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Today is

He Hate She - February 9

After returning from the elimination room and receiving less than a hero’s welcome, Josh is very sad. He doesn’t understand why there wasn’t more of a fanfare. Then Cher explains to him that they hate her not him and that the lack of a fanfare is because she keeps on winning. Josh moves on wisely and it’s challenge time

But this week the challenges will not be happening at the mansion. It’s time for geeks in Vegas! Both the beauties and the geeks will be working with numbers. The geeks will be trying to drive numbers in the doors as they will be party planning, while the ladies will be learning the mathematical ways of gambling. They’ll be doing all of this at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino, so let’s go

We will now take an extended moment so that the Beauties can gather their things. After all you need at least 15 outfits for a 3 day trip.

Boy do things heat up fast. Out on the dance floor, Wes and Cher are grinding like there is no tomorrow. It’s amazing what a makeover and a shallow girl can do. Better yet, they headed upstairs away from the party for some under the sheet action. God bless the night vision cameras.

Back to the action… or should I say on to more action. Down at the High Limit Bar it is time for beauty and the Geek Poker. Strip Poker! With the Guys Clothes! wait…

You read it right, the ladies will be betting with the guys’ clothes. They play fast and loose and Brittany takes the first hand with 3 Aces. In following hands the play follows this pattern. Cards are dealt, Cher bets, bluffs and everyone else folds. Very quickly Cher takes a commanding lead and within what seems to be about 8 hands, Brittany and Cher are heads up. Everyone is rooting for Brittany as they feel Cher has won too much.

The big question is will Cher be able to bluff Brittany out of the final pot. With absolutely nothing Cher throws in Josh’s pants (visual removed) and the pressure is on Brittany. With paint all over the table, Brittany makes the call and shows the real power. Her King and Queen give her a Kings over Queens full house, and the win.

On to challenge number two. With their clothes back in tact the Geeks head out to the resort floor to hand out invitations. The Geek that throws the party in his suite with the most female attendees will win and the race is on. For some reason everyone seems to be approaching older women. Ankur in particular seems to have a penchant for the elderly. Further everyone is inviting men along with the women. It seems as if all strategies are aimed at minimizing the opportunity of a Geek having to spend face time with a female his age.

Then a real strategy booms. Joe who recognizes that he is safe due to Brittany’s win decides to play wingman and help any geek other than Josh rake in the ladies. Yes, the anti-Cher sentiment has spread this far.

After handing out invitations, the guys and gals head back to the suites and await their attendees. They have one hour total during which they can arrive and some teams are clearly doing better than others. Karl in particular has a dismal showing with zero attendees. Ankur and Jennipher seems to be doing well, but in the end, despite the efforts of the rest of the group, Josh raked in 14 ladies to his party and brought home the win.

Yes, we are talking about geeky Josh, the guy with the murse (man purse) and the anxiety disorder. The same Josh who quivered with fear standing in his underwear during strip poker. That Josh just got the most ladies into his pad. Impressive.

Time to select our elimination room combatants. There are only 3 teams to choose from, so only one team will avoid the room and yet there is a bigger problem. Due to Wes and Cher’s recent hook-up, there is a question in everyone’s mind as to whether or not Cher and Josh will give Wes and Sarah a free pass. Let’s answer that question shall we. Reality TV shows are made in order to encourage hook-ups. Thus hook-ups are a great strategy to stay on a show. It’s that simple. With that explained, it will be Ankur and Jennipher vs. Karl and Danielle in the elimination room.

Let the showdown begin.

How many cads in a standard deck? Jennipher knows its 52 without the jokers and goes up 1-0

From a selection of poker hand Danielle mis-identifies the full house and can’t recognize the flush costing her the chance for an early tie

In another cards question, Jennipher correctly identifies that there are 13 ranks in each suit for a 2-0 lead.

Danielle switches to a blackjack question and is asked what the 2 possible values of an ace are. 2 and King is incorrect (1 and 11) and Danielle is taking it big time.

Jennipher is faced with the fractions 1/3, 2/5, 3/10, 3/8 and is asked which has the best odds. She goes with 1/3 and misses out on the sweep. (correct: 2/5)

Danielle’s last question asks what the highest number on a standard roulette wheel is and everyone including the geeks is stumped. Danielle guesses 99 but it’s 36 and the score as we switch to the geeks is 2-0, Ankur and Jennipher leading.

Geeks up!

Ankur is asked what RSVP stands for and he pulls it out “Responde Sil Vous Plait” moves the score to 3-0

Karl is in the hot seat, but he calmly identifies an all night party with electronica dance music as a rave. 3-1

Ankur has a chance to get the win if he knows how many drinks a party planner should plan on each guest having during the first 2 hours of a party. Jennipher know it, but Ankur does not. Ankur thinks it is 4, but it’s 2. The score remains 3-1

By picture, Karl identifies P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs and tightens the score 3-2

Then Ankur gets the freebie. What is a bar called at a party where all of the drinks have been paid for? A quick response of Open Bar keeps Ankur and Jennipher in the game and sends Karl and Danielle packing.

That’s it for this episode. Next time it will be sexy lingerie photo shoots and I promise that the Beauties will be the ones wearing it. We’re down to the final 4. Who will become more than just a Beauty and a Geek?


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