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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...again! They tried before and failed...so this is Unfinished Business!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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You Don't Get Paid Unless You Win
April 10

(With the CMAs in the rear view, it's back to Racing)

In a Leg apparently sponsored by Snapple (TM), the Racers took a tea-totting trip from China to India where they guzzled many a cup of papaya and mango tea, painted Ganesha statues and delivered books via rickshaw "school bus". When it was all done, Gary & Mallory (Team KY/Dad) won some Indian cuisine, a nice Bollywood-esque floor show and one million...rupees (about US$20,000). Sadly, Margie & Luke (Team Hear My Song!) took longest at the ROADBLOCK and were Philiminated. Seven teams still Race for the million dollars they missed before...who will be gone next?


After chowing down on the food, enjoying the show and getting a good night's rest, Gary & Mallory start Leg 7 with this clue:



Fly to the city of Varanasi, India (nearly 700 miles away), the religious heart of the country on the banks of the Ganges River. When you arrive, make your way through the streets to "Tonga Stand" to find your next clue.

You have $80 for this Leg of the Race.

As they depart, they think they have what it takes to win it this time. The other teams' departure times (all local):
Jet & Cord (Team Cowboy Bebop): 1352
Ron & Christina (Team Who's Your Daddy?): 1353
Zev & Justin (Team Puzzle Pieces): 1354
Kent & Vyxsin (Team Dating Goths): 1355
Kisha & Jen (Team Cardinal Sisters): 1403
"Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (aka Herb & Nate, Team Trotters): 1345

Zev is ready to LEAVE India and its crowds behind. Kent & Vyxsyn decide to go to a travel agency since they're not sure if they can buy tickets at the airport (don't laugh; I'm sure there are some places you can't). They're also reminded that they were Philiminated IN India in their LAST Race... so they hope karma catches up for them.


Team KY/Dad arrive at the airport and go to the ticket counter, looking for quick flights to Varanasi. They find a flight on Kingfisher Airlines that lands at 10:45am local time. Team Who's Your Daddy, Team Puzzle Pieces and Team Cardinal Sisters go to the Kingfisher counter and book the same flight. The Goths find an outdoors travel agency and find the same flight. When Team Cowboy Bebop arrive, they go to Jet Airways and find a flight that arrives in Varanasi at 11:45am, apparantly unaware of the Kingfisher flight. Cord takes the agent's word for it that it's the quickest flight, though. When Team Trotters finally makes it, they find the Kingfisher flight as well.

After booking, Ron & Christina leave the airport and partake in what's become Ron's obsession this Race: eating. Well, heck, at least they have TIME for that now, right? And, besides, Christina's getting married next year so... he wants all the father/daughter time together they can get. Meanwhile, Gary & Mallory bone up on Varanasi at an internet cafe.

The next morning, the seven teams take off for their connection city:


Jet & Cord don't see any of the other teams... and the other teams don't see Jet & Cord. While the other six head onto the Kingfisher flight, that's when it hits the cow-bros that MAYBE they're NOT on the fastest flight. They check the departures... and THAT'S when they notice. Ut oh. Deja vu all over again; it was on Leg 7 when they forgot a map and NEARLY got Philiminated in the last Race they were in. They're gonna be an hour behind EVERYBODY when they arrive at:


The front six land without incident in the religious city and take cabs to find the "tonga stand". Kent & Vysxin gets a slow driver (who bonks Kent's head with the trunk door). Zev & Justin gets a cab running on empty and needs to stop to fuel up. Ron & Christina have to be redirected due to a police line. Herb & Nate pass Kisha & Jen AND Gary & Mallory en route, with the driver leaning on the horn the whole way.

But it's Team Dating Goths that arrive at the tonga stand first and receive this:



The streets of Varanasi are full of "sadhus", holy man who have devoted their entire lives to prayer and meditation. One team member must use six of the seven included photographs and search the streets for the sadhus that match the photos. Each sadhu will give you a small clue. Once you have all six, rearrange them until the "meaning of life" is revealed ("ONCE/YOU'RE OVER/THE/HILL YOU/PICK/UP SPEED"). Once you figure it out, find the seventh sadhu, repeat the "meaning of life" to him and he will hand you your next clue.

Kent decides to search... and, as he put it, "Times Square's got nothing on" the crowded streets here. Team Trotters arrive and "Big Easy" Nate starts the search. Jen searches for Team Cardinal Sisters, followed briskly by Gary for Team KY/Dad and Ron for Team Who's Your Daddy. Lastly for the lead pack is Justin for Team Puzzle Pieces. Aaaaaaand Team Cowboy JUST landed. Zev (having Asperger's) is NOT liking how busy and loud the streets are as he waits with the other teams.

Kent finds one sadhu... but he's the LAST one he's supposed to give the "meaning of life" to. Nate finds the one with the "THE" clue and directs Jen to him. The two decide to join forces for now (sort of an impromptu INTERSECTION) to find others. They both find the "YOU'RE OVER" clue and continue the search... separately. Ron doesn't seem to be LOOKING at the pictures while he searches. Justin finds "THE", Kent and Gary both find "PICK" at the same time and Justin is right behind them. Kent and Gary join forces for now, Kent promising to take Gary to the last sadhu once they're done. Jen finds "ONCE", Nate finds "HILL YOU" and Justin gets "YOU'RE OVER". The last to get their first is Ron.

Jen gets her six clues first and finds the seventh sadhu before she starts to rearrange. She correctly gives the "meaning of life" (which sounds more like a bumper sticker to me) and the sahdu gives her the clue to open with Kisha. Nate and Justin join together to look for THEIR last sadhu. But Team Cardinal Sisters leave the others before opening this:



Head by foot or taxi to the Tulsi Ghat area of town and find the local "swaminath akhara", a wrestling, strength and fitness club. On the grounds, you'll find your next clue next to a strongman swinging weighted balls on sticks.

As the girls take a tuk-tuk (Indian moped taxi) out, Nate and Justin arrive at the last sadhu and work out the "meaning of life" together. This means Team Trotters and Team Puzzle Pieces leave more-or-less tied for 2nd/3rd. Aaaaand NOW Jet & Cord arrive. And the girls left behind are nervous; they remember and/or heard that the cowboys went from worst-to-first WHILE having to do a SPEED BUMP; they can be dangerous when cornered. Cord decides to search for the "last place" team. He jogs through the streets, head on a swivel as he finds each sadhu as fast as possible.

And Ron is more-or-less lost, just asking people, "Sadhus? Sadhus?". Meanwhile, Gary and Kent find THEIR last clue... and Kent BOLTS away from Gary. He finds the last sadhu, speaking the "meaning" and he and Vyxsyn head for the akhara in 4th. A pissed-off Gary finds the sadhu and he and a ear-plugged Zev leave in 5th. Now Christina is worried.

The teams barrel in their tuk-tuks to the akhara. While Kisha & Jen unload in the area, it's Zev & Justin and Herb & Nate who find the clue and hit the:



FEED THE FIRE: Travel on the Ganges to a local milkman in Sakka Ghat. Make fifty traditional fuel patties out of buffalo manure and stick them onto a brick wall to dry. Then load a stove with fuel patties and light the fire to boil milk for the nearby children. Once the fire is lit, the milkman will give you your next clue..

FEED THE BUFFALO: Cross the Ganges and pick up two larges bale of hay for a vendor. Each bundle has an address attached to it. Re-cross the Ganges to Ksameshwar Ghat and make your way through narrow streets to find the address on your bundle. When you reach the right address, the milkman will hand you your next clue.

Either way, choose a marked boat down the nearby steps towards the Ganges.

Both teams decide to FEED THE BUFFALO. As they leave on the boats, Kisha & Jen arrive and decide to FEED THE FIRE, not sure they can heft a bale of hay around. The four men find the hay on a sandbar and haul them into their boats. They reach the Ksameshwar Ghat area they're supposed to deliver to and get to moving (though Zev's a little slow).

"Once you're over the hill, you pick up speed," says an American man to an Indian sadhu. The sadhu nods and hands Cord his clue. Team Cowboy Bebop leave the ROADBLOCK in 6th... and Christina is VERY worried. As she SHOULD be, since Ron is TRULY lost. See, HIS problem was that he thought all the sadhus wouldn't be in full garb in the heat. He also thought they'd all be by the Ganges in case they wanted to cool off. So he heads back INTO the streets... and FINALLY gets his second clue: "THE". Yeah,...that's not confusing at ALL to an old man.

Meanwhile, at Sakka Ghat, Team Cardinal Sisters arrive at the milkman's and gawks at the pile of buffalo dung. Good thing the producers allow the girls to wear rubber gloves. Doesn't help the small, though, and Kisha is gagging. As they pat those pasture patties into fuel, Team Dating Goths arrive at the akhara and choose FIRE. Team KY/Dad arrive a little later and likewise choose FIRE. As Gary & Mallory ride along the river, they pass a cremation ceremony. Looked a bit disgusting to Mallory at first... but she realizes this is how they do things in this holy land.

Back at the ROADBLOCK, Ron finally gathers all six clues and reads the "meaning" to the last sadhu and he and Christina are finally free to leave in last. Back in Ksameshwar Ghat, Team Puzzle Pieces and Team Trotters run into a mess of buffalo, some which try to eat the hay they're hauling. The b-ballers are tall enough to keep it high above the cattles' heads. Not so much the shorter friends. Back at Sakka Ghat, the two sisters argue about Kisha "dismantling' Jen's work.

Zev & Justin and Herb & Nate finally arrive at the given address. Their clue: an 8x10 color glossy photograph without circles or arrows or a paragraph on the back... but some words on the bottom: "PIT STOP: RAMNAGAR FORT". Roughly translated, that means:



Cross the Ganges to the city of Ramnagar, then find Ramnagar Fort, an 18th century fort and the PIT STOP of this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Both teams get tuk-tuks and head out. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord arrive at the DETOUR in 6th... and, being cowboys, they just HAVE to do the hay one. As they ride to pick up their hay, Team Cardinal Sisters think they're done with their fifty... but the attendant says they're not. She takes off three patties that are either too big or too small, so the girls have to re-do them. They quickly re-pack them... and the attendant give the thumbs-up. The fire is lit, the milk is set and the milkman gives them the same photo, letting them leave in 3rd. As they leave in a tuk-tuk, Kent & Vyxsin arrive. As they start to get their @#$% together, Gary & Mallory show up and start on THEIR patties. More deja vu: Mallory's wearing the same shirt she wore when she shovelled manure in Russia in the LAST Race. Yeah, that shirt's in the trash when they get home.


The two tuk tuks arrive in front of the fort. Four men leap out of it and run into it. Two manage to outrace the others and hit the mat in front of Phil and two Indian people, who put cute dots on their heads. Phil then gives the good news:

"Flight Time & Big Easy,...you are Team # 1!"

From worst to first, Team Trotters prevail! And their prize? A 5-night stay on the Big Island of Hawai'i, including a chopper ride over a volcano, courtesy of Travelocity. Right behind them, Zev & Justin check-in as Team # 2. Zev is proud of himself for being able to handle the large crowds despite his condition.

Back on the DETOUR, Jet & Cord gather their hay and make way for Ksameshwar Ghat... and Team Who's Your Daddy get TO the DETOUR and decide to FEED THE BUFFALO. At FEED THE FIRE, Team Dating Goths ask for a check... and the attendant removes one for being too big. Gary & Mallory catch a clue from this and adjust accordingly. They think they're done but the attendant says otherwise. Kent & Vyxsin ask again... and they get the thumbs up. They light the stove and depart in 4th. Team KY/Dad are right behind them in 5th, though. The Goths take a boat... but the "driver" gets into an argument with someone else and they demand to be taken back. Vyxsin is so wanting out... that she actually dives INTO the river and PULLS the boat back to shore. Kent wants to pull her out and get her to calm down, but they both march back up the steps to get a tuk-tuk.

While Team Cowboy Bebop start marching through the streets WITH their bales, Ron & Christina arrive to PICK UP their bales. Keisha & Jen are checked-in as Team # 3 as Jet & Cord exit the DETOUR in 6th and get their photograph clue. Ron & Christina (some undetermined time later, though the editing makes it seem like it was right after Jet & Cord) drop off THEIR bales in last and head to the PIT STOP.

Gary & Mallory are checked-in at #4 and Jet & Cord as #5. This leaves the Goths and the Sino-Americans, one going by tuk-tuk (which they force someone else out of) and one going by water taxi, both remnants from the 12th Race. Who will make it first?

A man and a woman enter the fort and hit the mat. After getting the dots on their heads, Phil tells them, "Kent & Vyxsin,...you're still in the Race; you are Team # 6."

Ron & Christina were first runners-up three years ago. But when they hit the mat and get their decoration, Phil tells them that they're out of this Race. Ron says it was a blessing to have Raced again, especially with her daughter getting hitched soon. And Christina gives the most important lesson in this Race: "Winning isn't everything."

Although...I doubt the six remaining teams would agree...



1) "Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (+6) - Hawai'i
2) Zev & Justin (+2) - Cancun, Costa Rica
3) Kisha & Jen (+3)
4) Gary & Mallory (-3) - Express Pass (USED), Snapple(TM) prize package
5) Jet & Cord (-3) - $5000
6) Kent & Vyxsin (-1)
ELIMINATED) Ron & Christina (-4)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace