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Today is

And Now, Your Starting Lineup: Days 1-2 - July 6

Seven years of Big Brother.

Seven weeks of voting.

The lines closed a week or so ago after 15 million votes at

Now it's time to see who's in the house. Out of 75, only 20 were called to do it again... Which 14 (up from 12 thanks to your votes... they were REALLY close) did you choose to enter the Big Brother House for a second shot at $500,000?

First of all, let's welcome back the 20 All-Star Wannabes. As always, the only two rules Julie tells them: "Expect the unexpected, and assume nothing."

So who's getting a house key tonight? Let's find out...

America, you have voted...

Janelle Pierzina - BB6
Erika Landin - BB4
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon - BB5
Diane Henry - BB5

They are the first to enter the house that CBS love built. And according to Nakomis... "One of these things is not like the other (herself)." And according to Diane... "One of these things just doesn't belong (Erika)."

Back to the vote. Now America's men...

Howie Gordon - BB6
Kaysar Ridha - BB6
James Rhine - BB6
Jase Wirey - BB5

They race into the house. Jase: "Did I just timewarp into Big Brother 6?" Yep.  Howie: "There were some all-star boobies in this house." Kaysar: "You can't evict us all at once."

Now who will join the eight in the Big Brother House? The final six all-stars are (C-Note: a few of them in per what I like to call the Rupert Boneham rule, as each season must have SOME representation)...

Will Kirby - BB2
Danielle Reyes - BB3
Marcellas Reynolds - BB3
Alison Irwin - BB4
Mike "Boogie" Malin - BB2
"Chicken" George Boswell - BB1 ("Me making here is like a donkey winning the Kentucky Derby")

The other six are locked out of the Big Brother House.

As for what goes on inside, Marcellas and Danielle still have an axe to grind, apparently, and Erika doubts that Alison has changed any. Mike thinks that George is a "minnow among sharks" and that in reality he wouldn't have anything to do with him. Will thinks that the men of BB6 are somewhere brewing something. Mike: "[Kaysar] loves himself. He's very cocky." James, meanwhile, calls out Will and Boogie about being co-owners. "We have our first alliance in here." Alison thinks that Will is cocky. Kaysar says that as the only winner, Will is cocky (they really like to throw that word around...)

Head of Household: Falling Stars

A first shakeup. For the first time, there will be two Heads of Household, who will share the responsibility of nominating two nominees. If they cannot come to a consensus, then they will become the nominees themselves.

We go to the background as it is transformed to a discotheque. The group will be split into two factions, launchers and targets. Launchers launch a 50-pound meter at the target of their choice. Last person standing will become head of household.

Round 1's order of elimination: Howie, Mike, Erika, James, Will, Marcellas (by virtue of Jase pushing the ball toward him). Jase is the first HoH.

Second round's elimination... Nakomis, Kaysar, Diane, Alison, George, and Danielle. Jedi Janie is in as the second HoH.

Time for the unveiling of the HoH Room on that note. This is completely different than usual, as Jase reveals his new love, his girlfriend and daughter. Will believes that he would NEVER sit in the HoH room if he won, while Alison is awestruck at the Spyscreen.

Jase & Janelle get down to business, as they have no idea who to nominate. Will can't be reckoned with. Jase seriously has no idea what he's going to end up doing. Meanwhile, Danielle has to stir the pot somehow by causing doubt with Alison and the Chicken Man. "Wouldn't it make more sense that they don't make a decision?" The house would have the numbers to kick out Janelle. Alison agrees, saying that the BB6 alliance needs to be broken up. But why would Danielle tell her this? Danielle has an alliance of "Me, Myself, and I."

George, meanwhile, thinks that it's kinda cool.

Alison details the BB6 Alliance, while thinking that the rest of the house shouldn't want to get rid of James. Jase: "What if they're misleading me and I go?". Jase, Alison, and George go to the HoH room to find Season Six talking to each other. Jase wants to be the swinger in the house. James wants to say that Jase will screw the entire house, much like he did last year.

But Jase is cool with it if they are.

Day 2: Nominations! Alison draws the battle lines, Season Six vs. everyone else. Will Jase go against his co-HoH and disagree? Let's go to the lazy Susan.

Safe: Marcellas, a very happy black man right now.... Erika... Nakomis... Diane... James... "Jorge", a very happy white man... Kaysar... Boogie... Howie... and Dr. Will. Alison and Danielle are the first nominations for eviction. "We just really felt like you were playing the game hardcore."

Indeed. So who do you think will be evicted? $10,000 says you know this one.

Meanwhile, come back Tuesday to see who will win the Veto, and come back next Thursday to see who will be the first person evicted from the Big Brother All-Star House LIVE.

Game on.


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