Big Brother 7:
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Today is

Week One: Days 2-11 - July 11-13

(C-Note: Due to the GSNN crew being in California no one was available to cover Big Brother: All-Stars in our absence. What follows is a synop of the events of week one.)

Last time, Jase and Janelle were crowned co-heads of household, as they nominated Alison & Danielle as marked for eviction.

Meanwhile, James, Howie, and Janelle have all become aware that the rest of the house is starting to catch on to the notion that it has become "Big Brother 6 versus Everyone Else".

Power of Veto: Dumpster Diving

Jase, Janelle, Alison, and Danielle are joined, via selection wheel, by Chicken George and Kaysar.

The challenge is described as a "diving" contest... with a dumpster involved. We're diving for vetoes today, as the participants dive in a stinking pile of garbage. First player to find six vetoes wins the power to overturn a nomination.

But first... the houseguests are covered in old peanut butter & jelly sandwches... hair drained from past houses... and rancid food.

Kaysar came into the early lead, though Danielle pulled even. Jase couldn't get past the fish chum in his pants. In the end, Janelle wins the veto.

At the Veto Ceremony, Janelle ultimately decides not to use the veto, leaving the nominations as is.

The Eviction Vote:

Marcellas thinks that the same reason you would keep Danielle in the house would be the same reason you'd want to get rid of her, citing her want to backstab. Erika wants to keep Danielle because she isn't going to target her. Diane wants to vote Danielle out because she's working with everyone... except her.

Marcellas says that Alison, on the other hand, has the "crazy capacity" to lie to your face. Erika would want to keep her in the house for cover. Diane calls Alison a walking time bomb, saying that a vote for her would buy some more time...

Diane votes to evict Danielle.

In the HOH bedroom, Julie thinks that Jase has matured. Jase says that since BB5, he's become a family man. Jase becoming HOH factors perfectly into the plan, thinking that the heat is now on Janelle. He's now gunning to get her out of the house.

Meanwhile, James says that Alison has to go. Mike calls her a loose cannon. George wants to keep Danielle in the house due to the deal she has with him, that she will not nominate him all the way to the end. James cites a similar deal with season 6. Mike saw this. George, on the other hand, says that Alison is a threat, voting as such.

Howie thinks that it's a tossup, thinking that if they leave Danielle in the house, then they can start targeting Will and Boogie. Will thinks that Danielle is a phenomenal player. Nakomis wants to keep Alison in the house to draw the attention away. Kaysar is far more calculating, saying that both players have made it to the final two in their respective seasons. Danielle is a "very very dangerous player."

Will thinks that Alison in the house would be best because "Blond girls hate blond girls." Alison goes after Janelle if she says. Howie says that the only reason to keep Ali in the house is "that she looks AWESOME in a bikini." Kaysar calls this "an eviction of the lesser of two evils." He votes to evict Alison. Nakomis votes to evict Danielle.

And now, the first eviction of the All-Star house...

"By a vote of eight to two... Danielle... you are safe."

Alison Irwin is the first person to go luv-you-buh-bye from the Big Brother House! But she won't go anywhere just yet, because she will factor into the next HOH.

HoH Competition: Alison Rules

The houseguests must decide how Alison answered a questionnaire. These are true/false questions. Last one standing is the new HOH.

Two questions and out, nothing happened. BUT after question three, only Kaysar and Nakomis are left standing. The deciding question...

"Alison believes the all-star most likely to get revenge by using someone's toothbrush to clean the toilet is Will"

Kaysar: false.
Nakomis: true.

Alison's answer... FALSE. Kaysar is the new head of household no matter what Julie says. He'll nominate next time.


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