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Today is

Week Four: Days 25-32 - July 30-August 3

(C-Note: Okay, by this time, we're all back from California... but now we're in catchup mode, so what follows is a synop of the events of week four)

Last time, Janelle got the keys and Jase got the boot, both of which got the majority of the house feeling things not possible in the Big Brother game... like remorse, for example.  Boogie, for one, wanted to go to the end with him. Meanwhile, while Marcellas is the only one not missing him, James reminds everyone that their behavior leaves little to be desired.

On the flipside, everyone is threatened by Janelle's power move as the new HOH... except for Marcellas, who views it as "fantastic." Diane makes back reference #1 with Janelle and her S6 cronies becoming "Nerd Herd Part 2."

Before the Food comp, let's break it down... Two Chilltown (Boogie and Will), four S6 (Janelle, James, Kaysar, and Howie), and five floaters (everyone else). One by one, you have to get rid of Chilltown... Boogie first, then Will. Meanwhile, James is beginning to question his alliance's motive, like, why not put both of them up?

Food Competition: Food Fight!

James was hoping for dodgeball (C-Note: we're ALL hoping for dodgeball). Not to be. D'oh! Players will have to grab a star ball in order to win food for the week and also have the ability to put another on slop for the week.

Boogie gets the first ball, putting Marcellas on slop.

Howie catches the next one, and sends Will to slop city.

Kaysar sends George to slop for the week... which is fitting, because if you remember, George says that he can go the rest of his stay in the house on that... stuff.

James slops Diane, and Danielle slops Erika.

Now for nomination. Janelle was told by Will that if he can't be trusted, then he should go home. Turns out Janelle trusts Will. He, James, Marcellas, Howie, Kaysar, Danielle, Diane, and George are all safe, leaving Mike and Erika on the block.

But is Erika the pawn or the target? She doesn't even know. Until, of course, Janelle tells her that she is not going home.

James still doesn't get the nomination, but will support it. Over in Floater City, Diane reminds her fellow floaters that they only have each other.

Time for a Veto competition. Who's playing alongside Janelle, Mike, and Erika? Diane, Howie, and Will, that's who... but first, rest up... if you can't.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHWAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUP!" It's America's Wake Up Call! And what did America choose?

Fifteen minutes later... "Someone is talking about you in the kitchen."

And then at 5a local time... it's time to wake up for a veto.

Power of Veto: Torture Test

Big Brother words are spelled backwards. You have to identify them. First person to three wins. And the two monkey wrenches... 1) If you're wrong, you're eliminated. 2) If you get one right, you get to hinder another houseguest's progress with a torture device.

Winner: Boogie. He uses it on himself, leaving Janelle to put one of the floaters that she has been targeting on the block with Erika. That person... Diane.

The Eviction Vote:

Beginning this week, the houseguests will be casting their votes to evict live on the spot. So beginning this week, we'll see what the houseguests have to say before the vote.

But first, in the HOH room, Janelle is adamant that she's not falling for Will. "We're just good friends." Howie, Marcellas, Kaysar, and James all swore allegiance to Janelle first time out, and those bonds still hold. She says that Chilltown is also in with her, though Marcellas, one of her good friends, is not.

Erika says that she is honored to be a part of his cast. She'd really like to stay. Diane says hi to the family and then butters up her houseguests before saying this, "Don't promise your votes before a veto competition. It's an all-star show. You should know better. I'd love to stay, but I think we all know what's going to happen."

The live vote... Vote to evict is five. Janelle will vote only in the case of a tie.

Kaysar: DIANE.
Howie: DIANE.
Marcellas: Unfortunately... DIANE.
Mike: Regrettably... DIANE.
Will: "I wish it was me going, but I vote to evict ERIKA."
George: DIANE.
Danielle: DIANE.
James: DIANE.

"By a vote of seven to one... Diane, you have been evicted from the Big Brother All-Star House."

HoH Competition: Caught in a Web

Simple objective... hang on for as long as you can. Even in the face of temptation in the form of one of five golden eggs which contain the power to cancel an eviction vote, $10,000, and a slop-free pass. The other two eggs are rotten. And only someone who has thrown a competition may choose one of the eggs.

And as we leave the houseguests hanging, we too are left hanging, as we will continue this competition next time.


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