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Season 2
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Today is

Windows of Opportunity - January 26

Needless to say, Chris and Tristin’s return in not accepted pleasantly. In fact, pillows are chucked at their heads. Don’t get them wrong, they love Tristin, it’s just Chris they wanted gone. Time to get back on task.

This week the beauties will have to learn about computers while the Geeks will learn about interior decorating. Hopefully by the end of the week, both will know a little bit more about Windows and Desktops. Studying begins quickly, and so does the frustration. Tyson tries to tell Thais what a bit is and she decides that it would be easier to study if she put on some make-up.

The studying, however, is cut short when the Geeks find out that they will be going on an overnight field trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. The geeks will have $1,500 to furnish a bedroom which will be judged tomorrow by the ladies. The bedroom with the most votes will win the challenge. Of course the ladies will not know who did which bedroom.

As the geeks leave the girls wonder if there will be beautiful men arriving to join them. Josh looks as if his feelings were hurt.

The guys are confused as hell as they peruse the aisles. Chris makes love to Liz… Claiborne and before you know it shopping is done. We’ll see shortly whether or not they know their duvet covers from their pillow shams.

The girls have realized that the life has left the house now that the geeks are gone and actually think that they may be undervaluing them. This may be our first revelation of the season.

The guys ate a separate location are decorating bedrooms and shocking these geeks are not very effective at using tools. Once they got past the staple guns and hammers we get a look at their rooms. Josh stapled a teddy bear to the wall and Wes wrote on the wall with red paint in a way that made you think of a horror movie.

But the girls are far more critical. They additionally attacked color choices, the tomato stand, the outdoor mat and more, but the real shrieking happened when the ladies found out that their geek was responsible. Cher nearly shattered glass with her bloody screams.

Now for the judging. We have a tie. The tie was between Joe and Karl and it will be broken by first place votes. And… Joe wins with his soft pink and purple palace. It’s all about the flowers.

Now the girls will have to unpack a computer wire it, hook it up to the internet, download a song, burn a CD and play it on a separate CD player. Anyone who has watched this show before knows that this will be a monumental task. Further the 2 yes or no questions that each girl is allotted will obviously not help. This runs us into a 2 girl race between Tristin and Cher.

On the funny side, some girls are plugging both ends to the cable into the CPU and Jennipher didn’t realize the monitor needed a cable. In the end, Cher was slightly faster than Tristin and as a result she got to celebrate by jumping on the bed in the demonic kiddie room with Josh.

Who will be going to the elimination room? Initially it seems like it will be Chris and Tristin vs. Thais and Tyson, but Josh is having second thoughts thinking that maybe they should send the people who need this experience the least. (meaning Wes or Karl).

Well, throw those thoughts out the window as both teams stick to their original choices. Thais is genuinely sad. Tristin is pissed as she feels like she is being picked on.

Can Chris and Tristin make it 2 for 2? Here we go.

Tristin is up first and knows the main circuit board is known as the motherboard. 1-0.

Thais is close when she says information is stored in memory. She wasn’t specific enough. They needed hard drive.

Tristin knows DVD is Digital versatile disc (or video disc). 2-0

Thais guesses CC stands for certified contact. Wrong (carbon copy)

Tristin goes 3-3 knowing the E in email is electronic.

Thais redeems herself knowing Bill gates co-founded Microsoft

So after 6 questions Chris and Tristin lead 3-1

Chris is up. From multiple choices, Chris is able to spot the fake interior designer and goes up 4-1.

Tyson must get this right to stay in the game. He knows threads per square inch is thread count and stays in the game 4-2.

Chris can’t identify herringbone so Tyson has another chance Pressure still on.

One color = monochromatic and Tyson knows it. Tyson and Thais are down 1, 4-3.

Chris again, for the win. It’s picture time. Name this host of Extreme Makeover home edition. Ty Pennington. And to think Tristin elicited this answer from Josh as a study check earlier in the show. Cher told him not to give the answer away, but he did and now Chris and Tristin are victorious.

That means we will have to say a sad goodbye to the model and the Rubik’s genius. They may have been sentimental favorites but now they are gone. How long will Chris’ reign of terror continue and will Tristin continue to be punished by association? Keep clicking right here to find out.


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