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Four Hollywood bigshots are giving away stacks of cash, but first you have to prove you deserve it!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Bryan Callen
Panelists Candy Spelling
Sean Patterson
Vanessa Rousso
Melody Thornton
Creator Fever Media (based upon "Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway")
EP Ryan Seacrest
Stuart Krasnow
Fernando J. Hernandez
Adam Sher
David Mortimer
Richard Hopkins
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions, Fever Media & Ryan Seacrest Productions for E!
Origins Sunset Bronson Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 9p Mon, E!
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Gold Digger, Goal Seeker & Rock and Roll
December 28

Once again, welcome to the Bank of Hollywood. Your panel is comprised of Candy Spelling (wife of the late Aaron Spelling), Vanessa Rousso (Poker Player), Melody Thornton (Pussycat Doll) and Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina Models president). Bryan Callen is the host.

Let's get started with...

Client: Chris Plye
Looking for: $6,500
Reason: To have his family come up and watch him Curl for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

He's not asking the money for him. He's asking for money for his family to come up there. He's already been accepted to be on the team. We get a video of him curling and winning a goodie bag of championships. His family's money is going to his father's brain cancer. Sean (remember, he's in charge of Wilhelmina Models) wants to know if he can model. Both Vanessa and Melody say yes to both cash and dates. Sean is offering him a job, and I think Chris should take it. We won't hear Sean with an offer, but the ladies say yes, so his family gets to go. TRANSACTION: GRANTED.

Client: Maya Jafar
Looking for: $64,375
Reason: To undergo a 'feminization technique' to go from a male to a female.

Maya needs a face of a woman so he/she can be a woman full-time. Then he/she wants to go through gender reorganization surgery. His/her family is not thrilled about it, but he/she needs to do this for himself/herself. Knowing transgender people, I know what he's talking about, and it's easy to sympathize with him/her, but will the judges? Seam doesn't know if Maya is ready for it, so he says no. Candy also doesn't want to be part of a decision that Maya can regret, so she says no. Vanessa says that Maya is a beautiful woman, and that as a doctor, he should be able to figure out how to get the money, so she also says no. Maya says that the panel didn't understand where they were coming from, and I agree. That being said, I don't think the panel is wrong. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Sandy Jean-Philippe
Looking for: $31,250
Reason: To produce the 'Evolution of Curves' Fashion Show as a venue for full-figured models.

The women want to start small with 6 cities. If it picks up, they can tour in other cities. The event will be ticketed, and the revenues will come from the tickets and a piece of the clothing sales. They give a mini-fashion show, and for full-figured women, it looks impressive. Sean, who of course has a major plus-model catalogue, votes yes (and he should; he could have his models help at the show). Candy, who needs to hear more of the plan, votes no. Melody, like Candy, is also confused, so she votes no. it's down to Vanessa, who thinks it would be successful, and although she doesn't know if it will work, she wants to see some more deliberation. She says yes, and we go to the end of the show for a verdict. TRANSACTION: TABLED.

Client: Katya
Looking for: $50,000
Reason: To finish her album so she can 'rock the world'.

Oh Katya, Katya, Katya. She performs, but she's not in tune, and it's painful to listen to. Katya is screaming that 'Rock Lives', but my eardrums just died. She just broke into international radio, but she needs backing to get airplay. Sean, like me, didn't like the performance. Candy wonders if 39 (Katya's age) is too old. We get a quick set of No's, and she's on her way. Rock still lives, but they will need to find another vessel to live with. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Client: Meghan Noon
Looking for: $22,000
Reason: To support her soccer team's 'Siren's of Soccer' charity to raise a soccer field for children in Kenya with AIDS.

The $22,000 will be split between the girl's soccer team and the AIDS Orphanage. Vanessa launched her own charity and wants to know how it's sustainable. Meghan says that they can launch the field through learning, but Sean wants to know how it's going to continue without running out. Meghan says that even if it sustains them for one year, they have done their job, but they continue to raise funds with exhibition matches. I don't know if that's going to fly in front of the panel. It will with Candy and Melody, and it does with Vanessa. TRANSACTION: GRANTED.

Client: Sebastian and David Solano
Looking for: $37,500
Reason: To sponsor 'Paint Explosion Parties'

The money would go to a tour bus to tour across America for a 14 city tour. This would allow them to get their brand out nation-wide. David says it's not a party, but an experience. Sean, who gets to touch the painter's bodies (and I'm sure he enjoyed it) would have had no problem with $3,750, and he thinks the parties are cool, but not $37,500 cool. It's a no for him. Vanessa and Candy (who wanted to see the people with less clothing on) also say no, so it's back to the showers. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Client: Carolina Carter
Looking for: $50,000
Reason: To fund a quest for 'The Happiest Person on Earth'.

Carolina says that Denmark has the happiest people on Earth. She wants to go there to find out and only wants 50 G's to get there. I can already tell how this is going to end - badly. Sean calls her the 'most well-spoken craziest person on Earth'. She adds that they speak Yiddish in Denmark. Wha? Sean says that happiness is subjective and quickly votes no. Candy quickly chimes in after that and Melody, despite thinking she's awesome (and gets a weird stare from Sean in the process) says no (along with Vanessa). Carolina needs to find happiness elsewhere. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Client: Lisa Custard
Looking for: $11,017.50
Reason: To help her BFF Sam...who's a mannequin.

Lisa needs toe money to fix up her mannequin and put her back together again. We get a 'WTF' from Vanessa and a 'WTF' from me as well. We also get a quick quarter of No's and now Lisa is half the woman she used to be. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Let's go back to Sandy Jean-Philippe. The jury deliberates on the business plan and they don't think the money will sustain the business based on the money wanted. So Sean will give her BOTH access to the money AND access to his contact list to she can get the show going. That actually is much better than just the $31,500; the girls can actually get a business going. TRANSACTION: GRANTED.

That's it for this episode. A new hour of pandering starts next week.

Yes / No This Episode: 3-5
Yes / No This Series: 11-11
Money Awarded this episode: $59,750
Money Awarded this series: $367,362.50

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