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Season 2
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Today is

The Experiment Continues... - January 12

Beauty and the Geek is back more babe-a-licious and geeky than ever. As the Beauties and Geeks pair up it is your chance to pick your favorites, but before it is all done your favorites may be broken hearted. The geeks prepare for splitsville, inside

For those of you whose didn’t see season 1, the premise is simple. This is a social experiment (game show) to see if beauties can teach geeks how to be socially acceptable and if Geeks can get beauties to develop their intellect instead of their bodies.

As this season’s 8 Geeks arrive they are escorted by new host, Mike Richards, into the Geek conclave a room within the mansion that they will call home for the next couple of weeks. One by one the geeks will get to leave the conclave and head outside to the pool where the ladies are waiting. After introducing themselves to the ladies, each geek will return to the staircase where he will be joined by the beauty whose interest he piqued.

First up is Brandon who admits he is scared, but he handles himself politely in front of the ladies. The girls see him as sweet and Tristin, a cocktail waitress becomes his partner.

They rush upstairs to pick a room and Tristin fall in love with a fish tank. This ground them in the same bed for the next 2 weeks which Brandon is nervous but excited about

Ankur is up next. He is an M.I.T. graduate studying micro-robotics. The Beauties are appalled by his duct tape bow tie, but Jennipher, a camp counselor likes the fashion statement and the two join up

Third is Tyson, who can solve a Rubik’s cube in 12 seconds. He demonstrates for the ladies doing so behind his back and all of the ladies are impressed (but also geeked out). Thais, a model, has never seen the cube solved before and jumps at the chance to join Tyson. Thais takes control in the room selection and although she found a room with a patio she is already figuring out how to put a barricade between them in the bed

Chris comes out to the ladies in a shirt that says I put the “stud” in study. He then she a greeting card calling a woman who cheated on him a female dog (use you imagination). The beauties are somewhat disturbed, but Amanda, a hairstylist finds the gumption to join up with Chris

Halfway home and Josh a museum critic steps up to bat. His anxiety kicks in (he takes medication) and as he puts it he is before the sexual firing squad. The butterflies in his stomach are puking, but Cher, the hooters waitress, was up for the charity case.

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) look-alike, Karl comes out and bumbles through a few lines. Danielle has a good feeling and stakes claim to her geek, while trying to develop a good camaraderie (a word she doesn’t even come close to pronouncing correctly)

Joe comes out with his chess set and tells the ladies about his mechanical engineering work and Brittany, a tanning salon admin, wins a game of rock paper scissors for him

Left over are Wes and Sarah. Wes is from Georgia Tech and does robotics. Sarah is a dental assistant. Sarah is relieved believing that Wes is the least geeky of the pack and we now have all of our teams.

Thais and Tyson are very happy with their team. Thais is making Tyson get rid of the 5 Rubik’s cubes he brought with him and Tyson is willing to oblige.

In a short funny moment we see the geeks trying to bring in the Ladies clothes and Jennipher is appalled that none of the guys have more than 3 pairs of shoes. Ah yes, there is much learning to come.

The geeks are settling down to play some chess and the ladies head down to the hot tub. Karl is loving this and joins in while Chris stayed upstairs not wanting to show off his “ripped” physique.

The ladies want to tweeze Ankur’s eyebrows, and Ankur refuses to let himself be molded to look like everyone else.

At night Josh decides to sleep in the closet because he is scared of sleeping in such close proximity with a beautiful woman. Cher feels very weird as she has never gotten this reaction from a guy before.

At breakfast, the beauties dispel the myth and say that they do like the shy guys in the corner, but that if that guy does not have confidence they won’ talk to him (umm… isn’t that what makes him the shy guy?)

Tristin is ready to start pushing Josh past his limits and encourages him to look all of the girls in the eye. He says that he is nervous, and she points out that everyone is self-conscious. She tells him that she feels like she is the fat girl here and that he should not feel as if he is more insecure than anyone else. As a result, Josh does feel better and resolves to make it his goal to get past this anxiety.

Now it is time for their first challenge. The pairs will be quizzed on general knowledge. Each team will be asked a question but only one person can answer and they must decide who will answer before the question is asked. One wrong answer and you team is out and the winners will get the power to breaks up any two teams.

Amanda and Chris are up and Chris nails a Danielle Steele question

Jennipher on the other hand can’t ID John Kerry from a picture and her answer of Al Gore knocks her and Ankur out of the game

Karl lets Danielle answer and she names the Red Sox as a California Baseball team. They are out.

Brandon knows Jen Aniston was never with Ben Affleck and he and Tristin are safe
Tyson knows that Gwyneth Paltrow’s child is named Apple as he just read it in Thais’ magazine and they are safe as well

Ralph St. Laurent is the waterloo for Josh. Cher is disappointed that they are out as if Josh had hung out with them last night he would have heard the girls talks about Yves Saint Laurent

Wes drops the ball not being able to ID Kelly Clarkson and he and Sarah are gone.

Then Brittany can’t ID a Phillips-head screwdriver and she and Joe sit down.

Thais and Tyson, Brandon and Tristin, and Chris and Amanda are the only teams remaining after round 1.

Amanda wants to answer but Chris won’t release the reins. Good thing too, because it’s a Cheers question and Chris knows his Sam Malone.

Tyson steps up with No Doubt that he can do it, but he can’t ID Gwen Stefani and he and Thais are out.

Brandon takes the question and all he has to do is name the father of Britney’s Spears’ baby. He answers Brandon Blankenship (himself) and with that we all get a laugh, but Amanda and Chris get the power.

And boy does that power go to Chris’ head. He gathers everyone together and takes the role of inquisitor trying to get the skinny on his competition. He tells them to out each other if people are lying and after the inquisition is over, the non-winning couples are quite miffed. Chris has a target on his back for sure.

Amanda and Chris in another room try to decide what would be the best and Amanda suggests not changing a thing.

But where would the fun in that be? As everyone gathers on the staircase to hear Chris and Amanda’s decision, we find out that there will definitely be a change. The first couple to be switched will be…

Amanda and Chris!!

Now that we know the winning team will be broken up the WB does the most evil things possible and ends the episode before we learn the second team involved in the switch. With that I bid you Beauties and Geeks ado, and we’ll start off next week with the finale to the big switch.


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