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February 19

Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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You Know I'm Not As Smart As You!
February 26

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE...eleven teams left Santa Barbara and headed to Santa Barbara...that's S.B., California to S.B., Argentina. Along the way, they skydived and made a LOT of empanadas before arriving at the first PIT STOP of the Race. Rachel & Dave (Team Yellow Ribbon) were the first to shopw up, earning the EXPRESS PASS that will allow them to skip any task from now until the end of Leg 8. Misa & Maiya (Team FORE!) were THIS CLOSE to the PIT STOP...but couldn't FIND it until it was too late. They were the first to go home. Ten teams remain in the hunt for the million bucks...who will be Philiminated NEXT?!



After a rest period in which they admire their EXPRESS PASS, the soldier and his wife get Leg 2 started thusly:



Drive yourselves to the Town Square of Cafayate, Argentina (just down the road, really). Once there, wait for a chasqui (a mounted postman) to come by and deliver your next clue to you.

Unaware of what a "chasqui" is, and confident that they can pocket their EXPRESS PASS, the couple takes off. The other teams' departure times (local time) are:
Brendon & Rachel (Team Oh, Brother!): 0248
Art & JJ (Team Border Watch): 0249
Nary & Jamie (Party In the CIA): 0321
Vanessa & Ralph (Team It's Complicated!): 0331
Elliot & Andrew (Team Twins? Really?): 0421
Kerri & Stacy (Team Double Trouble): 0523
Dave & Cherie (Team Married Clowns): 0527
Bopper & Mark (Sons of Anar-KY): 0529
Joey "Fitness" & Danny (Team Clubbers): 0535

Team Border Watch learn what a "chasqui" is as head off...with Team Oh, Brother! tailing them. JJ feels this is typical of Brendon as "he's a UCLA student". And nobody knows Party In the CIA are actually feddies; Nary & Jamie have been telling everyone they're school teachers. How very CIA of them! And did you know that Dave of Team Married Clowns had LP Hodgkin's disease...TWICE?! That's, essentially, white blood cell cancer, folks! Fortunately, he's been cancer-free for the last 11 years.


A barking dog greets Team Yellow Ribbon as they arrive at the square. A nearby information booth informs them that the "chasqui" will not be by until sunrise. So much for the lead. Before the large daystar even TOUCHES the horizon, all the teams are there, waiting for the postman.

As it must, the sun rises. And, at around 6:35am, hooves are heard on the street. Ah, it's senor postman; he checks and sees...and he has a letter, a letter for...well, EVERYONE! Twenty Americans run to the horseman and grabs the clues as soon as he pulls them out of his saddlebag. And that next clue is the Race's first:



BOIL MY WATER: Travel to one of three isolated villages on the enclosed map and provide them with a means of cooking...the natural way. Once you arrive, go to the nearby flatbed truck and take out one of the "solar kitchen" sets. Then, using the picturs on the side of the box as a reference, set up the kitchen. Then, point the kitchen directly at the sun and place a tea kettle full of water in the center. Once the kettle starts to whistle that the water is boiling, show the solar panel expert and he will hand you your next clue.

LIGHT MY FIRE: Head for the riverbank (at El Taller Obelisco) marked on the map and collect firewood and clay. Load them onto a provided donkey and transport them about one mile to the Artesanias Pottery Workshop. You must make sure it is enough firewood (40 sticks) and clay that the shop owner can build into a good fire. Once she apporves of the delivery, she will hand you your next clue. If she doesn't, you must take the donkey back to the riverbed and collect more.

An issue occurs when Brendon & Rachel snatch Art & JJ's clue right out of their hands. In the end, once everyone has their clues, everyone BUT Team Border Watch choose BOIL MY WATER; the partolmen figure it'll take FOREVER to boil water.

Oddly enough, the first village hosting BOIL MY WATER just happens to be the pottery workshop that end LIGHT MY FIRE. Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph and Dave & Cherie and Nary & Jamie get the four "solar kitchens" on the truck (thus forcing everyone else to go to the next location) and start to build. Art & JJ drive PAST them en route to the riverbank. Now...the pictures on the side of the boxes are of COMPLETED panels, which makes it kind of hard to know what really goes where. But the teams plow along. Dave from Team Yellow Ribbon prefers to work on his own...so Rachel seems to be getting in the way, according to him.

At the second BOIL MY WATER spot, Elliot & Andrew, Joey "Fitness" & Danny and Kerri & Stacy stop...just as Team Border Watch passes by en route to LIGHT MY FIRE. Stacy is the "builder" and "tweaker" of the two cousins so she's in charge of helping to set the kitchen up. That leaves Bopper & Mark and Brendan & Rachel to go to the furthest village. Just then, Art & JJ show up, asking for directions to the riverbank and getting no help. As they drive away, the Sons of Anar-KY seem to put the kitchen together fairly quickly and fairly easily.

As for Team Border Watchers,...they're wondering donde el infierno THEIR task starts! They stop at another small village and ask for directions...and learn they are WAY off course. JJ fixates on the fact they are now twenty minutes behind everyone else...but Art wants him to let it go as they FINALLY find the place. They pant heavily as they run to the riverbank, check out how the donkey is supposed to be loaded up and get to collecting, determined to catch up.

Back at village # 1, Rachel & Dave finish their panel and begin to point it at the sun...while the others aren't even HALF-way done. And the others start throwing epithets that CBS can actually AIR as they struggle. At #3, Bopper & Mark finish their task and put the kettle on, waiting for it to boil while Team Oh, Brother! still struggle with their own. At #2, Danny cuts his hand but shrugs it off.. Then Team Clubbers see that Team Double Trouble is close to completion and all but beg for help from them...which, for some reason, the cousins give freely.

Team Married Clowns get the same idea to peek at Team Yellow Ribbon's completed kitchen...and only THEN do they realize that there are pictures for reference. DOH! "The things you miss," says Cherie, "when you're hopped up on adrenaline." As more teams finish and start to boil, Art & JJ finish the collection and start their long trek to drop off the stick and stones...and get their donkey's rope stuck on a branch. At this point, it's anybody's Race...

...but, in the end, a kettle whistles...and it belongs to the Sons of Anar-KY! They depart the DETOUR in first with this clue:



Drive yourselves back to Salta and travel by charter bus (on an 18-hour trip) to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Once you arrive, find your way to the Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers (Liniers Cattle Market) where your next clue awaits.

As they drive off for Salta, Team Border Watch arrive at village #1 and, subsequently, the pottery workshop. They unload for the shop owner, get the nod and depart in second, much to the other teams' chagrin. The next whistling kettle belongs to Team Yellow Ribbon, who quickly leave in 3rd. After the two all-male teams speed by village #3, they honk at Team Oh, Brother! in jest. Good thing THEIR kettle went off right then; who knows WHAT they'd've done?! Dave & Cherie are next to depart in 5th, followed closely by Team It's Complicated!, Team Twins? Really?, Team Clubbers and Team Double Trouble. Party In the CIA waited...and waited...and FINALLY got a whistle, meaning they can depart in last place for...


The first bus departing for Buenos Aires is ready to roll...but not without the first four teams - Bopper & Mark, Art & JJ, Rachel & Dave and Brendon & Rachel - on it. The second bus isn't quite as far behind, so the second group - Dave & Cherie, Vanessa & Ralph, Elliot & Andrew and Joey "Fitness” & Danny - can still make up time. The last two teams - Kerri & Stacy and Nary & Jamie - have to settle for the next bus...still close but not THAT close.

Well, when you have 18 hours or bus riding to do, best you can do is curl up and get some shut-eye for the road ahead. All ten teams do just that... watching the scenery... leaning back... closing their eyes... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....



The teams on the second bus wake with a start. On a Race where anything can happen, something did: one of the windows on their bus was shattered in! Fortunately, nobody was hurt. But "repairing" the window (read: duct-tape the window up with cardboard) takes time. And, by the time they're ready to roll (about two hours later), the third bus passes them by...which should be much to the delight of the two all-girl teams who are now closer to making it three all-girl teams in a row to win the Race.


The first bus, having NO problems, arrives in the morning at the Argentine capital. Teams Sons of Anar-KY, Yellow Ribbon, Border Watch and Oh, Brother! depart and look for taxis. They get them and haul...just as the last bus to depart enters the city limits. Team Double Trouble and Party in the CIA still think they're in 9th and 10th - not 5th and 6th - en route to...


A clue bag hangs from a statue of a horse flanked by two statues of gauchos. It is here that Rachel & Dave arrive at first, only to run into a:



This is the largest cattle market in the world...and one of you is about to find out HOW large! One team member must listen to an auctioneer tell the weight of all the cows in one corral and then quickly count the number of heads of cattle in said canal and work out the average (rounded down to the nearest kilogram). They must work out the average before the auctioneer finishes the auction and moves on to the next corral or they must start again. If they tell the correct average to the waiting guacho, he will hand them the next clue, which they can only open when they reunite with their partner. You may NOT use a calculator to work out the average.

Rachel decides to count heads and runs to catch the opening bell of the auction. The auctioneer annouces the weight of the first corral: 5919 kilograms of future hamburgers. As the auction starts, Rachel works fast to try to count the cattle...but, of course, cattle doesn't like to stay put, especially when being priced for the slaughter. So the counting is hard for her...especially with the auctioneer talking loud and fast.

Brendon & Rachel get dropped off on the OTHER side of the market and start to run. This allows Art & JJ to speed past them and get the clue, they the former "House Guests" and Bopper & Mark are right behind. JJ, Rachel B. and Mark choose to count heads...and they arrive to do so just as Rachel R. figures out the average and runs down to tell the gaucho. Her guess...is incorrect. So now she must join the others at the NEXT corral, which has over 10,000kgs of beef in it. JJ and Rachel R. team up to try to solve the riddle...and Rachel B. decides to mosey up beside them and listen for the right number. Mark works with numbers and livestock fairly often so he should have no trouble doing it alone,...right? Uh,...wrong. His guess is turned back by the gaucho.

As the second bus arrives at the station, Rachel R. and JJ figure out the average of the current stall and both head down to the gaucho to confirm...right behind Rachel B., whose guess is wrong. The current auction had 7540kgs of cattle...and there were 22 head of cattle...making an average of 342.72kg (or just 342 for this clue). The gaucho accepts this and hands JJ his next clue. Rachel R. follows suit and gets the clue in second. The two teams reunite and rip 'n' read:



Travel by taxi to El Gomero, a famous 200-year-old rubber tree found in the middle of the Recoleta Neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This is the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As the two teams excitedly depart, Bopper and Brendon encourage their teammates to not distress and concentrate. JJ was glad to have rid themselves of the "tagalongs" of Team Oh, Brother! and is not one bit ashamed of not helping the panicky Rachel B. After a few more frustrating attempts, Rachel B. and Mark decide to work together as well...though she's STILL quite panicky!

Rightfully so, too, because Nary & Jamie and Kerri & Stacy just arrived. Nary and Stacy are the averagers for this ROADBLOCK and join Rachel and Mark...JUST as Mark works out an average for the two of them. And THIS time, it's right! Bopper & Mark leave in 3rd and Brendon & Rachel right behind them in 4th. As the Sons of Anar-KY get a cab (and Mark grovels about not rounding), Team Oh, Brother! are cab-less...and Rachel starts to cry for screwing things up. Brendon does his best to calm Rachel down...though not too successfully until they get another cab.


Two taxis pull in the park where the huge rubber tree stands tall and proud. Phil and the local greeter (a soccer player in Team Argentina garb) likewise stand tall and proud as the teams run for the black mat in front of the host. Two Americans hit the mat, get the greeting and get the good news from Mr. Keoghan:

"Rachel & Dave...you are Team # 1...again!"

For winning back-to-back Legs, the couple will spend seven nights on the Carribean island of Grenada, courtesy of (who else?) Travelocity(TM), the official trip-prize-giver of The Amazing Race. Oh, and don't worry, Dave; it's been thirty years since we invaded and Gunney Highway and his troops cleared it out.

Art & JJ are Team # 2...and they're not happy! Well, at FIRST, they're not because they're so competative...but they get over it quick.

The final bus pulls up to the station and the four teams who WERE in the middle of the pack are now running to avoid being Philiminated or SPEED BUMPed. As they head for the market, Stacy and Nary work on the ROADBLOCK. Stacy's great at math (having an 11-year-old at home)...but not with distractions. And there are a LOT a distractions at this loud auction house.

Back at the tree, Bopper & Mark are Team # 3 (BEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE LEG) and Brendon & Rachel are # 4.

Stacy runs to the gaucho with her guess...and receives the clue! She and Kerri leave for the PIT STOP in 5th...but not alone as Nary gets HER guess right as well and she and Jamie leave in 6th...and the market continues with the auctions, awaiting the final four teams.

Speaking of which, Teams It's Complicated! and Clubbers arrive and Jessica and Joey "Fitness" elect to count the beef. Minutes behind them is Team Married Clowns, Dave volunteering. In last is Team Twins? Really? and Andrew goes for it. While Andrew digs math, Dave and Jessica are horrible at it...and Joey "Fitness" has only seen cows in picture books or on buns so...might throw him off.

Team Double Trouble arrive at the PIT STOP...and get the good news about being the second bus to arrive and, consequently, them being Team # 5. And there was MUCH rejoicing! And a CHEER as well! Party In the CIA get the same good news, save that they're Team # 6. And even MORE rejoicing!

Back at the auction, Dave has a LOT of difficulty with the math...but Vanessa (who has experience in "tuning out men") concentrates...and she and Ralph leave in 7th. This gives Joey "Fitness" and Andrew the idea to pool their resorces to "beat the clown". And, sure enough, Joey "Fitness" & Danny depart in 8th with Elliot & Andrew right behind in 9th...leaving the math-flummoxed Dave in the dust! But, just like a clown, even a frown won't stop him!

At the PIT STOP, Team It's Complicated! learn about the other bus passing them and, as such, they are Team # 7. Hey...they're still racing so...whatever. Team Clubbers check-in as # 8...and Team Twins? Really? as # 9 (BIGGEST DROP OF THE LEG). At least Elliot gets to kick it around with the soccer player/greeter.

Dave keeps plugging away as Cherie cries some more "tears of a clown". With most of the corrals empty, Dave FINALLY gets the nod and the team head for the PIT STOP...though almost certain of what's going to happen. Sure enough, when they arrive at the tree (with red noses on their conks), Phil lets them know they're in last...and that he must "send out the clowns"; they are eliminated. They've been through worse together (as stated above) so...no regrets. They put on their noses again and clown around as they depart.

No million-dollar clowns this time. o/~ Well, maybe...neeeeeext yeeeeeeeeeear. o/~ (Oh, stop groaning!)



1) Rachel & Dave (EVEN) - Express Pass, Grenada
2) Art & JJ (+1)
3) Bopper & Mark (+6)
4) Brendon & Rachel (-2)
5) Kerri & Stacy (+2)
6) Nary & Jamie (-2)
7) Vanessa & Ralph (-2)
8) Joey "Fitness" & Danny (+2)
9) Elliot & Andrew (-3)
ELIMINATED) Dave & Cherie (-2) (10th)
ELIMINATED) Misa & Maiya (11th)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace