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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...again! They tried before and failed...so this is Unfinished Business!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
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Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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I Cannot Deal With Your Psycho Behavior
April 17

From one Indian city to another, the wacky Racers went from Kolkata to Varanasi. Jet & Cord (Team Cowboy Bebop) goofed and got on a flight an hour behind the other six teams, but their fast feet while looking for holy men and the "meaning of life" kept them alive. The teams faced a DETOUR where they could either help put food in buffalo mouths... or make fuel patties out of the stuff coming out the OTHER end. In the end, "Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (aka Herb & Nate, Team Trotters) went from worst to first... and Ron & Christina (Team Who's Your Daddy) were kicked out. Six teams remain to get the million they missed out on before... who will be Philiminated next?!?


With "Sweet Georgia Brown" in their heads and smiles on their faces, Team Trotters rip open the first clue of Leg 8:



Fly nearly 3900 miles to the city of Vienna, Austria. When you land, go to the parking garage and choose a (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT) 2012 Ford (TM) Focus. You'll see your next clue on the windshield.

(Use one of the listed travel agencies to book your flight, as Varanasi Airport does not sell tickets.)

Nate goes into his really-bad "Governator" voice as they head out to a travel agency. The other teams' departure times (all local):
Zev & Justin (Team Puzzle Pieces): 0212
Kisha & Jen (Team Cardinal Sisters): 0253
Gary & Mallory (Team KY/Dad): 0330
Jet & Cord: 0335
Kent & Vyxsin (Team Dating Goths): 0344

(Mallory knows full well that Leg 8 was where they bought it last time they Raced; they hope to do better this time. And Jet says the line of the Race so far: "We're tired of playing 'cowboys and Indians'.")

Herb & Nate discover at "Akbar Travel" that the quickest route to Austria is connecting from Delhi and arriving in Vienna at 6am. They ask about another connection and the agent says going from Delhi to Mumbai (aka Bombay) to Vienna will arrive 25 minutes earlier. But, of course, the connections are FAIRLY tight. Still, they and the arrived Zev & Justin decide to book those flight. Meanwhile, at "Trailblazer", Kisha & Jen get the same info and book it as Gary & Mallory arrive. Kisha jokes that the father and daughter want a late-arriving flight instead. When Jet & Cord arrive at "Akbar", THEY decide on the LATER flight, figuring the average flight delay that they've seen in this country. Kent & Vyxsin go to "Trailblazer" and book the same flight as all the others. Once again, the cowboys are on a later flight than the rest of the teams.


The sun comes up on the religious heart of India as ten Americans board the first flight to Delhi. Team Cowboy Bebop are on a later flight. The connections go smoothly and all the teams travel for nearly 24 hours (arriving on time) to go from the heat of India to the cooler climates of...


In the home of the waltz and nearly 25% of the population of the country, ten Americans bolt out of the plane in the pre-dawn hours. They sprint to their cars and Team Dating Goths are the first to read this:



Climb into your new 2012 Ford (TM) Focus and Phil will tell you what you need to know.

And Phil's message:

"Hi, teams. You'll be getting your next clue from the new 'My Ford Touch' system. So to figure out where to go to next, simply put your car into reverse to automatically activate the back-up camera. By the way,... the winners of this Leg of the Race will also win the 2012 Ford Focus! That's one Ford Focus for EACH of you! So get to work!"

Kent puts it in reverse and Vyxsin writes down the words in the camera: "Schloss Schallaburg". As they figure out it's a Renaissance castle located in the valley of Wachau (about 50 miles away), Team Puzzle Pieces and Team Cardinal Sisters find their own cars. They is quickly followed by Team KY/Dad and Team Trotters. They all get their clues... except Gary & Mallory, who seem to be missing the clue Phil was telling them. And that's when Jet & Cord's flight arrives. Before the cowboys can get to their car, the father and daughter see the reverse letters in the pavement and know what's going on. They leave JUST as Jet & Cord arrive at the car.

Zev & Justin stop for a map and to be shown where Schloss Schallabarg is. As they leave, Kent & Vyxsin and Kisha & Jen get the same directions. at the same place. Nate & Herb go to a hotel for directions while Gary & Mallory and Jet & Cord go to the SAME gas station as the others to get the way to:


Team Puzzle Pieces are the first to the castle, where a fair maiden in the typical cone hat of medieval times waves them to the second floor. They climb and receive a book with directions on it: "Librarian Prunksaal, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wein" (German for "Prunksall Building, Austrian National Library, Vienna"). Apparently, the teams are to deliver these books TO said library in the Hafburg Palace back in Vienna. They grab the book and get back to the car... just as just about everyone else was showing up. Team Cardinal Sisters and Team Dating Goths are next to get the books. Team Trotters get the book as the sun comes up, followed closely by Team KY/Dad and Team Cowboy Bebop.

Once again, Kent gets him and Vyxsin lost on the freeway...and, once again, they argue about it.



Zev & Justin more or less stumble upon the Hafburg and bolt in. As Kisha & Jen follow, the friends look around for someone to give the clue to. They find a friendly librarian who takes the book and places it on the shelf, taking a clue from the spot first. The clue is handed to them and it says:



LONG HARD WALK: Travel to the Freud Museum, the former house and office of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Take a marked analyst couch and transport it one mile by foot to the University of Vienna, where Freud once studied and later lectured. Once you deliver the couch to the designated room, the helper there will hand you your next clue. You must NOT get physical help from anybody in moving the couch, though you may ask for directions.

QUICK AND EASY MEAL: Travel to the Wiener Riesenrad, a giant Ferris wheel made famous in the Orson Wells film "The Third Man". Each of you will pick up a two-course local meal and enter one of the dining cars on the wheel. While the wheel makes a 12-minute rotation and traditional Austrian music plays, both of you must eat the entire meal. If you succeed, you will receive your next clue from the musician. If you both fail to eat the entire meal before the car returns to the ground, you must each pick up another meal and try again.

Zev & Justin decide for the QUICK AND EASY MEAL and heads on their way, while the two sisters get THEIR clue and decide to do the same. The Goths and the b-ballers both arrive at the same time and proceed to get to the DETOUR together, with the father-and-daughter team right on their tails. But it's Gary & Mallory who arrive at the librarian first and choose QUICK AND EASY MEAL. Team Dating Goths and Team Trotters get separated and Herb & Nate decide on the LONG HARD WALK. They direct Kent & Vyxsin to the right door and THEY get the DETOUR clue, ALSO deciding to move the couch. Jet & Cord arrive in last some time later and decide on LONG HARD WALK as well.


At the over-100-year-old ferris wheel, Team Cardinal Sisters and Team Puzzle Pieces arrive. They grab their meals (which appear to be a breaded chicken beast and thigh and a piece of chocolate cake) and head for the wheel. The girls are first to start chomping down, followed by the boys who follow Yoda's advice of "do...there is no try". Halfway through, it doesn't look like EITHER team has made significant headway, though Zev is feeling a second wind as he belches. Unfortunately, when Kisha & Jen's car hits bottom, they haven't finished their dessert. Since they have NO intention of eating another meal, they switch to LONG HARD WALK and head for the Freud Museum.

They pass Team KY/Dad who are heading towards the wheel, but get very little info about how much food they have to eat. Despite the "second wind", Zev & Justin fail to finish in time and likewise do a "self U-TURN". When THEY pass Gary & Mallory, though, they tell the father/daughter team that they COMPLETED it, thus making them more nervous. Still, Mallory dug into it like...well, like a retired beauty queen who didn't CARE about her weight anymore.


At one of the three Freud museums in the world (one's in London and the other in the Czech Republic), Herb & Nate climb the steps and find the couch. Fortunately, the couch came with a small wheeled dolly with which the men could place it on and ROLL it to the U of V...which they do. As they leave the museum, Kent & Vyxsin arrive for THEIR couch. But they MISS the dolly and just heft the couch down the sidewalks. They pass Team Cardinal Sisters en route, and the girls feel like upchucking their stomachfuls of food on the nice couch.

Four minutes to go and Gary & Mallory don't seem to be doing well. Better than the OTHER teams but...Mallory's losing her will. Gary doesn't seem to be picking up the slack, either. Sure enough, when they hit bottom, they still have food on their plate. Looks like EVERYONE will be moving couches now...though Gary rejects Mallory's idea of doing some impromptu bulimia action and trying again.

Team Trotters abandon the dolly on the slick streets and "Flight Time" puts it over his own shoulder by himself, covers and sheets nearly covering his face. Team Dating Goths have a bit of a time with it but seem to make good time. Jen seems concerned about getting snow and slush on the sheets but Kisha says the clue didn't say the couch had to be CLEAN. Team Puzzle Pieces arrives at the museum and feel nauseous themselves. Herb puts it back ON the dolly to navigate the more open streets while Kent & Vyxsin STILL don't see their dolly. Team Cardinal Sisters get their dolly stuck in the salt used to de-ice the sidewalks...and Team Puzzle Pieces note Team Cowboy Bebop making their way TO the museum. The cow-bros get their second wind and sprint to the museum, knowing they're back in the main pack.


Team Trotters are the first to get to the Univeristy and delivers the couch. As such, they are the first to depart the DETOUR with this clue to guide them:



Return to your Ford Focus and drive nearly 200 miles to the Old Town district of Salzburg, Austria. Once there, find the Sternbrau Restaurant where you'll find your next clue.

As Nate & Herb get back in their car and shake their heads at the people who thought they were nuts hauling a couch through the streets, Team Dating Goths STILL argue with each other. Zev & Justin don't notice their dolly wheel having the comforter stuck in it...but they DO notice Jet & Cord fight their way through the crowds with their couch while Gary & Mallory arrive to get THEIRS. Kent & Vyxsin finally arrive at the University and drop off the couch. They leave the DETOUR in second and run into Kisha & Jen arriving in third. Team Puzzle Pieces and Team Cowboy Bebop arrive at the college... but the friends go up the wrong staircase, allowing the cow-bros to finish the DETOUR in fourth. Zev & Justin find their bearings and leave in fifth, with Team KY/Dad arriving in last. Now all six teams (with Kent & Vyxsin arguing like a married couple) start the three-hour-plus drive to:


At the home city of Mozart and the setting to The Sound of Music, a couple of "globe trotters" arrive at the Sternbrau Restaurant. Team Trotters open the clue in front and run into a:



Chimney sweeping is a time-honored occupation in Salzburg. In many European cultures, seeing a chimney sweep is a sign of good fortune. You will dress in a chimney sweep outfit, follow your head sweep to a building, climb to the roof and use a special weighted cleaning tool to sweep out the chimney. When the head sweep has judged you have cleaned it out correctly, you must head down to the clean-out door (where the soot and ashes settle after a cleaning) and find your next clue inside it.

(Great...first "Jurassic Park" and now "Mary Poppins"? Is Paramont trying to rile ALL its competitors?! What's next, rattling FOX with a "Star Wars" refer... oh, wait...they did that a few Races ago...never mind.)

"Big Easy" Nate chooses to do this. It's a bit of a tight fit inside the outfit, but he DOES make it look good. As other teams arrive in the sity and look for the restaurant, Nate learns how to clean out the chimney from his head sweep and gets to work. Three times, he lowers the weighted tool all the way down into the chimney. Three times, he lifts it back out briskly, knocking the soot and ash from the sides. The head sweep nods his approval and leads him to the clean-out door. The soot SPRINGS out of the door...but Nate's only concern is the yellow envelope inside, which he grabs and, with it and with a thanks to the head sweep, sprints back to the restaurant.

As "Big Time" heads back, Zev & Justin arrive. Zev decides he's lucky enough and starts getting dressed. "Flight Time" stand with his fellow b-baller and read the clue together:



Take your Ford Focus and drive to Villa Trapp, the famous home of the Von Trapp Family Singers (immortalized in The Sound of Music). The main sitting room inside is the PIT STOP of this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Team Trotters bolt, Zev sweeps and Team Cardinal Sisters and Team Dating Goths arrive at the clue box. Kisha and Vyxsin decide to do the task. As Zev finishes and heads for the clean-out door, Vxysin and Kisha start. Team Puzzle Pieces get directions to the Villa Trapp (something Herb & Nate passed up in leiu of speed) and head off. The girls finish their sweeping and their teams depart. Some time later, Jet & Cord arrive and Cord decides he's feeling as lucky as Mary Chapin Carpenter. Seeing as how he works with ropes fairly often, hauling a weight on a rope is no big deal.

Aaaaaaaaand, Team Trotters are lost. Aaaaaaaand Team Puzzle Pieces LOOK lost. Aaaaaaand there's the next...


Two men feel a RE (a drop of golden sun) on their shoulders as they sprint FA (a long, long way to run) into the Villa, stop in front of Phil and a local and hear something more beautiful than "LA" (a note to follow SO):

"Zev & Justin,...you are Team # 1!"

And, in case you forgot, they EACH get a Ford Focus just like the one they've been driving through Austria, complete with SYNCH and "My Ford Touch System"! And, hey, the cars are right outside if you want to check 'em out. They do... and they LOVE 'em!

"Flight Time" & "Big Easy" arrive as Team # 2...and Nate is disappointed, almost as if saying "DOH!" (a deer, a female deer)

As Cord fulfills the ROADBLOCK and Gary starts it for Team KY/Dad, the other teams still crawl their way to the PIT STOP. Vxysin all but says, "Listen to MI (a name I call myself)" to Kent... and he does... and they're Team #3! (Vyxsin says they should argue more often as this is the best they've been this Race.)

As Gary finishes up, Jet & Cord follow Kisha & Jen as closely as the eye of SO (a needle pulling thread), figuring they just need to out-sprint the girls to the PIT STOP. But they didn't: Team Cardinal Sisters are Team #4 and, once again, Team Cowboy Bebop are in the rear of the pack as Team #5. But, hey, I'm sure they can be civil and join each other for TI (a drink with jam and bread).

Gary & Mallory arrive last and Phil tells them they're...in the back of the pack...but NOT out of the Race! It isn't a "gas-and-go" like the last two were, but it IS an N.E.L. and Team KY/Dad are not going home yet! HOWEVER, unlike the last two N.E.L.s, THIS time they'll HAVE to do a SPEED BUMP somewhere in the next Leg. They've been given a THIRD chance, according to Mallory...and "third time's the charm".

"...which then brings us back to DOUGH"...as in a million dollars still up for grabs!



1) Zev & Justin (+1) - Cancun, Costa Rica, Ford Focus
2) "Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (-1) - Hawai'i
3) Kent & Vyxsin (+3)
4) Kisha & Jen (-1)
5) Jet & Cord (EVEN) - $5000
6) Gary & Mallory (-2) - Express Pass (USED), Snapple(TM) prize package

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace.