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Four Hollywood bigshots are giving away stacks of cash, but first you have to prove you deserve it!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Bryan Callen
Panelists Candy Spelling
Sean Patterson
Vanessa Rousso
Melody Thornton
Creator Fever Media (based upon "Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway")
EP Ryan Seacrest
Stuart Krasnow
Fernando J. Hernandez
Adam Sher
David Mortimer
Richard Hopkins
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Tattoos, Tacklers & Treehouse Dwellers
January 11

Once again, welcome to the Bank of Hollywood. Your panel is comprised of Candy Spelling (wife of the late Aaron Spelling), Vanessa Rousso (Poker Player), Melody Thornton (Pussycat Doll) and Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina Models president). Bryan Callen is the host.

Let's get started with...

Client: Adrienne Smith and the New York Sharks
Looking for: $65,000
Reason: Represent the United States in the first annual Women's Tackle Football Championships.

We see footage of their play. The $65,000 is actually not the whole amount (which is $200,000), but it would be a big help to them. It would also help them focus more on training and less on fund-raising. Sean likes the fact that they only want a part and not all of it, so he says yes. Melody also says yes, while Vanessa, who says it's just too much money, says no. Candy says that football is a dangerous sport, but she says yes anyways. It's 3-1 yes, and the women score. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Tanni Williams
Looking for: $14,675
Reason: Help herself with talent lessons, etc. to be a big star.

Tanni sings 'Amazing Grace' for the group, and she does sound good. She sings in the outside mall for tips and her parents can't support her. Sean wants her to sing something with Melody and they both reprise 'Amazing Grace'. Tanni pales in comparison with Melody (who has a great set of pipes) but she does hold her own. Vanessa is concerned that she'll lose her childhood and Melody is concerned that the music industry is not a nice place. Candy knows what her daughter's obsession is and how hard it is. She says yes, as does Vanessa. Sean wants her to enjoy childhood, so he says no. Melody makes her promise to be strong and she, in tears, says yes. She gets hugs from Melody and Vanessa and maybe a star is born. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Brent Loudermilk
Looking for: $11,250
Reason: Wants to swallow 21 swords at the same time.

He wants Candy to help. Sean wants to know why people would to it, and Brent says that people will watch. He swallows a 27 inch sword and Candy pulls it out. Sean tells Brent that he'd be very popular in West Hollywood. Heh.
Sean says that he's too afraid to give out the money and says no. So does Melody and so does Vanessa (who says that she can't support a one time stunt). So that's enough to slice up Brent's hopes. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Dan Stasiukiewicz
Looking for: $65,250
Reason: Wants to become a professional boxer

He can sing while punching a bag. He can sing...off key. Badly. He wants to sing with the entourage and be a complete package - singing and boxing. He currently makes $45,000 in the physician industry. Dan complements the whole panel on their looks and Sean says that it's the cheapest thing he's heard all week. Vanessa would have said yes, but adding the singing to it makes him sound like a phony. Candy, think that starting at 30 is way too old, so she says no, and Melody also votes him down. That's 3 no's, and Dan's dreams get knocked out. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Shanika Paterson
Looking for: $31,250
Reason: Wants to remove her tattoos and become professional.

Shanika has over 11 tattoos on her arms and sides. Her mom was a single mom and she was a wild child. Sean says to find her wild cousin who led her down this path and smack her upside the head. Shanika says it's cheaper to get one than to remove one (where Sean says "with all due respect, duh"). Shanika wants to make sure that her relatives don't go the same path she does, but the last time that she got a tattoo was a year ago. She's now 28, so she started at 11 and had 17 years of mistakes. The last one is he biggest one. Shanika says to judge her on the little girl who's ready top break free. Melody falls for it and says yes. Vanessa appreciates the regret, but she says that she is how she treats others, and her skin shouldn't dictate it, so she says no. Sean points out that she got one a year ago, and for that reason, he votes no. It's down to Candy, who says that she doesn't have any proof that Shanika won't do it again, so it's a no. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Brian Ecker
Looking for: $9,750
Reason: House removal and add a Jacuzzi to his house...his TREEhouse.

Yes, he lives in a treehouse. Brian says it's independant and free, and he's going green. It's in the backyard of his parents house and I'm sensing that Frank Moresca has a new playmate. He's 39 and likes to be there to support his 80 year old parents. His doctor recommended the jacuzzi and the house insurance only covers his parents house. Candy worries about the tree and Brian says that the house is now supported by uprights. Vanessa doesn't want to judge people based on a lifestyle, so she says yes. Candy says that his 80 year old parents can help him out (wha?) so she says no. Melody doesn't want him to be an enabler, so she says no. We need a yes from Sean, who has already wondered why they are even discussing this. 'I must be completely insane about giving this to you because I vote yes'. So we have a 2-2 deadlock and we go to deliberations. TRANSACTION: TABLED

Client: The Vaswani Sisters, Preeti and Jaya
Looking for: $25,093.75
Reason: A website dedicated to Bollywood Dancing

They says they would be the first group to teach Bollywood Dancing (They aren't). They also want the money to take tours and do recruits. They would stream the video and make a $9.95 monthly subscription fee. They have classes of 100 people. Vanessa has a website, and hers only cost $10,000, so it's a no form her. Melody says that there's more that they need to do, but she says yes? She does, but Sean and Candy both think the asking price is too high and they say no. Bollywood on Bank of Hollywood goes the same way as Bollywood Dancing does on America's Got Talent; absolutely nowhere. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Roger Tinsley...aka 'Dangerman'
Looking for: $31,750
Reason: To continue his campaign to promote literacy to undereducated kids in urban neighborhoods.

We see video of him helping out kids. As for the money? $6,000 goes to the video studio, $3,500 to an illustrator and $1,500 to a website. Sean is worried that the money is going more towards advertising and less towards education. Roger counters that by creating a positive African-American role model, that he can make a difference. The logo is trademarked so he can eventually make money from it (right now, he's getting it from grants). Sean wonders if it's to much money and he votes no. Candy is also worried that the money is more promotional than pro-educational and votes no. Vanessa hasn't been shows why the money is needed to fund the program, so she also votes no. Danger man has been foiled by the Bank of four. TRANSACTION: DENIED.

Now we go back to Brian Ecker. The panel decides...to help Brian out with the money. So Brian gets his Jacuzzi in a treehouse, which sounds sort of neat if you think about it. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

That's it for this episode. a New hour of pandering starts next week.

Yes / No This Episode: 3-5
Yes / No This Series: 17-21
Money Awarded this episode: $76,640
Money Awarded this series: $444,002.50

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