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Today is

Week Five: Days 32-39 - August 6-10

(C-Note: Okay, by this time, we're all back from California... but now we're in catchup mode, so what follows is a synop of the events of week five)

Last time, in an almost unanimous decision, Diane was sent away, leaving 10 houseguests literally caught in a web of... well, a web, at least, as we continue the next HoH competition. As a reminder...

Simple objective... hang on for as long as you can. Even in the face of temptation in the form of one of five golden eggs which contain the power to cancel an eviction vote, $10,000, and a slop-free pass. The other two eggs are rotten. And only someone who has thrown a competition may choose one of the eggs.

First off, the spider gets a little hungry, and when it's hungry, it sprays... some... foam... stuff. Meanwhle, Danielle has to make sure that S6 doesn't win this HoH, even though James thinks that Janelle went out for Diane out of pure stupidity.

After a gas fit courtesy of George, Will drops from the web and starts to look for the $10,000 Egg. Before he chooses, Danielle puts an offer to everyone: whoever wins the slop pass, give it to Chicken George. Will can't agree to that. Kidding.

Will picks... a rotten egg.

After two hours, Janelle announces that there is no more sitting, only hanging with hands and legs. James is next to quit, picking the eviction nullification pass. Boogie gets off next, winning the $10,000. Kaysar gets a rotten egg afterwards, and George would rather eat slop than give up. Marcellas falls next, then George, Howie, and finally Erika. Danielle is the new HoH.

And sure enough, in the face of pizza for the week, Marcellas gives George a slop-free pass, much to his relief.

Nomination Ceremony coming, as Danielle pulls out Erika's key. Howie is next, then George, Boogie, Marcellas, Will and Kaysar. Janelle and James are on the block, and Janelle is the main target. Obviously. These are the two biggest badasses of season six, and Danielle wants them to prove themselves.

But what about the Legion of Doom of Danielle, James, Will, and Boogie ("It's not an alliance unless you name it!"). Although Mike and Will really don't care who wins this one. Just so long as they're not on the block.

Power of Veto: Grave Danger

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the respectable reality show contestant as we know it. The six players must lie in open graves, refraining from speaking or moving. Each player starts with 40 points, and will be tempted from time to time with prizes and punishments that will either add (for selfish acts) or subtract (for selfless acts) points.

1) Army cots and cold water for a week (+7 points)
2) 24 hours in solitary confinement and a camping toilet (+9)
3) Margarita party for the house (-3)
4) Plasma TV (-5)
5) Phone call from a loved one (-5). Danielle breaks down as she is focused on winning the veto.
6) A trip for two to Aruba (-5)
7) Putting the four non-players on slop for the rest of the week (+8)
8) Personal slop pass (-7)
9) How many veto points are you willing to give up for $5000?
10) No play in next week's Veto (+10)

1) Janelle
2) Danielle
3) James
4) Mike
5) James
6) Mike
7) Janelle
8) Marcellas
9) Will
10) Janelle

Winner... Janelle. "Legion of Doom, we're the Legion of Stupidity!" She takes herself off, leading the HoH to put up Kaysar.

The Eviction Vote:

Once again, the houseguests will be casting their votes to evict live on the spot. And in addition to that, Julie will introduce a new wrinkle, the Coup d'Etat.

But first, if you remember James won the power to nullify an eviction vote. If he chooses wisely, he may yet see another day. If not, then he may shoot himself in the foot. 

Now for the final words. James thanks America for putting him back in the house. "Vote for what you think is best for you." Kaysar thanks America as well. "I think I've earned the respect of a lot of people in this house. Vote how you feel is best."

James enters the diary room to enter his nullification plea... "Janelle, vote, gone."

So there you have it then. Janelle's vote will not count. Now to the live vote... Vote to evict is four. Danielle will only vote in case of a tie.

Marcellas: KAYSAR
Howie: "I love both of these guys. Happy birthday Kaysar. I vote to evict JAMES."
Erika: "Unfortunately... KAYSAR."
Will: "Chilltown's going to vote out KAYSAR."
George: KAYSAR
Mike: "Hate to do it on your birthday, but I vote to evict KAYSAR."

Did James make the right decision?

Janelle: JAMES

Yes. Even with the null vote, it's a non-issue. Let's make it official... Julie?

"By a final vote of five to one, with James' nullified vote taken into account... Kaysar, you have been evicted from the Big Brother All-Star House."

HoH Competition: Ghosts of Seasons Past

For the past few days, the houseguests have been seeing... well... ghosts. We've got Bunky Miller... and Alison Irwin... and Josh Souza... and Holly King... and Cappy Littmann... and George's chicken.

Pay close attention, because they will be key in winning this true/false challenge. If you answer a question wrong, you're eliminated. If everyone's right, then the slowest is eliminated. In order, George, Marcellas, and Janelle were eliminated. Howie was also eliminated, but as we saw in the clip, he did hit the buzzer. And for some reason, his podium didn't work. Will, Mike, and James are out next, as Erika is the new HoH...

Or IS SHE? Has the technical glitch that Howie has spoken of gone unnoticed? We'll find out shortly.

Meanwhile, Julie tells the houseguests of the Coup d'Etat. In any of the next three eviction shows, the winner of the Coup d'Etat will have the opportunity to overthrow the HoH's nominations in order to nominate someone else right before the voting. However, no one will know of it until it is used.

Who will win this? It's all about paying attention for clues to a well-known phrase. You have only one guess.

The first clue is in the house... a sheep. A female sheep. A ewe. How will this factor into the puzzle? Find out next time.


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