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Four Hollywood bigshots are giving away stacks of cash, but first you have to prove you deserve it!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Bryan Callen
Panelists Candy Spelling
Sean Patterson
Vanessa Rousso
Melody Thornton
Creator Fever Media (based upon "Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway")
EP Ryan Seacrest
Stuart Krasnow
Fernando J. Hernandez
Adam Sher
David Mortimer
Richard Hopkins
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Mullets, Models, and Muppets
January 25

Once again, welcome to the Bank of Hollywood. Your panel is comprised of Candy Spelling (wife of the late Aaron Spelling), Vanessa Rousso (Poker Player), Melody Thornton (Pussycat Doll) and Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina Models president). Bryan Callen is the host.

Let's get started with...

Client: Daryl Robles
Looking for: $27,673
Reason: He wants to be a professional wrestler.

The money would go to Booker T's professional school as he does a wrestling montage for the group. Candy and Sean are already calling him weird. Daryl never played sports in high school, but he weighed 436 and lost 200 pounds in 2 years through diet and exercise. He calls his passion wrestling and he's obsessed with it. Bryan says that to verify what Daryl wants, the Bank of Hollywood brings in Booker T to validate him. he does a 'shoot talk' for Booker and he has the crowd firmly behind him. Booker says that he needs training, but that's what his school offers and he would accept Daryl into his camp. That convinces Candy and she votes yes. Melody, though saying it's a lot of money, says she sees the passion and says yes. Vanessa says yes (which is good, because I think Sean would have said no) and Daryl gets his 3 yes's. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: The Wild Hanlon Brothers
Looking for: $108,000
Reason: To make the most innovated salon in hair history.

They want big screen TVs, darts, music, and taking hair cuts to the next level. This sounds more like an infomercial than an actual business plan and Vanessa calls them on it. We get an example of a hairstyling with an attempted mullet. Sean tries to talk him out of it, and I already see a 'no' from Sean. Sean turns his back on the cut, and though it looks ok, Vanessa says it's too much money. The brothers say that after not seeing each other for 12 years, they went to a bar for some drinks and came up with the idea. Sean says that he's not surprised that alcohol came into play. Heh. Voting time. Vanessa says no, as does Candy. Sean says that the last time he heard 'Mullet' was Candy's Christmas party and he says no. That's 3 no's, and that means it's time to go back to the drawing bar... err...board. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Andrea Nickleberry
Looking for: $4,930
Reason: To complete and finish her shoe collection.

She wants 4 pairs of Christian Louboutins, which would complete her line. Andrea works as a substitute teacher, and she deals with kids every day. She feels she deserves it and she works 3-4 days a week on call. Sean says that's it's a big expenditure at a tough time, but because she's a substitute teacher and he knows she doesn't make that sort of money, he'll say...yes? He does. Candy, who sits on the board on L.A.'s Best, says that she can hook her up with a job there to make money and votes no. Melody says that the shoes she's wearing cost her $50 and says that she should earn it, but Sean says that she would never be able to afford it, even if she gets that job from Candy. Sean convinces Melody to say yes and it's down to Vanessa, who is concerned that she wouldn't work for it...but she says yes anyways. Wow. Just wow. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Vova Haletekyuu
Looking for: $50,000
Reason: To create the world's biggest painting.

His artwork is impressive. He wants the painting to be the size of 4 football fields. He needs a lot of supplies $18,000 for Canvas, $15,000 for paint. he also needs a helicopter and balloons to drop the balloons of paint. He's going to cut the painting into small strips and use 50% of the profits to proceed towards struggling artists. Sean says that he can be a male model to make the $50,000, but he says no. Vova says it's a passion, but Vanessa thinks that the charity was just an add-on to make the painting, so she says no. Candy says that because he wouldn't take Sean's offer to model for the money, the answer is no. It does seem like he wanted the handout...BUT...afterwards in the confession, Vova says that he WILL take the job Sean offers and make the money that way. Hmmm. TRANSACTION...DENIED?

Client: Deidre 'Cardio Queen D' Playa
Looking for: $50,000
Reason: To take health and fitness to another level.

Cardio Queen D wants the money to produce her own line of cardio videos. When asked what sort of videos by Vanessa, her family (featuring her husband and 2 kids) comes out and performs some routines. AwwwwBarf. She's a fitness trainer and a stay at home mom, who's theory comes from the fact that all kids move to music. Sean wonders if getting the family together for music videos is too much, but I think it does have a niche in an urban family market. Candy thinks that it costs more than $50,000 to make the video and says no. Melody calls it passionate and romantic and says yes. Sean says he's going to protect the $50,000 (because he knows from experience it will take more than that) and says no. Vanessa thinks it's for a good cause and she says yes. So we have a 2-2 deadlock, which sends it into deliberations. TRANSACTION: TABLED.

Client: Jeff Crosano
Looking for: $93,750
Reason: To find the Fountain of Youth

Vanessa is already cringing at Jeff's master plan of hot springs all over the United States. Sean is giving Jeff 10 seconds to explain his plan. Jeff wants to visit Florida first and Sean stops him right there for a no vote. Jeff talks about his dream and Sean calls for a vote right there. He gets 4 nos and Jeff gets sent off the stage. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Client: Cathy Miller
Looking for: $312,500
Reason: To start a men's magazine

So Cathy wants to start a new publication in a dying media field for an inordinate amount of money. I don't see this going anywhere. Cathy brings in women in skimpy clothing with paper bags over their heads. It's called 'Butterface', and it's dedicated to women who have great bodies and bad faces. Sean calls it the most half-assed misogynistic thing he's ever listened to and says no. Melody says that women should be proud to show their face and that celebrities want to show their faces. Vanessa says that it doesn't empower women at all, and she says it'll be a cold day in Hell before she says yes. Cathy says that she hasn't finished her pitch but Sean is finished and calls for a vote. Cathy and Sean continue to argue, and when a client argues, it usually turns out badly for the client. It will here as well, as Cathy gets 4 Nos. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Client: Nathan and Ed the Monkey
Looking for: $295,305
Reason: To make a movie called 'Naro'

The movie is about a mute character who befriends a crude monkey puppet. Nathan notes that he won't be doing ventriloquism at all for the monkey. Sean wonders how much good can come with the money instead of spending money on the movie. Melody wonders how a brown monkey can be racist (hey, don't complain to me, she said it). Sean says to get an agent and votes no. Melody wants to see him in theaters, but not with her money. It's 2 no's, and Candy makes 3. The monkey needs to find another banana. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Now back to Deidre. Sean thinks they are great causes, but it's hard to give money to a cause that he thinks that doesn't have a high probability of success. Sean, who walks to the family, says that he needs to make sure that the dreams are being pursued are going to be successful. He believes...that the family CAN be successful, so it's a yes. We get a fake out and we end the episode with everyone crying. AwwwwBarf. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

That's it for this episode. a New hour of pandering starts next week.

Yes / No This Episode: 3-5
Yes / No This Series: 20-26
Money Awarded this episode: $82,603
Money Awarded this series: $526605.50

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