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Today is

Week Three: Days 18-25 - July 23-27

(C-Note: Due to the GSNN crew being in California no one was available to cover Big Brother: All-Stars in our absence. What follows is a synop of the events of week three)

Last time, Nakomis got her walking papers while James was crowned the new head of household. Will seems to think that there's a rift in S6 demonstrated by the vote to oust Nakomis, beginning to question Chilltown's safety.

Meanwhile, we hearken back the old days of Best Week Ever, when we learned of the term, "showmance". The term means a reality show romance, like the one currently between Mike and Diane.

Back to James, for a bit. His latest target: George. The crime: hearing more than he was supposed to.

All this, and we see pictures of Sarah, James' girlfriend and another alumnus of Big Brother 6.

Food Competition: Holey Moley.

Divided into teams of two, the players must negotiate bowling balls up an incline, in hopes of winning a feast for every day of the week. On the board, everything from said feast to the new weakness... Big Brother Slop.

End result: the group gets a feast on Monday and Tuesday, a meal of breads, kumquats, veggies, and beer on Wednesday, a feast for Thursday, veggies and beer on Friday, and another feast for Saturday.

Later, Boogie admits that he is confident that Chilltown will be safe for another week. Let's go to the roundtable for the nominations...

Erika... Danielle... Mike... Kaysar... Janelle... Diane... Jase... Marcellas... and Howie are all safe. On the block this week are Mike and Chicken George.

Meanwhile, it's getting hot outside. It's also getting hot inside as George swears to defend his place in the house by winning the power of veto.

And Marcellas... oh, he only has a crush on "The Iraqi Peach."

Power of Veto: How Bad Do You Want It?

Serious question... serious consequences. What are you willing to do to get your hands on the power of veto?

Are you willing to eat slop out of a huddle for five minutes? Apparently.

Are you willing to let the houseguests write all over you? Apparently.

Are you willing to take a blueberry bath? Apparently.

Are you willing to excuse yourself from next week's veto? Apparently.

Are you willing to do the bald-and-sexy? Apparently.

In the end, only Kaysar and George remain for the tiebreaker. "How many days are you willing to go on slop to win this veto competition?"

Kaysar says... 15

George says... "I'll take'em all." Now James goes into a tailspin thinking about an alternative strategy. That strategy: backdooring Jase. Which Jase finds out from Kaysar. Which Jase gets angry from.

And now, Will and George state their case for the veto. Not that it matters. George plans on using it for himself, and Will... well, listen here...

"This is truly an all-star season, because I am astonished by your gameplay here. I don't know [why I don't seem like I'm into this game]. Season 2, there was a lot of people I hated. There was a lot of reason to play, and it gave me power. It gave me a reason to play. So why haven't I got that same motivation. And I thought that it was because I really liked everyone here. But then I found out that it was the opposite of that. I can't find an individual to hate, because I hate you all. There's no one I hate more than anyone else. I'm going to ask to be removed from this game by you all. If you refuse to kick me out, I will be throwing every competition, every HoH, every PoV, and every Food Competition. Chicken George, please don't use the power of veto on me. Use it to save yourself. You know why? Because this man is a badass. He went up against the five wickedest Big Brother players and he whupped their ass."

George meanwhile wants to play the game. He indeed vetoes his own nomination, forcing James to put Jase on the block.

The Eviction Vote:

Danielle thinks about the deal that Jase made. Kaysar thinks that he can beat Will's game. Mike says that Chilltown goes to battle. Danielle goes with her first instinct.

In the HOH room, James admits that Jase was trying to get a rise out of him. He told him that Danielle and Janelle were his main targets, so it's all a matter of looking out for his friends. James now realizes that George has more heart than anyone in the house, and he now respects him as a player thanks to the Veto Competition. He also states that he's more loyal to Season 6 and Danielle.

Howie isn't threatened by Will. Diane says that Jase is more of a liability. Marcellas says that Jase has no integrity in the house.

George says that it's even right now. He doesn't know what to do with his vote. Janelle wants to break Chilltown up. It might be safe to get rid of Jase.

Meanwhile, Will says that he doesn't hate everyone. He severely dislikes everyone.

It's eviction time.

"Let's make it official. By a vote of nine to zero... Jase, you have been evicted from the Big Brother All-Star House."

Meanwhile, look for the houseguests to get the wake-up call from hell...

HoH Competition: Define and Dismiss

Will season 6 continue to habituate the HOH room?

Julie will pose questions. First person to buzz in with the correct answer will get to eliminate a houseguest of his/her choosing. The questions will have to do with the six words posted inside the house: loyalty, honesty, love, betrayal, deceit, and hate.

It comes down to Janelle and Marcellas. The question...

Which word's definition contains the word "obligation"?

That's Janelle... "Loyalty."

And Janelle is HOH for the second time! How will she use her newfound power? Find out next time.


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