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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
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Let Them Drink Their Haterade
April 15

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE...the dirty dozen American Racers went into the heart of Africa and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Along the way, tempers flared amid the teams' clashing personalities. Once at the crater, they tossed clubs at clay rabbits, jumped up and down for a minute and then set up a rather elaborate camp. In the end, Rachel & Dave (Team Yellow Ribbon) finished in first for the fourth time. Nary & Jamie (Party In the CIA) got close to their cover being blown and ended up in last. However, thanks to it being an N.E.L., they're still Racing. Six teams continue their quest...who will be booted home NEXT?!?



After spending a night under the African skies in their safari camps, the teams awake with the dawn. Rachel & Dave are the first to rip open the clue to start Leg 8:



The safari cars and your drivers from yesterday are still here. Navigate your driver down into the Ngorongoro Crater, 1600 feet lower than you are now, on a true African safari! Then emerge from the Crater and drive to Safari Junction, a small down in the district of Karatu. Search the roadside for Hillary Clington and find your next clue there.

CAUTION! A DOUBLE U-TURN will occur during this Leg of the Race!

The couple is a LITTLE perplexed, since the name given sounds VERY close to the name of a former First Lady. One thing they DO know is: if they're first to the U-TURN, Brendon & Rachel will most likely be targeted for it! The other teams depature times (local zone) are:
Bopper & Mark (Sons of Anar-KY): 0605
Art & JJ (Team Border Watch): 0623
Brendon & Rachel (Team Oh, Brother!): 0648
Vanessa & Ralph (Team It's Complicated!): 0718
Nary & Jamie (Party In the CIA): 0921

Sons of Anar-KY think everyone else now considers them THREATS instead of UNDERDOGS...even WITH Bopper injuring his knee slightly. Team Border Guard had made a pact with other teams back in Bavaria that, when the U-TURN comes, "Green Team" (aka Team Oh, Brother!) WILL be turned! Said team is worried about the U-TURN...but say they get stronger when other teams "drink their Hater-ade" towards them. And Party In the CIA...well, they know they are a fair ways behind AND there's a SPEED BUMP with their name literally on it so...they'll deal with it when it comes.

The drive into the crater is a beautiful safari with all sorts of animals taking in the early morning sun and doing what they do without regard to the dozen Americans driving through their area. It almost made them forget that they were Racing. ALMOST, that is...until they exited the crater and headed for...


The first two teams arrive and ask the locals where Hillary Clington may be found. they pass by a broken-down cart with the words "Barack Obamask" on it (political statement there, CBS?!) but then find the "Hillary Clington Shop" cart. It's filled with knickknacks and whatnots, gadgets and gizmos aplenty, whosits and whatsits galore...oh, and CLUES, too! Rachel & Dave and Bopper & Mark reach for the clues and hit a:



WATER SUPPLY: Since many homes in Karuta have no plumbing, they must wait (sometimes for hours) to get well water. Go to the specific address and pick up a cart and nine empty water containers. Take them to the well and wait for your turn. Once filled-up, take the water back to the address and exchange it for your next clue.

AIR SUPPLY: Head for Fundi Baiskeli, a bicycle repair shop, and work with a local mechanic to fix a tire puncture on a bicycle. You must remove the inner tube WITHOUT removing the wheel (no wrenches can be used), find the puncture, patch it up, put it back ON the bike and pump it up using only the tools provided. Once the bike is in perfect order (as proven by a "test run" by a kid), the head mechanic will hand you your next clue.

Both teams decide that, since they have experience with fixing bikes, they will play the role of Bicycle Repair Man one time...and so they leave together. Then Art & JJ arrive. They decide that, since AIR SUPPLY seems so uncertain in HOW they're to fix the tire, they'll do WATER SUPPLY instead. .

At Fundi Baiskeli, the Army couple and the rednecks arrive. Rachel tells Bopper & Mark that they should stay in front, meaning U-TURNing each other is a no-no. They watch a demonstration on how a tube is removed WITHOUT the wheel being removed and how to find the leak and patch it up. Sons of Anar-KY don't watch the whole demo before starting; just the tube-removal part. Still, both teams seem to be even as they find the leaks.

Meanwhile, Team Border Watch find the house and load up the containers. They think this is a simple task...until they SEE the line waiting for water. It's, uh,...it's LONG! JJ went up to the front of the line to see a) how long it takes to fill a bucket and b) how many buckets are between them and the well. He calculated about 30 to 40 minutes before they can GET the water. It makes them appreciate what the locals go through to get their water supply...and they decide they're not moving.

Brendon & Rachel are in town looking for Hillary Clington. Some of the locals say "she" is inside a petrol (gas) station. Eventually, they get the TRUE gist and find the cart. When they get the clue, they choose AIR SUPPLY. Vanessa & Ralph aren't so lucky when it comes to getting help. They think they're lost...though the shop IS out in full daylight.

Back to the bikes. Bopper & Mark, being mechanics, know just how to fix a flat without using Fix-a-Flat. So, while Team Yellow Ribbon's patch doesn't take, Sons of Anar-KY ask for a ruling. The bike is turned over and the kid takes off without a hitch. The good ol' boys take off in the lead with this clue:



Make your way on foot to Jack Stelzer Pub in Karuta. You'll find your next clue just outside.


Ah, yes...as warned before, we have our first...


A U-TURN forces a team to do BOTH parts of a DETOUR instead of one or the other. Teams may be U-TURNed more than once during a Race, but may only UTILIZE a U-TURN once. A team using a U-TURN must use the new touchscreen interface to put two pictures up: one for the team they are U-TURNing, and their own so that said team knows who U-TURNed them. This is a DOUBLE U-TURN, meaning two different teams can U-TURN two OTHER teams at the same DETOUR.

There's just one problem: suddenly, no one understands Bopper & Mark when they ask where this pub is; takes them a while to learn it's 3 klicks down the road. This gives Rachel & Dave a chance to work on fixing the puncture THEY accidentally made. As the boys walk away (or MARK does; Bopper sort of LIMPS away), the couple get the OK from the mechanic and leave the DETOUR in second...JUST as Team Oh, Brother! arrive. Rachel panicks a bit, feeling that Team Yellow Ribbon is SURE to U-TURN them. Brendon, however, feels they can handle it and wants to concentrate on the task at hand.

(BTW, THIS is when Nary & Jamie finally exit the previous PIT STOP and head out on safari.)


Sons of Anar-KY arrive at the pub (Bopper's leg feeling worse and worse). They reach the 2xUT and decide against using it. So they grab their next clue:



Make your way to the Gem Gallery & Arts and search for your next clue.

NOTE: You will find Gem Gallery & Arts at the turnoff for the Lake Mariyara Airport.

Sounds straight-forward. They look for a taxi...and Rachel & Dave arrive. The boys tell the couple they didn't U-TURN anyone. At first, Dave wants to honor his deal with Team Border Watch and U-TURN Brendon & Rachel...but Rachel overrules him, not wanting to make unnecessary enemies...so they decide against it. The two teams take off in taxis for their next clue.

As Party In the CIA enjoy the safari, Team It's Complicated are STILL looking for Hillary Clington. They actually pass BY Team Oh, Brother!...but they keep going as Ralph is CERTAIN they need a clue to go to this task. The divorcees are getting cheesed...at themselves as awhole, not at each other. Nary & Jamie are getting CLOSE to the town...but Vanessa & Ralph FINALLY get directed to it and decide to do AIR SUPPLY (since they already know where it is).

Meanwhile, Art & JJ FINALLY get to the front of the line and start filling their containers. Now all they have to do is bring the heavy full containers back to the address they took them from.


Team Yellow Ribbon arrives first and they note the SPEED BUMP awaiting Party In the CIA. Apparantly, this is WHERE that team will do said task because the next clue sends Rachel & Dave somewhere completely different:



Make your way to the town of Mto Wa Mbu and find Margaret's Farm. Your next clue will be waiting for you there.

As their cab takes off, Sons of Anar-KY's arrives. They get the clue and tell THEIR cabbie not to FOLLOW that car...but to PASS it! Eventually, they do.

Back at WATER SUPPLY, Team Border Watch are so amazed at everyone who wanted to help them push the cart to the address. They finally arrive, deliver the containers AND the cart...and leave the DETOUR in third place. The pub's only ONE kilometer from the house so...easy jog for them. They would rather admire the scenery...but they have a Race to win. They get to the 2xUT...and, as promised, they stick it to "Team Green"...though they think that, since THEY did it, Rachel & Dave didn't arrive yet! They grab their clue to the Gem Gallery and haul.

Speaking OF Team Oh, Brother!, they get their bike fixed and send it on it's way, along THEM to get on THEIR way in 4th. As they run OUT, Team It's Complicated runs IN and gets to work on THEIR flat. And, as they get the tire out and look for the leak, Party In the CIA get a clue pointing them the stand with the clues. Art & JJ arrive that Gallery, get the clue to the Farm and move on...but not without noticing that there are fewer clues than there should've been if they were in first...meaning that Team Yellow Ribbon did NOT honor their pact.

Again, speaking of...


(courtesy of Art & JJ)

"Shocker!" says Rachel sarcastically. But, the Rules of the Race say that you can USE a U-TURN before having to do your OWN. So...they decided to do the same thing to their "two most favorite people in the world", Team It's Complicated! ZING! As they head for WATER SUPPLY, Nary & Jamie choose AIR SUPPLY for their DETOUR...and Vanessa & Ralph finish THEIR task in 5th. They pass RIGHT BY Party In the CIA, who are still looking for the bike place. But their happiness sinks when they see...


(courtesy of Brendon & Rachel)

Ralph's optimism is shot as well, almost CERTAIN he and Vanessa will be Philiminated. The Race for that is down to them, Brendon & Rachel (who are just starting WATER SUPPLY) and Nary & Jamie (who are just starting AIR SUPPLY).


Yeah, old Margaret had a farm...E-I-E-I-O...and on this farm, she has some...beekeepers? Well, that's what Bopper & Mark see when they arrive. They find the clue near a log and encounter a...



More then half of Tanzania's economy is agriculture-centered and honey plays a major role in their food supply. One team member must don a protective beekeeper's outfit and, with the help of professional beekeeper, harvest half-a-kilogram (500g) of honey from a hive filled with thousands of swarming bees. Once you do that, the chief beekeeper will hand you your next clue.

Mark immediately decides to do it as Bopper's knee is still killing him. As he suits up, Dave picks the ROADBLOCK for Team Yellow Ribbon. The chief tells Mark to, as the meme goes, "keep calm and carry on" as these African honeybees WILL sting you if you freak. (I assume Dave got the same advice, though they don't show it.) The two men head out, open up the hives, spray smoke on the bees to scatter them and take the solidified honey out. But they have to collect over a pound of it...and that buzzing in their ears has GOT to be nerve-shaking.

Back at the watering hole, Brendon & Rachel get to the front and fill up the containers. As they hustle to get back to the address, some of the containers fall. Rachel is getting short-tempered (OK, more than she USUALLY does) and almost causes ALL the containers to spill. But, hey, they're better off than Team It's Complicated! who, just now, is appreciating their faucets at home a great deal more. And they're a BIT better than Party In the CIA, who are just now looking for the leak in their tube.

The buzz is that both Mark and Dave are getting close to their quotas and they bring the buckets of honey to the scales. Turns out Mark has PLENTY of honey and is free to go. As he gets undressed in front of Bopper, he rip 'n' reads the clue:



Travel on foot to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race: Lake Manyara, the "lovliest lake in Africa" according to Ernest Heningway!

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

On foot?! Ew...with Bopper's leg, they're in trouble. But they decide to do their best and hope Dave isn't done yet. Too bad for them, though; Dave's done.

But...NOT before Art & JJ arrive...and asks them to explain themselves! Rachel says that the "teachers" were 3 1/2 hours behind...and that even giving Team Oh, Brother! a U-TURN would not allow Nary & Jamie to catch-up, according to her. As they leave, Art chooses to do the ROADBLOCK...and JJ says their little "alliance" is no more. In fact, JJ says he's never TALKING to Team Yellow Ribbon ever again.

The race for first is on as both teams jog down the trail to the lake. Bopper's knee is starting to give out on him again and he & Mark have to slow to a walk. Rachel & Dave are in peak condition but left several minutes behind. And who knows how long the road is to...


An entire quartet of Tanzanian musicians wait with Phil at the mat. One team comes out of the bush and happily heads for said mat. After they get the greeting from the musicians, Phil exclaims...

"Bopper & Mark...you are Team # 1!"

The comeback is TRULY complete! The boys from Kentucky have fought and scraped from worst to first! And, for their perserverence, they receive a 5-night stay in Hanalei Bay, Hawai'i, complete with a helicopter ride over the their rainforest, courtesy of Travelocity!

Team Yellow Ribbon are right behind them as Team # 2...but Dave doesn't seem as happy as Rachel. He SAYS he's happy for Sons of Anar-KY...but who knows?

Back at bees base, Art is a LITTLE freaked at all the bees...but not a great deal. He felt like Winnie-the-Pooh (which is odd because didn't Pooh RUN when the honeybees started to attack?) as he collected the honeycomb. He finished the task rather quickly and he & JJ leave for the Lake in third. They are easily checked-in as Team # 3.

So much for the front half...how about the back half?

Back at Karuta, Rachel has calmed down and she and Brendon push the water back to the house and finally complete the DETOUR and head BACK to the pub to get their clue to the Gem Gallery. As they head there, Nary & Jamie pump up their bike...and Vanessa & Ralph drop off THEIR water. The two teams are neck-and-neck as Team Oh, Brother! gets the clue and leads Party In the CIA TO the clue. But Team It's Complicated reach the clue and catch a cab first, leaving the feddies in last again.

But WAIT! Vanessa & Ralph's cab has a flat! And this is NOT one they can fix like a bike tire! Again, Ralph gets pessimistic...but, by this time, it's like they don't care anymore. Still, the cabbie changes the tire like he's done it MANY times before and the team is back on the road quickly.

At the Gallery, Brendon & Rachel get their clue in 4th, Vanessa & Ralph get theirs in 5th and, right behind them, Nary & Jamie...do NOT get their clue because they must complete this:



Having been spared elimination in the last Leg, you have now incurred a Speed Bump which must be completed before continuing on the Leg.

For this task, you must set up an art stand using the paintings and a picture guide. The paintings MUST be posted as the guide specifies. When the art vendor, Dr. Moses, feels it is a perfect match, you may continue in hopes of making up for lost time.

Team It's Complicated! ran off, not wanting to take the SPEED BUMP for granted. Party In the CIA get to setting up...although they're pretty sure it's a lost cause.

I actually had to rewind the episode...because I couldn't believe my eyes and ears! It's OBVIOUS the ROADBLOCK has to do with bees...and, yet, RACHEL CHOSE TO DO IT?!? INCONCEIVABLE!!! But she takes it in stride, making sure to confuse the bees with the smoke regularly (and she ALSO likens herself to Pooh). It's a quick job for her to collect enough honey to allow her and Brendon to leave in 4th and jog to the PIT STOP, likewise, as Team # 4 (for the third straight Leg, mind you).

Team It's Complicated decides that Ralph works better under pressure and, thus, he should take the beekeeper gig. As he starts to harvest, Nary & Jamie finish their SPEED BUMP with a smile and a nod from Dr. Moses. They're CERTAIN they're out...but, seeing how close they were to the 5th place team, they're not giving up all hope.

Well,...maybe they should...because Ralph just finished the ROADBLOCK, well before Nary & Jamie arrive. They easily arrive at the PIT STOP as Team #5.

Nary collects the honey in quick fashion and the two friends/federal agents/"teachers" jog to the mat. The two-hour deficit was too much to overcome with a SPEED BUMP. Phil again tells them they are last to arrive...and THIS time they're Philiminated. But...no regrets. They're BFFs and they just travelled half-way around the world together. How cool is that? And, until this airs, all the other teams will STILL think they're teachers!



1) Bopper & Mark (+1) - $2500 [gifted by Art & JJ], Hawai'i
2) Rachel & Dave (-1) - Express Pass (USED), Grenada, Ford Taurus, Costa Rica
3) Art & JJ (EVEN) - Bahamas, $2500, Thailand
4) Brendon & Rachel (EVEN)
5) Vanessa & Ralph (EVEN)
ELIMINATED) Nary & Jamie (EVEN) (6th)
ELIMINATED) Joey "Fitness" & Danny (7th)
ELIMINATED) Kerri & Stacy (8th)
ELIMINATED) Elliot & Andrew (9th)
ELIMINATED) Dave & Cherie (10th)
ELIMINATED) Misa & Maiya (11th)

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