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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...again! They tried before and failed...so this is Unfinished Business!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade
March 27

The Racers passed through another "gas-and-go" PIT STOP with Kent & Vyxsin (Team Dating Goths) receiving a half-hour penalty for taking the wrong flight. In the city of Kunming, the Racers had to play with dolls, install solar panels and build a Dilophosaurus skeleton...and two teams endured a DOUBLE U-TURN. At the end, though, it was Jet & Cord (Team Cowboy Bebop) who finished the Leg first and won "5 large" for it. Jaime & Cara (Team Hollaback Girls) couldn't survive the U-TURN and were Philiminated. The Elite Eight are set in this circumnavigation of the globe for a million...who will be eliminated next?


After running all over the remote parts of the country who are our enemies in the new "Red Dawn" movie (if MGM gets out of bankruptcy and finishes it, that is), the cowboy bros were happy for the long rest and are now set to kick off Leg 6 with this clue:



Travel by taxi or foot to Jin Fu Yi Zhan Tea Shop and take part in a traditional Chinese tea-tasting ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete, you will receive your next clue along with a brick of tea you must carry with you for the rest of the Leg.

(What they DON'T know is that the papaya and mango tea they'll be drinking will play a VERY important part in a task later in the Leg.)

Worried about their loved ones back home, Jet & Cord make their way to the shop via taxi. The other teams' departure times (all local):
Gary & Mallory (Team KY.Dad): 1416
Margie & Luke (Team Hear My Song!): 1448
Kisha & Jen (Team Cardinal Sisters):1543
Kent & Vyxsin: 1552
"Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (aka Herb & Nate, Team Trotters):1559
Ron & Christina (Team Who's Your Daddy?): 1609
Zev & Justin (Team Puzzle Pieces): 1610

(Luke seems a bit disappointed that they're staying in China...as do a few other Racers).

Team Cowboy Bebop get to the market square...but can't find the shop. Gary & Mallory find it first. They sit as a helper pours the tea into small cups and hands them to the twosome. Mallory thinks she tastes peach. As Jet & Cord arrive, the father/daughter team pack up to leave, taking their tea brick with them, along with this clue:



Fly to one of the major stops in the Tea-Horse Road: Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India (nearly 900 miles away). Once there, make your way to the Town Hall where you'll find your next clue.

One-by-one, the teams sip their tea, get their bricks, read their clues and head off for the airport. Ron & Christina again use the lack of a language barrier to find out that the tea they're drinking is, indeed, papaya and mango. Whether they suspect this MEANS something along the way is unknown.

The Great Equalizer strikes yet again as ALL teams depart on the same flight to.


At the third most populous metro area in the world (15 million and growing), 16 more people arrive in the dead of night...and run past a whole LOT of people en route to the taxis. The people block the taxis getting out of the airport but once out...the Cannonball Run part of the Leg is on. Taxis tearing down the road, passing each other for position. But for the Racers, the light at the end of the tunnel...well, it actually IS an oncoming train; they're racing on a road where train tracks are laid on...and trains are coming TOWARDS them from time to time! YIPE!


And wouldn'tcha know it? All that speeding and near head-on collisions were for naught as the Town Hall doesn't open for another nine hours! DOH! At least those that arrived first were able to make the late-comers panic a bit and run around looking for a nonexistent clue box. Everyone has a laugh at Mallory's expense before hunkering down for the daylight hours.

10am rolls around as the Racers watch everyday life start in this impoverished city. They stand as the guards start to unlock the gate. They're at the post...ANNNNNNNNNND THERE OFF! Everyone but Feedlebaum races up the stairs and grabs this clue:



Kolkata has been the place where Indian and Chinese tea have traded places. One team member must grab a Papaya and a mango from a table and present them to the tea auctioneer in a dining room on this floor, along with the brick of tea you received before. When the auctioneer has infused the flavor into the tea, you must find the same tea you drank in China amid the hundreds of cups on the long table in front of the auctioneer. When you find the right one, go back to the auctioneer. If he confirms it correct, he will hand you your next clue (a bottle of Snapple(TM) iced tea which has the clue under the cap).

And today's 'Blockers: Zev, Luke, Mallory, "Flight Time", Ron, Kisha, Kent and Jet.

And one look at the LONG table makes them ALL cringe. Still, they drop off their tea, papaya and mango and get to looking. They drink...and drink...and drink. But Ron thinks he smells some mango in one cup. He runs the cup to the auctioneer...and he confirms it! He and Christina are the first out of the ROADBLOCK. It takes some time to figure out the clue is under the cap, but it says:


(Anybody ELSE getting tired of tea now?)

As Team Who's Your Daddy depart, the rest continue to drink and drink. Kishi is barely drinking, though; she goes by color and brings cup after cup of familiar-looking-colored tea to the auctioneer...and keeps getting denied. Zev has completely FORGOTTEN what the tea in China tasted like. Luke is having a tough time. Jet STARTED looking by color and THEN tasted...but then he switched to smelling the tea like Ron did. And THAT worked; Jet & Cord are out in second. Luke and Mallory's bladders are starting to fill up. Kisha finds one that looks promising and hands it to the auctioneer...and he approves it, putting the sisters in third. But THEY think they have to go to the Snapple factory and they confuse the hell outta the cabbies. One of them thinks they mean Jorashanko Thakur Bari and offers to drive them there.

Back inside, the bladders are getting fuller and the Racers are starting to get sick. Kent SOMEHOW finds one so he and Vyxsin can leave in fourth...but doesn't get that the clue is the bottle at first; Vyxsin clues him in, though. Mallory has been reduced to smelling the cups, not wanting to drink anymore. She finds one, tastes it and hands it to the auctioneer. And she is MUCH relieved to leave in fifth with Gary. The remaining three men are getting VERY frustrated...though probably no more than Luke and HE can't even VOCALIZE it so well. Zev CAN, though; he just chooses to drop and shatter a cup in anger.

The drinking continues...and ZEV is the lucky one! He departs with Justin in sixth, angering Luke. The cups dwindle as Herb and Luke continue the search. Nate even encourages Luke to not give up (though it's not helping much).

Meanwhile, on the road, Ron & Christina are getting SICK of their driver taking unnecessary diving risks and look for another. And Team Cardinal Sisters arrive at where they were being taken to...but the cabbie don't know nothing about no Snapple. Team Cowboy Bebop is in the right area...just a fair distance from...


Team Dating Goths' cabbie brings them RIGHT to the stall. The guy in the stall is happy to hand them this clue:



HINDU ART: Go to a local statuary shop and paint, dress and adorn a statue of an ancient Hindu elephant god called "Genesha". Used a finished example in front of the shop to get the details just right. When you have completed it correctly, the shop owner will hand you your next clue.

BENGALI LITERATURE: Make your way to a book store and receive eight stacks of Bengali children's story books. Take the books and squeeze them and yourselves into the back of a rickshaw "school van". Then direct the driver to the Victoria Institution School. Give the books to the headmistress of the Primary school to obtain your next clue from her.

The Goths decide on HINDU ART and go out looking for the statuary shop. Team KY/Dad are second to the DETOUR and decide on BENGALI LITERATURE.

Kisha & Jen are STILL looking for the connection between the bottle and their next stop. Finally Kisha suggests opening the bottle...and lo and behold, there's the clue. Meanwhile, Team Who's Your Daddy decides on HINDU ART, as do Team Cardinal Sisters (who were at LEAST in the right area). Oh, and Jet & Cord are lost.

Herb and Luke are STILL guzzling tea. Herb is NOT going to quit, remembering the LAST time they took a penalty for not doing a ROADBLOCK. Cup after cuppa tea is downed, shown and rejected. Bladders are bursting and tempers are flairing...until Flight Time FINALLY gets the nod from the auctioneer! He and Big Easy leave the ROADBLOCK in 7th. They hand the cap to the cab driver and head off for the Tea Stall...leaving Luke saddened and walking into his mother's arms for a cry. Even Margie wonders if he can do this, remembering how frustrated he became on the last ROADBLOCK of their last Race.

Back on the streets. Team KY/Dad finds the book store and gets the eight bundles of Introduction to the Bengali Alphabet from the bookkeeper. They pile the books - and themselves - into the caged rickshaw and lead the driver on his way, after getting English directions to the school. Team Cowboy Bebop get unlost and get to the DETOUR in 5th, choosing the books. When Team Puzzle Pieces arrives in 6th, they likewise choose the books. The cow-bros keep passing it by while Zev & Justin find it and grab their books. As they're on their way, Jet & Cord finally find the right shop.

Meanwhile, the three HINDU ARTi teams find the statuary shop. Kent & Vyxsin thought it was PERFECT that "Genesha" was pink. Ron & Christina were just annoyed by the loud music played by the nearby drum & fife corps. .

Gary & Mallory find the school, get the books to the headmistress



Head across town to Maidan, the largest public park in Kolkata. Look around the Fountain of Joy and the Victoria Memorial Hall to reach the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As the beauty queen and her daddy find a cab to the park, the HINDU ARTists continue their painting. It's a breeze for Team Dating Goths...but Ron is getting a headache. Kent & Vyxsin leave the DETOUR in 2nd after finishing their pregnant elephant deify. Right behind them are Kishi & Jen, leaving Ron & Christina to hear the drums bang quickly. They finish fairly quickly, though, and leave the DETOUR in 4th.

If it wasn't a fact that tea has no alcohol in it, this reviewer would SWEAR Luke looks drunk. Again he cries in Margie's arms. She encourages him by telling him he'll feel worse if he DOESN'T finish. Luke agrees and goes back to trudging. He brings an entire tray worth of cups to the auctioneer. One by one, he shows the cups. At last, the auctioneer nods and the tea chefs applaud and hug Luke's resilience. No time to relax, though; they're in last and need to boogie! At the Tea Stall, both Team Trotters and Team Hear My Song do ART.

At LITERATURE, Zev & Justin deliver the books and depart the DETOUR in 5th. Jet & Cord depart in 6th...but not before a nice send-off by the green-dressed children. At ART, Nate & Herb arrive and start painting THEIR deify. statue.


At the so-called "Lungs of Kolkata" (due to all the oxygen-producing greenery in the park), two Americans sprint towards Phil and a female Indian greeter. Phil announces Team KY/Dad as Team #1 (and there was much rejoicing). A quick plug for Snapple's two new "Amazing Race"-inspired flavors and then we get to the team's prize, courtesy of the tea company: they get to be the first people EVER to taste the new flavors, they'll have some traditional high-class Indian food while being entertained by a Bollywood-style musical troupe...and, they've won ONE MILLION...INDIAN RUPEES! This confuses Gary & Mallory until Phil translates that into about US$20,000...and then they cheer again!

Well, in a country with over a billion people packed into land the size of 1/3 of the U.S., you WILL have traffic jams. And the five remaining teams out of the DETOUR are stuck in the middle of one right now. They all have different opinions; the sisters are nerve-racked, the Goths are impatient, the Chinese are frustrated, the friends are wondering...and the cowboys are chillin'.

As Team Trotters continue painting their gut-covered statue, Margie & Luke arrive to start on theirs. They're both pretty sure that this is the battle for last place. As the mother/son paint, the b-ballers decorate...only to find that one of them kicked the bucket. No, they didn't die; they LITERALLY kicked a bucket of paint which splattered onto the statue. Nate & Herb have to repaint the sections messed up! It's a chance for Margie & Luke to catch-up!.

Traffic thins out and the cabs haul American backside across Kolkata. Team Puzzle Pieces offer more Rupees to push pedal to metal. As it turns out, Jet & Cord arrive as Team #2, Ron & Christina as Team #3 and Zen & Justin as Team #4 (all at the same time). Kent & Vyxsin arrive as #5...but not before nearly being run over by motorbikes! Still, it's a Snapple tea party for everyone!

Back at the statuary store, Team Trotters work hard to repaint the parts that were messed up while Team Hear My Song work harder just to FINISH painting before then. In the end, though, It's Nate & Herb who finish the messed-up job and get their final clue of the Leg. They hug Margie & Luke for their determination during the hard ROADBLOCK before heading off in 7th. There's nothing the mother and son can do but hope this is an N.E.L. and keep painting. But, uh,...is this Kolkata or New York City? Seems the two African-Americans keep getting passed-up by cabs. And they're STILL looking at Team Cardinal Sisters hits the PIT STOP as Team #6 and Team Hear My Song departs the DETOUR in last! They finally find one...as does Margie & Luke. Who will make it to the park first?!

Flight Time & Big Easy hit the mat. Nate tells Phil that Herb carried the team today and they hope their second chance isn't over yet. Phil says it isn't; Team Trotters is Team #7.

After getting all the way to the end of AR14, Margie & Luke hit the mat and get the bad news. They're the last team to arrive, and they've been Philiminated from the Race. Still, Margie is proud of her crying, deaf son. Luke never thought in a million years that he'd be Racing for a million dollars...let alone TWICE in the span of two years. He feels so lucky to be Racing with his mother and, though saddened at the loss, he will cherish these memories forever.



1) Gary & Mallory (+1) - Express Pass (USED), Snapple(TM) prize package
2) Jet & Cord (+1) - $5000
3) Ron & Christina (+4)
4) Zev & Justin (+4) - Cancun, Costa Rica
5) Kent & Vyxsin (EVEN)
6) Kisha & Jen (-2)
7) "Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (-1)
ELIMINATED) Margie & Luke (-5) - Aruba

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