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Today is

Wax On, Wax Off - February 2

Thais and Tyson are gone, but Tristin is back and she is quickly becoming the darling of the show. She nearly broke into tears when revealing to her friends that she had gotten all of her questions right.

To the heart of the issue. It’s Makeover week! And it’s a double challenge. The girls will be giving the guys makeovers and then the guys will have to be trained in the ways of dating. There will only be one challenge and one winner this week, meaning that whoever wins will get to choose both teams that will be going to the elimination room. The Pressure is on. Bring on the Wax!

You’ll have to wait a second for the wax, it’s heating up. So, we will go clothes shopping instead. Ankur is hating this as he feels clothes shopping is for nothing else but conforming. Chris loves the blazer Tristin selected and Josh is trying on women’s jeans because his frame is so petite.

Over at the hair stylist, the man in womens’ pants is having his muttonchops shaved off, but wait, what is that? Ding! The wax is ready. Rip! Chris just lost a nipple and Ankur lost his entire chest. Not really but it seemed that way.

The reveals gave us excessive amounts of squealing with Tristin cursing when she saw how good Wes looked. Almost Abercrombie quality. Other than that the biggest change is the fact that everyone got their hair chopped including Josh.

After a good night’s sleep, the guys learn that they will be speed dating and be judged by separate ladies. After a few last minute tips the dates begin and… well… they get off to a slow start. Josh has some odd lulls in conversation, Ankur manages decently, but Wes is the real stud. That is until he mentions that he tracks monkeys with lasers.

In round 2, Chris decides that he should have a conversation about prostitutes and his geisha wallet. Joe asked out the pregnant sister of his date. Ouch.

Chris hit the doozy when he said that it was nice to talk to a smart girl, basically calling Tristin dumb. This will come back to haunt him later.

Time for the results. Ankur took second but Wes took first. Not to mention he got one of the speed daters’ phone numbers. Wes and Sarah now have all the power. You have to wonder if Wes won based on looks or charm, but I digress.

Tristin blows up and attacks Chris for calling her unintelligent. Chris decides to improve things by calling her academically un-inclined. Smooth. Tristin is crying and Chris is a donkey. Enough said.

Wes and Sarah have made their choice. Team 1: Chris and Tristin and Team 2: Cher and Josh. Tristin is heartbroken as she can’t see the fairness in this. Who thought the switch at the beginning of the game would have this drastic of an effect?

To his credit Chris made Tristin a greeting card to apologize, and Tristin bought it. Mainly however, his intention was to make sure Tristin could compete.

Let’s see if the third time’s a charm.

Tristin doesn’t know IRS stands for internal revenue service and tanks her first question

USB = Universal Serial Bus. Cher knows it and scores 1.

Tristin can give 3 of the first 5 presidents and ties it up

Cher names a U.S. Supreme Court justice, John Roberts and goes up 2-1

Tristin names the two chambers of congress (House and senate) we’re tied again 2-2

Cher knows desktop items are called icons and goes 3 for 3

The score is 3-2 as the Geeks arrive.

Chris goes first. He doesn’t know Casanova is a name for a seductive man. Still down 1, 3-2.

Josh goes up 4-2 when he knows 3 taboo topics are politics religion and exes.

Chris knows Valentines’ Day is February 14th 4-3

Josh is up and with a correct answer he will send Tristin and Chris home. The arrangement of a second date should happen during the first date. Josh read it. He knows it and he wins.

Sadly, Tristin is gone, but on the plus side, Chris’ reign of terror is over.

Does this win make Cher the new villain of t he show. Only time will tell. Keep checking in to find out.


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