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Four Hollywood bigshots are giving away stacks of cash, but first you have to prove you deserve it!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Bryan Callen
Panelists Candy Spelling
Sean Patterson
Vanessa Rousso
Melody Thornton
Creator Fever Media (based upon "Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway")
EP Ryan Seacrest
Stuart Krasnow
Fernando J. Hernandez
Adam Sher
David Mortimer
Richard Hopkins
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions, Fever Media & Ryan Seacrest Productions for E!
Origins Sunset Bronson Studios, Los Angeles
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Sashes, Soul Food & Smiles
January 4

Once again, welcome to the Bank of Hollywood. Your panel is comprised of Candy Spelling (wife of the late Aaron Spelling), Vanessa Rousso (Poker Player), Melody Thornton (Pussycat Doll) and Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina Models president). Bryan Callen is the host.

Let's get started with...

Client: Coach Ricardo / Garfield High School Drill Team
Looking for: $6,250
Reason: To have the money to go to the National Tournament

The coach says that they have won regional titles, but have never competed on a national level, and the money would allow them to do that. Sean off the bat calls them adorable (and they are impressive for a high school team), but asked what they have done so far. The Coach says that they have washed cars and sold candy apples. There's 46 girls and the money would go to fees ($60 a girl) and transportation, food, etc. After hearing a bunch of crying girls testimonies, Melody votes Yes, as does Vanessa and Sean. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Jason SImmons (Master Roshambola; Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion)
Looking for: $13,125
Reason: To come out of retirement and train to be the next Rock, Paper and Scissors champion.

Umm...wha? Jason has done commentary where first place is $50,000 and a trip to nationals. Sean's already a no, but Vanessa, who's a poker player, wants to know about strategy. Jason challenges Vanessa to a best 3 out of 5. Vanessa wins the first, but Jason takes the next 3 to win, 3-1. Jason says he needs some physical rehab, acupuntcure, astrologer, psychic and a manicure. Vanessa wonders why he doesn't put in his own money and votes no. Melody says the same and Candy calls it frivolous. So we get a set of No's and Jason gets papered, scissored and rocked. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Sabrina and Christina Jakks.
Looking for: $62,500
Reason: Help expand the business of upper class catering.

They sing their request and provide food for them to sample. I hope the food is better than their singing, which is ghastly. The food; Baked chicken, along with macaroni and cheese, coupled with cheesecake. Sean wonders why that much money, and they need it for a location and space for catering. They explain the business plan; $25,000 to open up the door plus $30,000 for capital. Their grandmother provided the recipes and made it a family tradition. Their current money has been spent to take care of their brother, who's been dealing with a skin disease. They say that they have less than $100 to come here and they hug and cry in front of everyone. Sean says the food was really good and says yes. Candy also says yes and Meoldy, who starts to cry because they need a break, tells them that they did everything they could do for this and says yes. It's a weep-fest as the ladies get the money. AwwwwBarf. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Client: Patty Negri
Looking for: $5,000
Reason: A Bed for her daughter

So why a $5,000 bed? Patty says that she deserves a bed fit for a princess, who's been starring in movies and tv since she was 2. Dora, her daughter, by the way, is...a dog. Patty said that Dora told her she wants the bed, and that may be the beginning of the end for Patty. Patty, who can't have kids, says that having the dog beats therapy. We have Dora's old and new bed, and the host tells Dora to go where she wants to sleep. Dora runs...to the new bed? Hmmm, maybe we have something here. Melody, for whatever bizarro reason, says yes and the audience turns on her. Vanessa brings us back to reality and says no. Sean, though understanding her plight that she can't have kids, says $5,000 is too much and says no. So does Candy, and Dora will have to settle with an old pillow or some sort of newspapers. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Rosita Escovedo
Looking for: $18,000
Reason: Breast augmentation...for her daughter.

Rosita's daughter is 18, and mommmy wants the implants to improve her self-esteem. $18,000 for a boob job? Rosita says that if her daughter is going to have cosmetics done to her, then she'll get more stuff done to her as well. This is not going to end well for Rosita. Her daughter Brianna comes out and says that she'd rather have the money for breasts than an annuity to have when she turns 25. Sean says that most of his models have breasts smaller than hers and it's a no. Vanessa says that her breasts are small and it doesn't matter, so it's a no for her. Melody comes over to a now sobbing Brianna and says that boobs don't make a woman. Brianna is pleading for the boobs but it's a no from Melody and Brianna's going to be turned down flat, figuratively and literally. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Yogi 'Laughing Yogi' Ramesh
Looking for: $37,500
Reason: To go across the U.S. to spread Yoga, laughter and love across America.

The Yogi wants to start with some exercises. Sean (who apparently has seen the Yogi, as he's been featured on some shows, including America's Got Talent) votes no and leaves the area for a food and bathroom break. Now That made me laugh. The Yogi tries to do an exercise with the audience (which falls flatter than a dead pancake) then gets a video testimonial from people that have claimed that his yoga has helped arthritis and lower blood pressure. Sean comes back with food and wonders what he's still doing there. Ha. The Yogi says the 37K would be used to go across America and could help over 20,000 people. Melody (who has already gone off her rocker for the doggie bed) says yes and the crowd continues to turn on her. Candy can't vote yes on this. Sean has already said no, so it's down to Vanessa, who says that people like Sean needs a dose of this, so yes. It's a deadlock, so we get to see the laughing Yogi at the end of the show. That's not making me laugh. TRANSACTION: TABLED

Client: Sno E. Blac
Looking for: $12,500
Reason: To compete in the Miss California pageant.

The money is going to go for the Entry Fee, dress, evening gown, suit, hair, make up, shoes, etc. She's asked about a height requirement, and she notes that Tara Conner is 5'4". She says that she has won and placed in other competitions, so she knows she can do it. Bryan invites the president of the Miss California USA Pageant Keith Lewis to assess her chances to win. Keith sees her walk and looks (and pats) her legs. Sexual Harassment! Keith is asked about the money and he says that the numbers Sno is giving is a mark-up, as the entry fee is less than what Sno claims. Uh oh. Sno says that she loves to do charity work and give back to the community. Sean says that she can do charity work without going to pageants, so he votes no. Candy votes no, so it's up to the girls. Vanessa also votes no, so no Pageant for Sno Blac, who can now start poisoning dwarves and earn her name. TRANSACTION: DENIED

Client: Ashley 'Action' Jackson
Looking for: $7,890
Reason: Feed the starving artist community of Venice Beach, CA

Ashley comes in hula hooping while wearing roller skates, and talking that the street performers who entertain on the boardwalk need food, too. Hence, her idea is to create an entertainment cart that would provide food to those people. The money would go to a tricycle and a food cart to spread good eats. She gives us a diagram of the cart, as well as plans for the entertainment that would be connected to it. 65% goes to the vehicle and 35% goes to the food. She's hoping for contributors from stores, which is a smart idea. Ashley says that the food doesn't go to the homeless, but to the starving artists who pander for money. She thinks that Meals on Wheels is less than inspiring and she wants people to not feel badly about accepting a handout, while she plays music and entertains. Sean starts by saying that he thought she'd be the last person he'd give money to...but she answered all the questions correctly and he'll give her the money. Everyone else also says yes, so believe it or not, the woman that came in wearing roller skates and a hola hoop is going to get her funds. TRANSACTION: GRANTED

Now it's back to the Laughing Yogi. Melody has convinced Candy and Sean that he is the most positive person in the world...but they convinced Vanessa and Melody that it's way too much money with no business plan. The Yogi just laughs and dances around the stage, which leads me to believe that they made the right choice. TRANSACTION: DENIED

That's it for this episode. a New hour of pandering starts next week.

Yes / No This Episode: 3-5
Yes / No This Series: 14-16
Money Awarded this episode: $76,640
Money Awarded this series: $444,002.50

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