meant to be together and now that they have been separated she doesn’t know what to do.

Nonetheless the switch progresses, but Tristin wants answers. Chris tries to explain that he is uber-competitive and chose her because she has the best educational background of any of the beauties. Tristin isn’t buying it, but she does want to stay in the house so she is willing to ride out hurricane Chris.

Amanda and Brandon seem to be okay with this change and thus we don’t hear much about it. Predictably we head back to the Chris quandary.

Chris heads out to the hot tub with the intentions of apologizing to the rest of his housemates but they want none of it and threaten to interrogate him for revenge. Stalemate. It’s time for this week’s challenge.

All the world’s a stage on Beauty and the Geek and the Geeks will learn that the hard way as they will be performing karaoke on stage in front of a crowd. The Beauties however will be engaging in political speech making. Thus as expected, everyone will have to step out of their comfort zone. Danielle personally doesn’t care about learning the finer points of politics as she believes whatever works for her is all she needs to know. Go figure.

Ankur is training Jennipher and the last time Jennipher gave a speech she was in a class and she was talking about putting on a baby’s diaper. Trouble.

Chris is worried that when Tristin thinks she remembers what Social Security is that rather than an actual recollection she is experiencing a blonde moment. Then he realizes the truth that Tristin’s life is one extended Blonde moment. Season tow has turned harsh

But not as harsh as Josh who is practicing singing "Hot Blooded" in front of the mirror. Wait, when did I start watching American Idol?

At least Tyson has perfect pitch. That is in his ears, something that only 1 in 2,000 people have. His vocals on the others hand are possessed by almost everyone who has the ability to skin a cat.

Practicing is over. Bright lights are up. Welcome to the Beauty and the Geek Karaoke Showdown!

Cher and Josh are both nervous as Josh begins to sing, and rightfully so. Josh comes in 4 measures early and almost loses all of his nerve. Then he realizes things couldn’t get any worse and goes for it. Yup, it doesn’t get much worse than making a fool of yourself on national TV.

Chris completely dorks out, but isn’t that entertaining. I’m sure he’ll stick to his pop culture expertise, especially after his shameful booty shake.

Sex has become a theme as Wes and Sarah perform a mild striptease. Well, Sarah strips and Wes ogles.

But can stripping beat Tyson completing his Rubik’s cube act on stage?

Behold the power of the Cube! Tyson wins with 73% of the vote. I hope the geeks have learned that cheap tricks win every time. Rubik’s cube can be found at your neighborhood geek stores.

Speech Time!

I would spend extensive time recapping their platforms and points of view, but unfortunately they didn’t have many. There was plenty of stumbling and squirming though.

Danielle is trying to look smart in her suit but she really has nothing to say. As Karl relates Danielle only talked about taxes for about 40 seconds. The rest was Danielle trying to be cute.

Jennipher is asked to speak about pollution and she can’t muster much more than a reuse, reduce and recycle.

Brittany comes across as a cupie doll when she discusses social security, but if you can get past the voice she actually provided some content

This is different from Tristin who is raving like a lunatic about global warming. No substance, just yuks.

Cheryl silences the crowd by relating Medicare and social security to her grandmother and while many may seem bored she gives by for the most solid speech yet.

Thais tries to top that by discussing… well, very little. At least she was cute in her business suit.

Amanda also knows nothing about global warming and decides to perform a bit of a jig. Unfortunately these are not the auditions for Lord of the Dance

Sarah, lets us no never to throw your dirty diapers in the backyard, and now we know why we don’t take attractive people seriously. This behavior should not be condoned, but Sarah isn’t helping the situation.

With fears that the audience may vote based on popularity, 77% of the vote goes to Cheryl who absolutely rocked! Hah, brains can actually win over beauty on television. Now that is a rarity.

With that everyone runs to study while Tyson, Thais, Cheryl (Cher), and Josh lounge it up. Yet they have the tough decision of deciding who will go to the elimination room.

The night before elimination, everyone gets champagne and a toga party is thrown. Scarier yet, the Beauties want to play a game of Truth or Dare. In the exact opposite direction of good television, the geeks say that they would rather have a fashion runway walk off. This is a sad, sad day for geeks everywhere as these “men” just turned downs an opportunity that most geeks will never have. Shame.

Let’s move on to the elimination room selections.

Here’s the verdict:

Ty and Thai send Chris and Tristin

Cher and Josh send Amanda and Brandon

Seems fitting that at least one of the people responsible for the switch will be going home, now let’s see if it is Chris like everyone seems to be hoping.

Tristin is up first and the address of the White House guessing 1 White House Rd. (Correct: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)

Amanda knows the upper atmosphere layer most associated with pollution etc. is the ozone layer and takes the lead

Tristin think Jefferson is on the $10 bill, but is wrong, it’s Hamilton.

Amanda is shown a picture of the Pentagon and calls it the Pentagon. Point! 2-0.

Tristin can name the last democratic president, Clinton, and moves the score to 2-1

Amanda needs to name the capital of Iraq and guesses Afghanistan. Ouch.

After the Ladies, the score is 2-1 Brandon and Amanda ahead of Tristin and Chris

Geeks Up.

Chris knows Jamie Foxx sings on Kanye West’s single "Golddigger" and ties the score 2-2

Brandon knows Ashlee Simpson’s lip syncing woes and goes up 3-2

Chris reaches deep into his sphincter to name Gwen Stefani’s clothing line as LAMB. 3-3

Brandon is given a picture of destiny’s Child and knows Beyonce, but Tyra Banks is not a member. We remember what happened to her singing career (or maybe we don’t). The other members are Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

Chris goes 3 for 3 in naming Nick Lachey as a Member of 98 Degrees

Brandon needs this for the tie. Does he know what R&B artist won Grammys for his album Confessions? Alicia Keys won’t cut it. Usher would have kept him in the game, but nonetheless, Amanda and Brandon have had a nice ride.

Tune in next week to see how everyone responds to Chris’ return. Or better yet, check out this recap to get all the juice in much less than an hour’s time. Until we geek again, Nanu, Nanu.


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