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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...again! They tried before and failed...so this is Unfinished Business!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
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We're Good American People
April 24

From the heat of India to the cold of Austria, the Amazing Racers took off. Once in Vienna, they learn that the winners of the Leg would each get a (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT) 2012 Ford(TM) Focus. Three teams try to choke down a feast on a Ferris wheel in twelve minutes but just didn't have the stomachs... so everyone moved couches from Sigmund Freud's museum to the University of Vienna. Then they drove to Vienna to sweep out chimneys and (to complete the Julie Andrews daily double) arrived at the Von Trapp Family house for the PIT STOP. Zev & Justin (Team Puzzle Pieces) won the Leg and the cars. Gary & Mallory (Team KY/Dad) were last...but not Philiminated as this was a non-elimination Leg and they just need to perform a SPEED BUMP on the way through the next Leg. Six teams STILL remain in the hunt for the elusive million bucks...who will be going home this time?!?


With their cars being shipped back to SoCal to await their return, Team Puzzle Pieces start of Leg 9 with this clue:



Take a train to Feldkirch, Austria. Then cross the Swiss customs checkpoint into Schaanwald, Liechtenstein (a country only one-fifth the size of New York City's five boroughs). Once across the border and in town, you'll find your next clue.


Chuckling to themselves about the 2xU-T, the three-Leg winners get a taxi and head for the train station. The other teams' departure times (all local):
"Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (aka Herb & Nate, Team Trotter): 0325
Kent & Vyxsin (Team Dating Goths): 0339
Kisha & Jen (Team Cardinal Sisters): 0349
Jet & Cord (Team Cowboy Bebop): 0350
Gary & Mallory: 0436

Team Trotters admit to buddying with everyone BUT the cowboys, Team Dating Goths try to stay positive despite the bickering, Kisha is catching a cold, the cowboys are looking to get into second gear at the start of THIS Leg, and Team KY/Dad are ready to "knock their SPEED BUMP out"!

As expected, it's another Great Equalizer as all twelve Americans are on the same train and watch the beautiful scenery go by as the sun comes up. Despite no having slept in 36 hours, Gary & Mallory didn't want to miss the mountains and the "postcard" villages they pass by. The hell with sleep; how often are you gonna ride through the Alps?!


Last stop! All out! Mind the gap, please. And Jet & Cord are the first to get a cab! They are followed by Gary & Mallory (whose driver uses a GPS and thus lags behind), Herb & Nate, Kisha & Jen, Zev & Justin (whose driver is worried about them being terrorists) and Kent & Vyxsin. Another "Cannonball Run"-style auto race ensues, with Team Puzzle Pieces' taxi driver mounting the curb to pass everyone else en route to:


The teams exit their taxis and, after the customs check, sprint to the clue box...and, boy, are they gonna be shocked!:



One of you must take a motorized bicycle (also known as a Solex) with a guidence map and an odometer and measure the ENTIRE LENGTH OF LIECHTENSTEIN. Ride from Schaanwald to Balzers. Once at a sign in Balzers, a guest (Liechtenstein ski racer Marco Buchel, veteran of a record six Winter Olympics) will ask for your guess of measurement from your odometer on a postcard. If you're right to the nearest kilometer (which, unbeknownest to the Racers, is 22km [about 13 2/3 miles]), he will direct you to your next destination. If you're WRONG, you must take a ride BACK to Schaanwald and measure the country again.

Your teammates will be taken to the destination via taxi to await you with the next clue. They CANNOT open the clue until you arrive.

And your participants in this Tour de Liechtenstein: Justin, Jen, Jet, Vyxsin and Herb. Jen isn't handling the bike too well at first, Jet feels like "Dumb & Dumber" and Herb...he's rapping as he tears down the highway.

As Gary & Mallory FINALLY arrive at the ROADBLOCK, there's just ONE little issue to take care of first:



Having been spared elimination in the last Leg, you have now incurred a Speed Bump.

The next task uses a motorized bicycle called a Solex. You must use the tools provided to give a proper 25-to-1 gas-to-oil ratio to power the Solex. Once you have done this to the mechanic's satisfaction, you will use the Solex in the next task in hopes of making up for lost time.

Now,...it's a common stereotype that beauty queens are NOT the brightest star in the galaxy of people. But neither Mallory nor her father seem to be doing anything to discourage the myth. They seem to be doing bad at math, trying to figure out how much gas to pump to match the ratio of the 80ml of oil provided. After a few moments, though, they figure it out: 80ml x 25 = 2 liters of gas. They pump it, they fill up the Solex, Gary decides to do the ROADBLOCK...and off he goes!

Despite being less than 62,000 square miles in area, this country seems to be easier to get lost in than downtown Manhattan at rush hour. Both Jet and Herb go the wrong way while Jen loses her map. As Jet gets his bearings, Gary arrives and decides to "draft" the cowboy and hope for the best...but he loses the cowboy in traffic. Jen and Justin join forces to find their way. And Vyxsin's map-reading skills fail her...AGAIN!


The ski racer looks fine on flat feet on a highway as Justin and Jen arrive. Marco hands them postcards and pencils to write their guesses. Justin writes 22km...and Marco says he is right and points him to nearby Castle Gutenburg to get his next clue. As Justin drives off, he confirms "22" to Jen, who likewise gets it right and heads for the castle. As Vyxsin finds Gary and they put their heads together, Jet is next to Marco. However, 35km is WAY too far; he has to turn back and try again. And Jet...he's none too pleased. He passes Herb and finds that the Trotter got lost, too...so THAT'S a ray of hope for him anyway.


No idea if it's named for the man who printed the Bible widely...but Justin and Jen are DEFINITELY praying that they finds their partners and their clues fast. Sure enough, everyone is there and Justin finds Zev first, allowing them to open the clue up and see:



Make your way by bus and train to the ski resort of Zelmatt, Switzerland at the base of the famous Materhorn. Search the train station for your next clue.

Jen is right behind them, picking up Kisha and leaving in second. As the teams await the bus, Herb shows up...and, after begging a bit, he gets the magic number 22 from them. As he bikes off, the bus shows up...and the teams discuss that, had it been ANYONE else but "Flight Time", they would've remained tight-lipped! And Herb...he caught up to Gary and told HIM. And, when they both arrived at Marco and Vxysin showed up right behind them, GARY told VYXSIN! So Jet is the ONLY one to have to do the whole thing over again!

As Jet rides again, Team Puzzle Pieces and Team Cardinal Sisters hop off the bus and onto the train to Zelmatt. And three more teammates arrive at Castle Gutenburg to go on their way...leaving Cord feeling like a lone Ranger. It takes time, but Jet gets it right when he returns to Marco and rejoins his brother to, once again, try to make up ground!


(Did you know that Switzerland and Liechtenstein have a customs agreement? Yeah, they're pretty much the only two countries you can travel freely between in Europe.)

The first train arrives and Zev & Justin and Kisha & Jen spill out in the Swiss night air for the last part of this rare three-country Leg. They both find the clue box and hit a:



CHEESE: Travel to the walliserkanne restaurant and share a big pot of cheese fondue. Once you finish ALL the cheese, you will be handed an empty pot which has your next clue.

WHEEZE: Here in the train station is a pile of luggage. You must take twenty pieces of luggage and travel around Zelmatt, dropping off the luggage at their designated hotels. You must visit at least five different hotels and you will receive a tag for each delivery. Give the head porter twenty tags and he'll hand you your next clue.

Zev & Justin decide again for the food challenge even though they still have a stomach-ache from the LAST one. Kisha & Jen join them in the cheese eating. They arrive at the restaurant and, whilst being serenaded by yodelers and accordianist, they get they're pots and dig in...although Justin complains the whole way that he doesn't think they can do this. Kisha's stomach was bugging her as soon as they sat down... and, after a few dips into the pot, it's obvious she can't eat all this...so they decide to U-TURN themselves and get to WHEEZE-ing. This gives Team Puzzle Pieces incentive to continue with the constipation mastication.

So Team Cardinal Sisters go back to the train station and don bellhop uniforms. They decide to find four pieces of luggage each from five different hotels and make the even twenty...so they get to digging. They gather various pieces - for Hotel Astoria, Hotel Metropol & Spa and Grand Hotel Zermatterhorn - and haul them off in their marked porter cart. They ask for directions to the hotels from the friendly people of Zelmatt and get it, helping their cause along.

Meanwhile, the other three teams are chilling on the 2nd train to Zelmatt. But even though they are well ahead of Team Cowboy Bebop, Vyxsin is STILL a little nervous; she has SEEN the brothers come back time and again and she won't feel safe until her feet and Kent's are firmly on the PIT STOP mat ahead of them.

Back at CHEESE, Zev is powering through the cheese, despite Justin's slowing down. One problem is that the cheese isn't quite to their tastes. "At least it's not curdling," says Justin...and then grips his stomach a bit at the thought. As they get closer to the end, they start feeling a LITTLE sick...and they belch enough to make "Booger" from "Revenge of the Nerds" a touch envious. After a while, Justin has a headache and is gripping his stomach...but they trudge on, since they simply CANNOT risk being U-TURNed now!

Second train arriving, all out! Team Trotters, Team Dating Goths and Team KY/Dad arrive at the DETOUR...and they ALL decide to WHEEZE. As they don their uniforms, Kisha & Jen drop off their three pieces at the Grand Hotel and mush onward. Herb & Nate manage to get all TWENTY pieces on their cart and head on out while the other teams decide how much would be TOO much. The sisters dump four more at the Hotel Astoria and hurry to get their last four delivered to Metropol...then back to the pile at the station. Kent & Vysin - despite Kent's whining - drop seven off at one hotel and Team Trotters drop four at another. Team KY/Dad finally get THEIR act together as Kisha & Jen arrive back and they trade info on the other teams. TIMBERRR! Down tumbles the bags on Gary & Mallory's trolly!

And THAR HE BLOWS...CHUNKS! Justin has had it with a half-hour of eating cheese and gets it out of his digestive system the HARD way. Out on the balcony where the bucket was, he spots Kisha & Jen and informs them of their "progress". So the girls slam it into overdrive and get their next three bags delivered.

Hey, THERE'S Jet & Cord! We finally have a Race again! They reach the ROADBLOCK and decide, like everyone but Team Puzzle Pieces, to WHEEZE. They get their unis on just as Team Cardinal Sisters deliver their final bags and get their final tags. As they run back, Team Cowboy Bebop load up with all 20 bags and get the steppin'.

Finally, after nearly 55 minutes of fermented curd-chomping, the friends reach the bottom of the pot and ask the head waiter for confirmation. And, lo and behind, the waiter produces the empty pot to Zev & Justin. On the bottom inside are printed the words: "INDERBINEN BRUNNEN (fountain) at the Hinterdorf". Rough translation:



Make your way by foot to the Hinterdorf and find the Inderbinen Brunnen, a fountain dedicated to Ulrich Inderbinen (famed mountain climber who climbed the Matterhorn over 370 times and lastly at the age of 90!). By the fountain, you'll find your next clue.


Ayup...it's that time once again:


A U-TURN forces a team to do BOTH parts of a DETOUR instead of one or the other. Teams may be U-TURNed more than once during a Race, but may only UTILIZE a U-TURN once. A team using a U-TURN must place two pictures up: one for the team they are U-TURNing, and their own so that said team knows who U-TURNed them.

This will be a DOUBLE U-TURN (introduced in the last Race), meaning two different teams can U-TURN two OTHER teams at the same DETOUR.

(Team Dating Goths have already used their U-TURN, so they can not partake in THIS one.

As they sludge off, Kisha & Jen get their 20 tags confirmed by the head porter and leave the DETOUR in second. The others teams roll along with their carts. Team Dating Goths has 14 delivered, Team Trotters has 16...and Team KY/Dad has 8 BUT are getting help from one of the hotel managers who circles all the hotels on a map and labels them. Team Cowboy Bebop delivers their first five and likewise gets help from a map and a helpful manager.


Team Puzzle Pieces find a fountain...and find that it's dedicated to someone named "Inderbinen"...but they can't seem to find the clue box. As Kisha & Jen close in via electric taxi, the men find the clue box and the 2xUT. They opt not to U-TURN anyone and rip open their next clue:



Take an electric taxi to the Moos Restaurant (pronounced MOES), the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

They find said taxi and head for the restaurant. Team Cardinal Sisters arrive at the fountain and likewise do not U-TURN anyone. They head for the PIT STOP in second. Back in town, Kent & Vyxsin are up to 17...but almost lose a battle with a revolving door.


Zev & Justin run as fast as their distended stomachs can go up to Phil and the local. But it was all worth it as for the fourth time in the Race and the second time in a row, they are Team # 1! And they'll be off to Curacao in the south Caribbean for five nights thanks to Travelocity. A few minutes later, Kisha & Jen check-in as Team #2.

And back to town, where Nate & Herb get up to 17 bags delivered. Jet & Cord are up to 11, fighting back like they always seem to. They pass Gary & Mallory, who are on their way up to 14 themselves. But it's Kent & Vyxsin who reach 20 first and run back to the head porter...with Vyxsin carting Kent! Team Trotters think they have 20...but they're at the wrong "Hotel Christiana"; two of the bags are for "Hotel GARNI Christiana"! So, at 18, they futz about having an extra trip to make. It's Gary & Mallory who are third to 20, so they head back to the station. Team Dating Goths leave the DETOUR in 3rd, Team KY/Dad in 4th. Herb & Nate drop off their last bags and notice Jet & Cord's bags at the station (Jet & Cord are up to 17 by now). They hand the tags to the porter...but they're SHORT two! The two scramble into their pockets looking for the last tags...and they decide instead to just grab two more bags and deliver them...which they do.,,just as Jet & Cord drop off THEIR last bags.

Kent & Vxysin reach the fountain...and, since they CAN'T U-TURN anyone, they get the clue to the PIT STOP. Gary & Mallory also forgo the U-TURN (which means it CAN'T be a DOUBLE U-TURN unless one team does it to THEMSELVES!) and head for the restaurant... reluctant to see either of the last two teams go. The Goths are Team #3, the father/daughter team #4.

Herb & Nate get their clue first...but Team Cowboy Bebop is RIGHT on their tails. It's a race to the fountain and the U-TURN. And, when Jet & Cord arrive...


(courtesy of "Flight Time" & "Big Easy")

For the record, the Trotters felt bad about doing it...but, it was either them or the cowboys at this point. So...a dejected Jet & Cord turn around and go to enjoy some cheese fondue...because it's likely their LAST meal on this Race. Meanwhile, Team Trotters arrive as Team #5.

It wasn't bad booking that ultimately killed my picks to win...just bad measuring and no friends to help them. Their stomachs churning with cheese, Team Cowboy Bebop slumped to the mat. Phil tells them they're last...and they're out. Cord blames himself...but Jet doesn't agree as they're teammates. It was fun doing the Race once again and they have no regrets as they ride off into the...well,...the light of the restaurant in the middle of the night.



1) Zev & Justin (EVEN) - Cancun, Costa Rica, Ford Focus, Curacao
2) Kisha & Jen (+2)
3) Kent & Vyxsin (+3)
4) Gary & Mallory (+2) - Express Pass (USED), Snapple(TM) prize package
5) "Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (-4) - Hawai'i
ELIMINATED) Jet & Cord (-1) - $5000

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace.