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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
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Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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Taste Your Salami
March 11

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE...from one South American capital to another, nine teams travelled to Asuncion, Paraguay, where they stacked melons, fixed harps and balanced bottles on their noggins while dancing around. Art & JJ (Team Border Watch) arrive in first this Leg...but Elliot & Andrew (Team Twins? Really?) took too long to string the harp and were sent to the curb. Eight teams still have a million dollars in their sights...who will be Philiminated NEXT?!



On top of one of the seven hills Asuncion is built on (gee,...thought that was Rome), the two border patrolers start Leg 4 with a HUGE lead and this clue:



Fly over 6300 miles to Turin, Italy, the former site of the 2006 Winter Olympics and the "Motor City" of Italy. Once you land, go to the parking garage and choose a (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT!) 2012 Ford Focus and drive it to the Lingotto Building where your next clue awaits on the ceiling.

They're confident they can win every Leg from here on...but, first, they have to get to a travel agency to find a quick flight across the Atlantic. But there's a problem: the next flight doesn't leave until 9:15am TOMORROW...and doesn't arrive in Turin for over 24 hours later. Eww...can you say "Great Equalizer"? As they get to the airport, the other teams start departing. Their times (local zone) are:
Brendon & Rachel (Team Oh, Brother!): 2159
Joey "Fitness" & Danny (Team Clubbers): 2200
Bopper & Mark (Sons of Anar-KY): 2208
Nary & Jamie (Party In the CIA): 2209
Rachel & Dave (Team Yellow Ribbon): 2210
Kerri & Stacy (Team Double Trouble): 2145
Vanessa & Ralph (Team It's Complicated!): 0015

Didya know that Bopper is Racing to help support his child's respritory medication? And here we thought he was just a hick globe-hopping with his bud! A number of the teams clash at a different agency from where Art & JJ got their tickets and they all book the same flight, too. Bopper & Mark, though, went straight to the airport and ran into Team Border Watch. But the Kentucky rednecks were SHOCKED to find that they needed to go to a travel agency to book their flight as no place in the airport was open! As they head back (and head to Art & JJ's agency), more teams get on the 9:15 flight. In a panicked state, Bopper & JJ pick a flight that arrives at 11:50am...over an HOUR after the other teams' flight! But they don't KNOW it until they're all at the airport!

The plane arrives, is "turned around" (in plane parlance, that means refeuled and prepped for the next flight) and the teams start to board. The Sons of Anar-KY are all but BEGGING the ticket-taker to put them on standby of this full flight! The taker looks to see if seats are avaliable...the team waits...but nothing opens up. The plane leaves for Italy...and Bopper & Mark are wondering how the hell they're gonna make up 75 minutes in....


Benvenuti in Italia...the country a manga artist made millions from by exploiting its stereotypical uselessness! Fourteen wacky Racers exit the plane and head for the parking garage where they can say they've driven a Ford in Italy lately. They take off in their cars...and IMMEDIATELY get lost in the busy streets of this Alpine city. Team Border Watch...hates the lack of street signs. Team Oh, Brother!...is confused as to which side of the road to drive on. Party In the CIA...enjoys the view. Team Clubbers... argue about Italian women. And Team Yellow Ribbon...argue at each other until Rachel pulls over and tells Dave to drive. Oh, and Kerri can't drive a stick so she & Stacy are still in the parking lot taking an impromptu driver's test until Stacy finally takes over.


TSomehow, Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel find their way to the building. The ceiling is atop of a "fireman climb", a large parking-lot-style structure that goes around and around in a continuous loop. As they start the jog upwards, Joey "Fitness" & Danny, Vanessa & Ralph and Nary & Jamie arrive and start THEIR climb. But it's Team Border Watch that arrives first and opens the clue...and we see something we haven't seen in a good while on a Race:



To win this FAST FORWARD, teams must land a helicopter on top of a building. Once the copter is safely landed and shut down , the trainer will hand you the clue to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

(What is NOT said is that it's...not a REAL copter...and not a REAL building. One team member operates a remote-controlled helicopter and attempts to land said copter on a model of the roof of the Lingatto Building...which is worn on a helmet by the other team member.)

Well, hell, of COURSE they'll give it a go! That leaves Team Oh, Brother! stuck to do THIS instead:



One member of each team must put in rock-climbing gear and rappel down the middle of the Lingatto Building (past the trail you just took to get up to the clue). About midway down, your next clue hangs. You must get the clue within two minutes of starting your rappel. If you do so, you can go all the way down to your partner and then read said clue. If you don't, you must rappel down and then climb back up to try again. Only four lines are avaliable; first come first serve.

And other teams reach the top and choose their ROADBLOCKers. This time they are: Rachel, Danny, Jamie and Vanessa.

Art & JJ think they're gonna fly a real copter...until they arrive at where the clue tells them to go. "What the hell," is about all JJ can say. But he grabs the "building" and puts it on his head while Art cranks up the mini-chopper. (BTW, the faux-"Flight of the Valkyries" music? Nice touch, CBS.) Art seems to be doing OK...until he slams the copter into JJ's helmet.

Outside, Rachel and Danny are ready to fall down and try NOT to go boom. Rachel's been rapelling before so she seems to be a natural. Danny...he's never done it in his life and it's giving him an atomic wedgie. Still, both of them make easy work of the event and slide down to their partners, now in first and second respectively. And their next clue reads thusly:



Return to your cars and drive yourselves across town to the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile (National Automobile Museum). Once there, paralell park using the Focus' Active Park Assist feature (which pretty much parks the car irself) in designated areas. Then go into the Museo and find the 1916 Ford Tin Lizzie (distant relative of your own car) and find the clue on the driver's seat.

As the two teams take off, Team Border Watch keeps trying to get that Get-Out-Of-Leg-Free Card and Team Double Trouble navigates their way to the building, the flight with the Sons of Anar-KY shows up. They may be in last but they swear to keep plugging away. When Team Yellow Ribbon arrives at the ROADBLOCK, Rachel decides to rappel...but Dave is INTRIGUED about the prospect of landing a helicopter (being a former Army pilot and all. Rachel is wondering is Art & JJ are doing it now (which they are) and Dave decides to give in and let the matter (and her) drop.

Vanessa goes out...but is moving rather slowly down the rope. Jamie catches up...and, as they dangle, they wonder how to get the clues in front of them. As Rachel gets set to go down, Vanessa's time runs out, mean she has to go all the way down, get unhooked and then go all the way UP to start again! Fortunately, Jamie likewise times out. But Rachel is smart: she starts swinging a little as she goes down, thus giving her the momentum to reach for the clue...which she does. She & Dave leave in third for...


Brendon & Rachel are first to the museum...but they argue about using the Active Park Assist feature. On the other hip, Joey "Fitness" & Danny just take the instructions one step at a time...and then let the car do the rest. Once parked, they bust out of the car and into the building looking for the OTHER car. They have a little trouble, which gives Team Oh, Brother! a chance to stop arguing and get parked...only they DON'T stop arguing...and Rachel is angry at being talked down to the way Brendon allegedly did. In fact, they're considering just quitting the Race...but (as much as we'd LIKE for them to leave, I'm sure) they plod on into the museum.

Back at the Lingatto, Art & JJ are STILL struggling to land that copter...and JJ's wondering if they can finish the task in the next 30 minutes so that the other teams don't catch up! Speaking of, Vanessa and Jamie try again...and THIS time they get the idea of swinging before dropping to the clue. As such, Party In the CIA leave the ROADBLOCK in 4th and Team It's Complicated in 5th.

JJ is in a tuck position, Art asks for a little levelling out of his head...and we have a touchdown! the trainer gives them this awesone clue:



You are now free to bypass all other tasks on this Leg and proceed directly to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race: Piazza Castello.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Oh, what a feeling! And as they take off for a potential first-place (though it's not set in stone, as was seen with other FAST FORWARDs), Kerri & Stacy arrive at the same building...and Bopper & Mark are still en route.

Back at the museum, Team Clubbers find the floor with the older cars...while Team Oh, Brother! continues their lover's spat. Outside, Team Yellow Ribbon, Team It's Complicated! and Party In the CIA run into an unusual sight: a busload of Saint Nicholases in some sorta convention. Doesn't distract them for TOO long, though; they have cars to have park themselves, after all.

At the ROADBLOCK, Stacy decides to do it...and instantly regrets it. She's scared of heights...but she carries on, swinging and grabbing the clue in record time. She & Kerri leave 7th for the the museum...leaving the Sons of Anar-KY left to find the place and do the deed. They ask a local for directions and frown at their alleged inability to speak English.

Brendan & Rachel FINALLY calm down and are the first to locate the Tin Lizzy (but they don't start singing "The Boys Are Back In Town"; that's THIN Lizzy)! On the driver's seat are a number of small red-and-white boxes.Upon opening one they find...a penny? Well, it's SOME copper-looking coin. Were it a proper clue, it would probably say this:



The coin you have is a two-cent-Euro coin printed for Italy. Imprinted on the back of the coin is the location of your next clue: Mole Antonelianna. Ride the elevator to the top and search for it.

Ah, but never overestimate the prowess of two people who met on a REALITY SHOW, even if one of them is studying to be the next Leonard Hofstadter! THEY think they have to put the coin in the car somewhere to release the next clue. So...they start looking around the model and the OTHER cars for something to stick the coin in. The GOOD news is that Team Clubbers and Team Yellow Ribbon seem to think the same thing. Vanessa & Ralph find the clue in 5th...and assumes (correctly) that the place on the back is where they're going. Nary & Kamie likewise feel so.

Well, hey, there are a bunch of local Father Christmases waiting to be asked about the coin...and Rachel & Dave approach one and get directions to the place. Joy "Fitness" & Danny do the same. The other teams follow suit...and Brendon & Rachel go out to see who's left. Team Yellow Ribbon start to argue and go the wrong way. As the other teams head for the Mole (Italian for "size"), Team Oh, Brother! argue again and consider calling it quits. Brendon has an IDEA that the building on the coin has something to do with it...and Rachel says to head for said building, though she's more or less given up.

As they leave, Team Double Trouble arrives...and they think they MIGHT be in front because no other Focus-es are here. Little do they know that Bopper is doing the ROADBLOCK as they speak. Bopper thought the rappel device worked like a ratchet, but Mark (who, being afraid of height, I have NO idea how he knows this) tells him how to do it properly. Bopper has little problem getting the clue and trying to catch up again.


Art & JJ have an easy road to first place...but FINDING the road to the piazza is a different story. At a large castle-like building, they park and start running around the open courtyard. Suddenly, they spot Phil standing by the local and jog to the mat. The local welcomes them (and hugs them) and Phil pronounces them again as Team # 1! And they have won US$5000 each! "This Race is gnarly," says JJ.


Team Clubbers are the first to the impressive century-old once-synagogue-now-museum and start to search around it for their clue. Other teams arrive as they ride to the observation deck and locate their clue wrapped around an arcitechtural ball. And it's the next:



CLEAN THAT STATUE: Drive yourselves to L'Arte Marmi, a statuary restoration shoppe and, using the tools provided, help to CAREFULLY clean off a statue. Once the statue is restored to its prestine state, the master restorer will give you your next clue.

NAME THAT SALAMI: Go to the Gastronomia Salumeria shop and taste fourteen different types of salami. Once you have the looks and tastes of the salamis down, travel on foot a half a mile to Piazza Vittorio, locate a salami table and identify all 14 by name. If you're successful, the salumeria will give you your next clue.

The NYC/NJ friends choose to CLEAN THAT STATUE and, as they go down, Team Yellow Ribbon goes up...and THEY decided that the salami was "too much meat for us to handle" and followed Joey "Fitness" & Danny to the statuary. Other teams arrive...and Ralph lets the Ford park itself again which, while cool, DOES take time. Next to the DETOUR clue is Party In the CIA, who choose STATUE as well. And next is Team It's Complicated who choose likewise.

Meanwhile, on "As the Stomach Turns", Brendon relates to the camera how this spat could lead to the end of their relationship...and Rachel cries, saying she just wanted to "travel around the world with her best friend". They find enough courage to call Vanessa a "triflin' ho" (though not to her face, of course) as they approach the DETOUR clue. Vanessa predicts they'll do NAME THAT SALAMI...and they DO, asking a local for directions on foot. But...there's no truce between the two as they trudge off.


As the other teams get lost in cars, Team Oh, Brother! find their DETOUR on foot. The salami have a LOT of odd names, but they take them one at a time, getting the names, looks and tastes just right.

Back at the Museum, Kerri & Stacy are still looking for "Lizzy" and their next clue. They find...JUST as the Sons of Anar-KY arrive! Bopper & Mark are a little more optimistic, having made up most of the 75-minute deficit they got themselves in.


Rachel & Dave almost literally stumble upon the restoration shoppe. they dress up in whites and learn just how to clean off these ten-foot grimy statues with pressure washers, paintbrushes and towels. And we learn NOT to give Rachel a pressure washer as she almost lopped the statue's head off with the stream of water before Dave took over. As they start, Vanessa & Ralph show up with Joey "Fitness" & Danny right behind. Ralph actually DOES decapitate their statue...but they make up for it by scrubbing it while it's down. Team Clubbers talk about their social lives to the camera as Nary & Jamie arrive and Team Yellow Ribbon scrub the pedastal in the waning sunlight. And there goes ANOTHER head, courtesy of Nary.

Back at the salami shoppe, Brendon & Rachel continue noshing on the meat. At last, they have a general idea and they head over to the piazza. One by one, they guess the salamis on the table there. They get several right...but then they pick one wrong and head back to the shoppe.

Oh, and Team Double Trouble arrive at the DETOUR clue and choose SALAMI. Oh, and Sons of Anar-KY find the coin.

"DONE!" shouts Rachel. She & Dave wait as the master restorer inspects the white statue from all angles...and gives them the thumbs-up! They're first to leave the DETOUR (though currently in 2nd) with this vital clue:



Make your way on foot to the Piazza Castello, the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As the Army wife and husband head out, Team Oh, Brother! try again to name the salamis...and they miss right away, not even sure which ones they did right the FIRST time. Well, at least they're not arguing. But while they head back, Kerri & Stacy arrive to start tasting. When the couple sees the cousins, Rachel decides to just go back and forth guessing and re-guessing, since they KNOW there're four salamis they've yet to get right. She starts to break down again...even thinking of jumping in front of a car. And she REALLY breaks down when they get one wrong. (Had I known better, I'd say she was "riding the red tide", if you catch my drift.) But, hey,...they're best friends...and best friends make up...and they SUCK it up and get the task done! And that's what Brendan gets Rachel to do.

Team Clubbers are next to get the nod from the restorer and depart the DETOUR in 3rd. Team It's Complicated is next to finish in 4th...

...and Rachel & Dave made a comeback as they checked-in as Team # 2 (TIED FOR BEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE LEG). The Border/Ribbon Alliance is back on top...though their communication together sucked eggs, they'll admit.

Oh, and Bopper & Mark choose STATUE as night falls.

Nary & Jamie put the head back on the statue and ask for a review. the feddies get the nod and leave for the PIT STOP in 5th.

Joey "Fitness" & Danny check-in as Team # 3...again. And close behind is Vanessa & Ralph, Team # 4 (TIED FOR BEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE LEG).

Rachel is still crying and whining...but she's still sucking it up as Team Double Trouble hasn't even finished their initial tasting. They're down to two left. They taste them... they name them...and they get the clue, leaving the DETOUR in 6th...

...just as Nary & Jamie check-in as #5...again.

Kerri & Stacy start to name the salamis at the table...and it's no telling how many times it took but apparantly it was quick as they leave in 7th...

...thus leaving Bopper & Mark still scrubbing that statue as the couple comes in as # 6 (TIED FOR BIGGEST DROP OF THE LEG) and the girls are checked-in as # 7..again. At least they had fun with cleaning.

The Leg started off with a poor choice by the two Kentucky friends fro the "other side of the tracks"...but just the fact that they made it to Italy where three other teams didn't fills their hearts. They jog to Phil in the dead of night and hear him say they are last to arrive (TIED FOR BIGGEST DROP OF THE LEG). Phil talked to Bopper about his daughter (mentioned above) and he says they had a good day despite coming in last.

Wait,...why are Art & JJ coming over? They want to split their $10Gs with Sons of Anar-KY to help with Bopper's kid. Awwwwwwwww...Bopper's in tears!

And Phil has some BETTER news! This is a Non-Elimination Leg! Bopper & Mark are still in the Race! Phil warns Team Border Watch that the ones they gave a LITTLE money to might just take a LOT of money FROM them before the Race is over. But Art & JJ are sure they'd deserve it if they fight back from a SPEED BUMP in the next Leg and beat them. And Bopper vows to return the favor somehow!



1) Art & JJ (EVEN) - Bahamas, $2500
2) Rachel & Dave (+4) - Express Pass (USED), Grenada
3) Joey "Fitness" & Danny (EVEN)
4) Vanessa & Ralph (+4)
5) Nary & Jamie (EVEN)
6) Brendon & Rachel (-4)
7) Kerri & Stacy (EVEN)
8) Bopper & Mark (-4) $2500 [gifted by Art & JJ]
ELIMINATED) Elliot & Andrew (EVEN) (9th)
ELIMINATED) Dave & Cherie (10th)
ELIMINATED) Misa & Maiya (11th)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace