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December 14


Four Hollywood bigshots are giving away stacks of cash, but first you have to prove you deserve it!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Bryan Callen
Panelists Candy Spelling
Sean Patterson
Vanessa Rousso
Melody Thornton
Creator Fever Media (based upon "Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway")
EP Ryan Seacrest
Stuart Krasnow
Fernando J. Hernandez
Adam Sher
David Mortimer
Richard Hopkins
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions, Fever Media & Ryan Seacrest Productions for E!
Origins Sunset Bronson Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 9p Mon, E!
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Dancers, Determination and a Driving Disaster
December 21

Once again, welcome to the Bank of Hollywood. Your panel is comprised of Candy Spelling (wife of the late Aaron Spelling), Vanessa Rousso (Poker Player), Melody Thornton (Pussycat Doll) and Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina Models president). Bryan Callen is the host.

Client: Valerie Ramirez
Looking for: $31,250
Reason: To offer scholarships through her dance studio with kids in need.

Valerie comes in with her students, which have been with her for the past 6-7 years. Valerie says that they would go from 50-100 kids based on needs. Vanessa wants to know how the money would go to the kids instead of the bills. Heather, a dancer, comes up and says that the first scholarship helped both her and her family finalncially and she breaks down in tears. Valerie says that the money would last from 1-2 years, and that's a major concern for the panel on why she can't stretch it longer. Sean says yes due to the compelling testimony from Heather. Candy will also say yes. Vanessa is less than thrilled, because she wants to see Valerie struggle to get it, but she'll cave in and say yes. We don't get Melody's vote, but it's probably also a yes. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Jean Frazier
Looking for: $11,237
Reason: She wants a car and license. Specifically a 1981 Honda Hatchback Right Hand Drive.

Jean has failed it 6 times (uh oh). Her husband has a 1959 Chevrolet. Sean is very concerned about what Jean is going to do on the road if they give her a car. Melody, after defending her own driving records. wants to see her earn it. Sean asks the audience if anyone wants to see her get the car, and we get almost a unanimous no. The judges all say no, and we have one less threat on the streets. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Tetris Cedric Kelly
Looking for: $10,000
Reason: He wants head shots, classes, etc. to buff up his talent to be the next star.

He wants to be an entertainment host. Sean challenges him to interview Melody. He does a competent job. Candy wants a break down on the money, which is $4,000 for acting classes, $1,000 on head shots and $5,000 on his bills and debt. The audience thinks $5,000 is too much and turns on him quickly. Sean thinks that Tetris is going to make it and votes yes. Candy agrees with that and also says yes. Vanessa did not see a connection with Tetris and votes no. Melody remembers her struggles and knows the money would be helpful, so she says yes. Tetris gets the finances by a score of 3-1. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Ann Belles
Looking for: $73,000
Reason: A wheelchair van

Ann has adopted 50 special needs kids. Her youngest is 6 and the oldest is 31 (just so you know she isn't raising them all at the same time). They need the wheels to go to places like the prom, etc. She's self-employed and helps adults with special disabilities to move out on their own. The judges are talking about it and they are not going to give her $73,000. They are going to give her $100,000!!! That's for special needs and extra money for the kids. That's a nice ending. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Jared Fyduluk
Looking for: $22,395
Reason: To study abroad in Beijing

He does contortions and wants to get to Cirque Do Soliel-type performing. Apparently, there's a place in Beijing in which you can do this sort of stuff. Vanessa wants to know if it's too late because of his age, and Jared says it will be harder, but he knows he can do it - just needs help in Beijing that he can't do here. Candy says he's too old and says no. Vanessa knows how ghard it is in Vegas and says yes. Melody is concerned about his age and says no. Sean says yes and it's tied 2-2. In a tie situation, the panel is deadlocked and they have to deliberate, with the decision at the end of the show. TRANSACTION: TABLED

Client: Ann Marie Davies (and Friends)
Looking for: $3,942.50
Reason: To patent a new type of pole for pole dancing.

They do a demo of the pole and it is impressive. Or maybe I'm just a horny guy. This is stainless steel with gunk and a new patent. The ladies say that it's in demand (which it is; I see this stuff at my gym) and they want the money for a patent. Ann Marie says that they want to invest with other people's money and not their own, and then tell Sean to read any book by Donald Trump. That's a HUGE blunder by the ladies as the panel instantly turns on them. The panel realizes that they can do it by themselves, and hence, they get a quartet of nos. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Amy Bohanon
Looking for: $4,375
Reason: To chase tornadoes with professional tornado chasers.

Amy, who comes out dressed as Dorothy Gale (heh) is obsessed with tornadoes since she was in kindergarten. It's $2,600 for the tour, and money for the digital camera, tour, food, expenses and taxes. Sean says it's not a lot of money, and she smartly itemized everything, so he's going to say yes. Candy says to follow the Tornado and says yes. Vanessa says no, but Melody says yes, and we have a Amy going down the yellow brick road. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Back to Jared and his contortions. It's age vs. dreams, and age wins. Jared says that he will do it himself. He adds that if the panel wants to be stingy, that's their business, but he will get there. It's a little sour-grapish, but I understand where he's coming from, as I don't think 24 is too old and the panel may have had a little ageism discrimination. TRANSACTION: DENIED

That's it for this episode. a new hour of pandering starts next week.

Yes / No This Episode: 4-3
Yes / No This Series: 8-6
Money Awarded this episode: $145,625
Money Awarded this series: $307,612.50

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